You’re Not Oppressed…You’re an Idiot

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Are you feeling oppressed?mat-1

There’s a pretty good chance that if, when you went to bed last night, the primary thing on your mind was that you’re black…and when you woke up this morning, the first thing you thought of was that you’re black…

You think you’re oppressed.

Let’s be honest here…you’re not oppressed…

You’re an idiot.

Yes…there have been a couple more black idiots shot and killed by the police over the past few days. One was in North Carolina, the other was in Oklahoma.

Oh, the humanity…oh, the oppression.

The idiot in N.C. had a gun…he was given just about the most simple of commands…three words amounting to a grand total of three syllables…”drop the gun,” and that simmat-2ple command was repeated over and over again. Did the idiot in question, now deceased, heed the command? All three words and an equal numbers of syllables of it?


Naturally, the result of his timely demise is that his neighborhood was lit afire, more than a dozen police officers were injured, property was destroyed and a local WalMart was looted because, let’s again be honest here…nothing eases the depression of oppression like a stolen 55 inch LED TV.


The dude in Oklahoma was walking around in the street after getting out of his car and all the mainstream media wanted to show was him with his hands in the air before being shot by a cop. What they didn’t want to show was that same dude putting his hands down as he returned to his vehicle and him digging around, perhaps in his pants or trying to get into his vehicle while the cops had their guns drawn. From the helicopter footage it is quite clear that just like the idiot in N.C., this Oklahoma idiot wasn’t taking the police commands to heart.

Now, he’s dead too.

Let me ask black people something, and I’m not directing this toward any particular mat-3segment of black people but to all of them as a whole since the segment not causing trouble seems unwilling to speak out against those who are causing the trouble…do you know who this guy was?

His name was Fredrick Douglass and he was oppressed. I mean, really…oppressed.

You see, Douglass was a slave and he escaped that life, on his third attempt, and set about becoming something other than oppressed.

Fredrick wrote his first autobiography in 1845…that’s better than 15 years before the Civil War and that book became a best seller. Douglass, before the end of his life would write two more autobiographies and he would become regarded not only as a statesman, but as a great public speaker. He led the fight against slavery, and for equality not only based on race but on gender.

While politically, I wouldn’t agree with a good deal of Douglass’ positions, such as free education for everybody, I do admire the fact that he simply wouldn’t let his skin color be the determining factor of his life. My point with Frederick Douglas is that as far back as the 1840’s, oppressed, and I mean truly oppressed black people were rising above their oppression.

mat-4All you idiots, lighting businesses on fire and looting others think you’re oppressed…because your ancestors were slaves?

Well guess what?

I come from a very long line of pale people from England, Ireland and Scotland and my ancestors were slaves too. In fact, there isn’t a race on this planet whose ancestors weren’t, at some point in time, slaves but the difference between my white ass and your black asses is that I, and those who look like me, have gotten over it.

What Black people need to recognize, whether they’re the ones making trouble or the ones keeping quiet regarding those making trouble, is that nobody alive in this country today has ever been a slave keeper and that nobody alive in this country today has even been held in this country as a slave. Furthermore, when your people were traded as slaves in this country, it wasn’t white people that rounded them up in Africa for that purpose…it was other black people in Africa who did that.

I’m not letting white people, from more than 200 years ago, off the hook, I’m just saying that if you want to point fingers, make sure you follow the line of origin all the way back and not just far enough to validate whatever false point you’re trying to make.mat-5

I am also not letting today’s black people, those who aren’t acting like animals, off the hook as they should be the first and loudest to take a stand against the animals and yet they for the most part, remain silent…making them a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.

Nor am I limiting the punk/thuggish behavior to just one race as there are plenty of thugs out there sporting various shades of skin color but seriously? Black Lives Matter? To the exclusion of all other colors of lives? And if one is so bold as to state that ALL Lives Matter, that one is labeled a RACIST?

Go screw yourselves.

