Hey Hillary…Kiss My Diverse Ass

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

div-1Last Sunday night’s debate was interesting and for the easily offended, which means liberals and the holier-than-thou crowd…by all means, read on.

I’ve heard just about all I care to hear regarding what Donald Trump said 11 years ago that every man in America, and dare I say just about anywhere else has said at some point in their lives.

And for those who think such crass sexual language is somehow limited to the male of the species…get over yourselves ladies…you make the same sorts of comments and you know it.

Let me be perfectly honest and painfully blunt…

Quit pretending that you’re so high and mighty, climb down of your high unicorn and drop the fake offense.div-2

If you haven’t talked about what you’d like to do with someone you find attractive…you’ve been dead since birth and you’re registered and voting democrat.

So you’re offended, or at least you claim to be…

So what?

Do you really think there’s been even a single president in our nation’s history that hasn’t, at some point, wanted to grope a woman? Oh, I know that the very thought of Taft, feeling reaching up some woman’s bloomers is a nightmare, but seriously…I’m willing to bet that even Washington made a lewd comment at some point relating what he did to a cherry tree to what he would have liked to do to Dolly Madison.

Get over it and let’s focus on something that really matters…like some of the crap that spewed from the stroke-pursed lips of Hillary Clinton last Sunday night.

I couldn’t have been the only one who found it odd, if not outright hypocritical, that Hillary took opportunity after opportunity to fart through her pie hole about just how horrible Russia is. How they’re bombing the ISIS barbarians…I mean the people…of Aleppo. She talked about what a horrible person Putin is, about how Russia has sided with Iran…about Russia being against our interests around the world and whatever other despicable thing she could accuse Russia of doing, being and thinking.

div-3Excuse me if I’m wrong here, and I’m not…wasn’t it Hillary herself who proudly pushed the RESET button with Russia?

And doesn’t that mean that whatever Russia has become, according to her, is as a result of that reset?

That is exactly the sort of foreign policy that old pant-suited bat has in mind for our country should she ever set her ample ass behind the desk in the oval office.

Oh…gee…did that last comment offend a few people? If so, please allow me to apologize because I meant to offend a whole LOT of people. In fact, Hillary’s ass is big enough to land a small plane and there would still be runway to spare.

Hillary lied, and lied, and lied during that debate. She even claimed that when Trump was talking about her deleting 33 thousand emails, about how she scrubbed her private server AFTER it was subpoenaed and about those now missing two boxes of emails…”nothing he just said was true.”

Oh really? She didn’t delete all those emails? She didn’t scrub her aforementioned subpoenaed server before turning it over to the FBI and there AREN’T two missing boxes of emails?div-4


Here’s what I really want to bring up regarding that debate last Sunday night…Hillary’s first salvo where she talked about “celebrating our diversity.”

Oh, sure that sounds nice and fuzzy…if you happen to be some sort of liberal/socialist moron who thinks everybody should get a participation trophy just for showing up as long as nobody keeps score…but to those of us who remember what the United States was like before liberals started dumbing down America and turning our great nation into a bunch of quivering pussies desperate for a safe zone so as not to have to hear any opinion that differs from their collective Kum Baya freebies for everybody world…we know different.

In today’s global climate change warming, politically correct, unhinged, liberal world of diversity celebrations…we are regaled with the liberal/socialist Road to Shambala utopia every day. Just turn on your TV and for a change, watch the commercials. Today’s liberal group of friends consists ofdiv-5 one each gay men and women, one each straight man and woman, a black, an Asian, a Latino, Native American and someone of some decent unknown yet always a shade of dark beige.

I challenge anyone to go anywhere…even to a Hillary rally…and find that grouping of people in real life.

Have you noticed that wheel chairs are now the new black on TV? That’s right…since Glee…every show is trying to work in someone in a wheelchair. You know…to prove they’re diverse.

Oh hell…Dancing with the Stars has a celebrity dwarf this season and regardless of the fact that she dances better than I do…the producers were afraid they were leaving out an important celebrity demographic and they want to be as diverse as possible. They’ve had legless dancers, a dancer missing an arm and a leg and even a deaf dancer who, by the way, WON his season because he was AWESOME but go to any dance in America and see if you can find THAT collection of special interest groups on the floor.

Has anyone but me noticed that it seems, in order to win a beauty contest, there has to be something about you that is diversly different from the vast majority of contestants?

The way liberals have everybody pissing their pants over being politically correct…I div-6wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the next Miss America is a blind, deaf, pregnant, quadriplegic nun with Dysphagia, alopecia, explosive diarrhea and at least a dozen social diseases who happens to be in a coma. If she’s a minority transgendered whatever…she’ll be all set to be Miss Universe.

Embrace and celebrate our diversity? What a crock of crap.

