The Proper Perspective in Black and White

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

It’s high time that the leaders of the black community, if they have any who actually qualify mil 1in that regard, step up to tell the truth about those who have usurped and hijacked their community, and it’s more than time for the race-baiters of the black community, who purport to be leaders, to sit down and shut up.

The ilk of Obama, Jackson and Sharpton along with the ilk of Loretta Lynch, Elijah Cummings and others have done enough damage, they have done nothing to strengthen their so called community, and their actions, words and intonations regarding high-profile cases have, in fact, been nothing less than gas on the fire.

Over this past weekend, a cop in Milwaukee Wisconsin shot and killed a thug, Sylville Smith, and predictably, all hell broke loose.

The cop and his partner witnessed some sort of suspicious activity and attempted to mil 2effect a traffic stop sometime around 3pm which started a car chase. Soon after it began, the 2 men in the car bailed out and took off running.

One of the 2 men, Smith, had a gun and when the cop involved in that foot chase ordered him to drop his weapon… Smith failed to comply with a lawful order.

The cop in question, no doubt aware of the far too many ambushes against his fellow officers around the country, took action and shot the thug…once in the arm and once in the chest…killing him.

Reports from the Milwaukee police department say it was all caught on the officer’s body cam.

The gun in the possession of the now dead thug, as it turns out, was stolen from a nearby town along with some 500 rounds of ammunition.

Hours after the officer involved shooting, members of Milwaukee’s so called black community took to the streets and did exactly what we have all seen over and over again across the country. They rioted. They destroyed property. They attacked the police. They injured journalists and they burned to the ground, a gas station. There were also fires burning at a BMO Harris Bank branch, a beauty supply company and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores.

Here’s a short interview with a man who claimed to be Sylville Smith’s brother…

Let me give this related thug a bit of a hint and a brief glimpse of reality…

The police aren’t there to protect you because of the color of your skin and their job sure as hell isn’t to provide the ilk of your brother safe passage to break the law, ignore lawful orders, run from the cops or be in possession of a stolen gun for purposes that most likely do not fit within the law. Their job is to protect the law abiding members of society, regardless of the color of their skin, from the likes of your brother and if in that context, they are forced to protect their own lives with deadly force…well…so be 3

But, according to the dead thug’s brother…

If the police actually do their jobs…the only acceptable response by the so called black community…is yet another riot which will, most likely, be followed by more ambushes and murders of other police officer in other parts of the country who are also doing their jobs in protecting the rest of society from the ilk of thugs just like the dead thug and his rioting “kin” in Milwaukee.

What, other than cultural Marxism, should we expect when the anything but leaders of the so called black community are themselves, Marxists?

But there’s more to what happened in Milwaukee over the weekend than the riots that are now all over the news. mil 4There was also a distinct lack of riots as well.

What happened in Milwaukee that led to the riots and arson happened 1 block from where a homicide took place the night before and just 4 blocks from where a double homicide took place just hours before. The results of those murders, and two others within a 24 hour period leading up to the police involved shooting of a thug with a lengthy arrest record who had, in his hand, a stolen gun was absolutely…nothing.

Not a single protest. Not a single riot. Nobody lit anything on fire and not one single person had one single thing to say when the thugs were doing the killing. It wasn’t until a cop, serving and protecting the city of Milwaukee showed up and used deadly force against a thug with a gun that the rioting got started.

According to Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey, who represents the neighborhood where the riots took place, the city’s black residents are “tired of living under this oppression.”mil 5

“Tired of living under this oppression” Really? What oppression is that exactly?

Are they tired of decades of voting for the very people who have, for all those decades, been promising to make things better while things only seem to get worse? Are they tired of continuing to vote for more and more free stuff so as not to have to go out and earn what they want because those they continue to vote for have them addicted to the freebees?

Perhaps they’re tired of the sort of oppression that comes from dropping out of school, getting hooked on drugs and not having enough of an education to get even an entry-level job…but whose fault is all that really?

Here’s a young man from Milwaukee who thinks he has it all figured out…

Are you kidding me? Rich people got all that money and they’re not just giving it to you? That’s the issue? That’s the type of oppression you have to deal with on a daily basis?

Yep. It seems there are far, far too many in the “black community” who believe they are entitled to what other people have and if those who have it don’t just give it to those who, because of their self-imposed oppression, don’t have it…what then?

Shootings, kilmil 6lings, robberies, looting, arson and general mayhem until the police protect the thugs and ensure that the thugs have free-reign to take whatever they want from those who have, indeed, earned it.

Allow me to directly address the rioting fools in the so called black community…

The black lives matters movement has done more to keep you oppressed than any racist or group of racists ever could. You bunch of thugs are being seen in the national spotlight for exactly what you are…a bunch of idiots hell-bent on destruction without so much as a thread of self-respect.

It’s not the police who are your enemies, it’s not white people, it’s neither racism nor the Republicans that’s keeping you from having the things you want…it’s you…and you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Until you show some self-respect…and start respecting others, you will continue to have absolutely nothing. Until you stop thinking of black people, who have the things you don’t, as traitors, or not black enough because they have self-respect and respect for others, you will have absolutely 7

If you think there are too many black people in prison…urge your fellow black people to stop committing crimes. If you think that the police are shooting at you because you’re black and for no other reason…try obeying their commands, not pointing guns at them or getting into a fight with them.

If you think the cop is in the wrong, fight them in court…not on the street…and settle your differences like civilized people instead of like animals and I’m willing to bet things for you will change for the better.

Get an education in school rather than in the gutters, because getting a job is far better than going to prison. Earn what you want, because taking what others have will either end with you behind bars or dead.

If you don’t like the downward spiral you’ve been in for decades…quit voting for more of the same because liberal welfare programs, the freebees handed out like candy on Halloween, doesn’t seem to be working does it.

mil 8Nothing is going to change until you change, but everything is going to keep getting worse if you keep doing the same old crap. Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is a sure sign of insanity and if you people in the “black community” continue to vote for liberals…you’re not just insane…you’re bat crap crazy.

I know, and so do most people, that getting an education, getting a job and working every day to earn the money to pay your own way in life while being responsible enough to take care of your family isn’t easy, but it is rewarding at the end of the day.

It sure seems like just taking what you want or demanding that others just give to you what they earned is a whole lot easier and why shouldn’t you? You’re entitled to it…right? Why? Because of the color of your skin? Because your ancestors were slaves?

Guess what? There isn’t a single race of people on this planet who weren’t, at sommil 9e point in history, slaves and it wasn’t white people who sold your ancestors into slavery in the first place…it was your own African ancestors who did that. By the way, here in America, when there was slavery…only 1% of Americans owned slaves and the price for the freedom of your ancestors was paid primarily by white people’s blood.

Yes…today’s black community does have a problem, but it’s not the cops and it’s not white people…it’s an element within the black community itself and if you don’t want to take my word for it…maybe you’ll listen to the words of a black man who, in this case, is telling it exactly how it really is without the filter of political correctness…

And by the way…the police officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith in Milwaukee last weekend after Smith, a thug with a long police record pointed a stolen gun at him…was a black cop.

Just one more thing…

There’s something else that you, in the thug element of the black community seem to think you’re entitled to just as you seem to think you’re entitled to what other people have…respect…and just like those who have the things you want…you have to earn it. Until you thugs stop making heroes out of your imprisoned thugs and martyrs out of your dead ones…by earning school credits instead of street cred…you’ll never earn the respect of 10

If you want the rest of the world to see you as civilized people…start acting like civilized people, but until you do…nothing is ever going to change regardless of how many of other people’s businesses you loot and burn to the ground.