And while you’re at it…look around. You’ll see what I see…people of all colors including black people who have reached great levels of success in whatever profession they have chosen. Educators, lawyersmat-6, doctors,  factory workers, pilots, in the military, in elected office, manual laborers, truck drivers, in the arts, in sports…everywhere…in every line of work and do you want to know how they achieved their positions in life?

What is it that separates those successful people of every color from the tuggish animals of every color? Being oppressed as opposed to not being oppressed? If that’s what you think…you’re an absolute idiot.

Let’s focus on black people for the moment as it is the black people who are claiming oppression while rioting, committing arson and looting among other things. They, the rioters claim that they are being oppressed by the police…that the police are targeting them and murdering them.


Last year, nearly twice as many white people were killed by the police nationwide as were black people so…Black Lives Matter? How about WHITE Lives Matter?

It’s not the color of their skin that put those people, black or white, in a position to be mat-7confronted by the police…nor was it false claims of oppression because if black people were really being oppressed, how then does one explain successful black people across the spectrum of this nation’s job market?

The difference between becoming a success and becoming a thug is as simple as the choices each individual makes in life.

Choose self-esteem over self-loathing and you’re a step closer to being a success. Choose respect for others over a complete lack of respect and you’re a step closer to being successful in life. Choose an education in school rather than an education in the streets and gutters and guess what? You are moving toward success. Choose hard work to earn your way in the world over stealing what others have earned and you are becoming a success.

When you choose to make role models of successful people rather than making role models of neighborhood thugs and thieves…when you choose to seek the respect of others based on your ability to hmat-8ave a positive effect on those around you rather than on creating an environment of violence and mayhem…you are making a success of yourself rather than becoming a thuggish animal.

Choose to build things rather than to burn things down. Choose to protect others rather than to make victims of others. Choose to deal with setbacks by working harder rather than dealing with setbacks by blaming others.

It’s all about choices.

In North Carolina, some thug made the choice NOT to put down the gun.

In Oklahoma, some thug made the choice NOT to keep his hands up where they could be seen.

Mike Brown made choices. Treyvon Martin made choices. Freddie Grey made choices. Eric Garner made choices.

In nearly every case embraced by the Black Lives Matter thugs, the dead thug in question made really bad choices and those thugs now protesting and targeting cops are likewise making some pretty piss-poor choices. To begin with…they are trying to make heroes and martyrs out of dead thugs who made the worst possible choices at the most important moments in their shortened lives.mat-9

There are more opportunities in this great country of ours for all people than in any other country on earth just as there is the absolute least amount of oppression in this country related to all people than in any other country on earth.

These spoiled, rotten thugs and wannabe thugs, and that includes the ilk of multi-million dollar athletes who claim to be oppressed in this country, or who are acting oppressed on behalf of others who simply claim it, are making complete asses of themselves. They have seized the opportunities presented to them yet they are choosing to claim they are oppressed lest the real thugs and punks say they’re not black enough or that they are the oppressors.

Get a grip on reality.

The only people being oppressed are those who are oppressing themselves and blaming it on the rest of society because they want something for nothing and I don’t give a happy damn if it’s material goods or respect. If you want either…quit being a punk and earn it.

According to FBI smat-10tatistics, 93% of all black murder victims in the United States are murdered by other black people and nearly twice as many white people are killed by the police than black people so any claims that black people are generally targeted by the cops or that white people are responsible for the killing of blacks in general is nothing but a pile of crap.

It’s an excuse to divert attention away from the real problem.

Oh, I’m sure there will be those who will label me a racist for my lack of political correctness but what I am is a realist. To those who stand in the street, hell-bent on mayhem, looting and arson…examine the choices you’ve made in your lives right along with the choices made by the thugs you call heroes. The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing and nothing you are doing out there on those streets is going to earn you anybody’s respect.mat-11

Go to bed at night thinking about your skin color…get up in the morning thinking about your skin color and spend your day yelling that only those of your skin color matter and guess what?

You’re the racist.

You want a better life? Screw the color of your skin and start making better choices. Until then…you ain’t nothing but a thug.