Our Founders and Framers, while they didn’t live in the times they envisioned, set the stage for the celebration of our SAMENESS, not our diversity, as in all are created equal.

Sure, it took time to get things to where the Founders and Framers really wanted them…freedom for all…voting rights and such, but to them, and for generations after them, the main thing was NOT that we are all different…but that we are all AMERICANS.

Liberals just can’t stomach that. To liberals…we have to be a tossed salad rather than a melting pot and to liberals, the only people who are different that matter a damn are minorities. Here’s the liberal approach to celebrating our diversity in a nutshell…

Black people are different than white people, therefore, black people matter. White people div-7are different from black people, therefore, black people matter. And it’s not just along racial lines either. Garden variety people are different from those who, for whatever reason aren’t garden variety and therefore, to liberals, only those who aren’t garden variety matter.

Here’s another way to look at Hillary’s absurd debate comment regarding celebrating our diversity.

The only people that qualify as diverse to liberals and to the ilk of Hillary Clinton, are those who can be manipulated into believing they are a victim of some sort or another because in order for liberals to have any voting base whatsoever…they need victims.

Now, on the off chance there are still some out there who have not been offended enough to stop reading this article…many…far, FAR too many liberals and primarily among them… blind, deaf, pregnant, quadriplegic nuns with Dysphagia, alopecia, explosive diarrhea and at least a dozen social diseases who happen to be minorities in a coma, have become PROFESSIONAL victims sponging off of garden variety tax paying AMERICANS.

Hillary Clinton, according to many who have had the misfortune of being around her for the past 30 years, is a vile, foul-mouthed shrew. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what Donald Trump said if the truth be known…what SHE cares about is letting as many div-8anti-American illegal aliens into our country as possible…not for the sake of some blather about diversity, but so that there will be a never ending crop of victims the liberal/socialists can harvest as voters.

So Trump said he wanted to grab some woman’s pussy. So what. That’s nothing Bill Clinton hasn’t actually done and Hillary has stood by HIM the whole time.

Did you hear anything from Hillary regarding nominees to the Supreme Court who follow the CONSTITUTION? Nope. She said SHE will nominate Justices who will celebrate our DIVERSITY. SHE wants Supreme Court Justices who will help her and her ilk to make victims from the bench.

Trump may well be a lout without a filter but he hasn’t committed espionage, given the finger to the Federal Records Act, committed treason, hired our enemies in a time of war and taken a role in the murder of one of our Ambassadors and 3 other Americans in Benghazi.

Sure Trump is flawed. Aren’t we all? But Hillary is evil. Trump has the right policies in mind while Hillary and her policies are whdiv-9at have gotten our great nation teetering on the brink of disaster. This is why the outcry from the holier-than-thou crowd is such an obvious pile of crap. They intend to vote 3rd party or write-in for no other reason than to make sure Hillary, whose party will not be splitting their votes, wins in November.

They’re shills for the shrew and they’re either faking their offense at Trump’s crassness or they, just like Hillary, they are two-faced hypocrites.

Here’s the final proof…

Trump apologized for his comments and took responsibility for them by admitting they were wrong and that he was wrong.

On the other hand, when questioned as to why it’s okay to have one set of policy remarks in public and a whole different set of remarks in private…Hillary threw Abraham Lincoln under the bus.

THAT’S Hillary’s version of celebrating diversity…being diverse enough to have two faces and lie out of both sides of her pie hole.div-10

But…if it’s diversity you want…Trump is diverse enough to offend everybody equally and if you want the cold, hard truth…I WANT my next president to be offensive.

I want our next president to offend ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, al Nusra and the rest of the Islamic terrorist organizations to death. I want our next president to offend illegal aliens to the point they won’t WANT to set foot in our country. I wouldn’t mind one little bit if our next president offended North Korea, China, Iran and Russia.

In fact, I HOPE our next president offends the welfare state that are making a LIVING off of other people’s hard-earned money. I HOPE he offends the EPA, the IRS, the DoE and several other government agencies out of existence and for that matter…I HOPE our next president is SO offensive to the purveyors of green energy and global climate warming change until they can’t SEE straight and until our coal and oil industries bring us to the point of real energy independence.

Hell…I won’t even care if he offends the terminally offended like the liberal/socialists and the holier-then-thous until socialism is finished in this country and those who want a theocracy are hiding under their pews and if he offends a few other people along the way, including republicans more worried about their political careers than having Hillary become the next president…consider it collateral damage.

I guaren-damn-tee you that wdiv-11hen our Founders and Framers declared our independence…THEY royally pissed off King George and the whole of England.

This November, it’s either Trump or Clinton and I’ll take the crass cad over the treasonous liar every day of the week and twice on Sunday. If you don’t like it or the way I went about writing it…you, Hillary, liberals in general, republicans who are running away from Trump and the holier-than-thous…

Can  kiss my diverse ass.


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