Our Vets are Getting Screwed…AGAIN!

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Once again, the Obama regime is screwing our Veterans and this, like so many other screwings, is beyond the pale.vet-1

In California, more than 10,000 Veteran Members of the National Guard, are being told by Obama’s Pentagon, to return their reenlistment or signing bonuses because the National Guard there, over payed them.

Back in or around 2006, at the height of both the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan, the Pentagon needed more volunteers and so authorized signing bonuses or reenlistment bonuses, and to entice both, the Guard in California payed out well above the numbers made officially available, to garner new recruits or retain Veterans.

In fact, according to the L.A. Times…

vet-2“Army Master Sgt. Toni Jaffe, the California Guard’s incentive manager, pleaded guilty in 2011 to filing false claims of $15.2 million and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.”

Also, according to the Times…”Three officers also pleaded guilty to fraud and were put on probation after paying restitution.”

But that’s not enough for the Obama regime and their pencil-pushing yahoos…they want their money back even though it cost many Veterans more than a pound of flesh.

Bonuses, like those payed by the California National Guard, were intended for high demand soldiers, intelligence and civil affairs personnel or to noncommissioned officers badly needed with units about to be deployed into theaters of combat.

While all states over payed to some extent, California, not surprisingly, went liberally overboard with their bonuses to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and now Obama’s Pentagon wants it back.

Bear in mind that they want it back from the soldiers…not from the state or from those vet-3 who made the money overly available…they want it back from those who put their lives on the line for what they had no idea was an over payment that came sometimes in the form of a check and at other times, in the form of repayment of student loans.

Here’s the question…how many of those who were over bonus payed came home wounded…suffering scars both seen and unseen? How many came home in a box? How many endured day in and day out wondering whether or not they would come home and how many of those soldier’s families spent days and nights worrying and trying to hold it together while someone they loved was in harm’s way?

Some of those soldiers, those who made it home, are now taking out second mortgages to repay what the government says they’re owed. Some are having to sell their homes to make the repayments. Others will have to declare bankruptcy to cover what the Obama regime says they owe.

But what of those who came home draped by our flag?

Are their moms and dads going to have to pay the Obama regime? Will it be their husbands and wives scraping together the money? How about their children? Will their vet-4children be forced to pay?

We’re talking about men and women who did what their country asked of them. They took their government’s word, signed a legal contract and fulfilled their end of the deal.

Now they are being penalized by the Obama regime for the agreement they made…for the agreement the government made and for the agreement made to them by their National Guard and they had absolutely no idea, no clue that what they were being offered, in return for their service or for extending their service, was wrong.

Some of those soldiers, now on the wrong side of the Obama regime stick, spent 4 years in the service of their country, other spent 20 years. I don’t give a damn whether a soldier spent 1 hour or 40 years wearing our nation’s uniform…if they did their duty honorably, they don’t deserve to be screwed blue by our government and I don’t care whether it’s at the V.A. or at the damn bank.

Nobody who is out there in the sand of some buttcrackistan is getting rich by putting their life on the line and either dodging or taking enemy fire in the process…I don’t give a happy damn what sort of bonus they got paid for being there.vet-5

So, now the obvious question is, what do we do about this situation?

Hillary, who left Veterans to die in Benghazi, will no doubt say something like, “Well, this is something we’ll need to look into,” and then walk away from it.

Trump could, and should, reach into his deep pockets and cut a check for all of it while telling the press and our Veterans that they deserve far better and that they should not be penalized for something that was beyond their control or knowledge.

But I have another idea…

Why not round up all those Pentagon accountants, most of whom have come no closer to a Purple Heart than getting a paper cut at the copy machine…and ship them over to Mosul for the next 30 days. Let them carry a hundred pound pack. Let them eat MRE’s. Let them drive down the roads of Iraq wondering if there might be an IED at every bump in the road. Let them push open doors where Insurgents are thought to be hiding.

vet-6Let them walk with a patrol down an Iraqi street, looking into the eyes of each and every local they come across and wonder which are the friendlies and which ones want to blow their heads off.

Let them look at their arms and legs every night and wonder if they’ll have the same number of limbs the next night.

Let those Pentagon accountants wonder, as they watch a few caskets being loaded into a transport plane in the morning, whether they themselves will occupy one of those flag-draped boxes by the end of the day.

Let them dig a few trenches to either hide in, pee in or both.vet-7

Let them wonder what life will be like for their husbands or wives, or children if they don’t come back and let them see things that will forever haunt them even if they do make it back alive.

For the next 30 days…let those Pentagon accountants, who have put pencil to paper to determine that some of our Veterans got too much of a bonus to be over there hear explosions getting closer and closer while they try to remember what it was like when the loudest sound they heard all day was the closing of a file drawer.

Let them hear those around them cry out in pain from an enemy bullet while they try to remember what it was like to hear their children cry from a skinned knee.

vet-8Let them hear the enemy yelling Allahu Akbar while they try to remember what it was like to be scolded by their wife for not taking out the garbage.

And then…after 30 short days that seemed like a lifetime, because for 30 days they never really knew which minute would or could have been their last on this earth…as they board the plane that will finally get them the hell out of that place…let them wonder whether or not that plane will make it out of Iraqi airspace in one piece.

After that…after those 30 days…after those pencil-pushing cogs in the Obama regime wheel get home and back to the safety of their various Pentagon desks…ask them if THEY think those Veterans got too big of a bonus to spend a few YEARS over there doing exactly what THEY did for one month.

Now then…feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong…but I think MY plan wvet-9ould solve THIS situation in the span of any given month except February.

Furthermore…and finally…if you feel compelled to take a knee during our National Anthem because you think you’re oppressed while making millions of dollars a year playing a game for 17 out of 52 weeks a year…

I know exactly where YOUR ass belongs for the next 30 days and I’ll bet my plan would solve THAT issue as well.



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