Setting Personal Ideals Aside

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

dead 1We still have a 2 party system in this country, but they are no longer the democrat and Republican parties. What we have now is the party of treason, free crap and socialism vs the party of complete capitulation.

As I suspected, the GOP has rolled over and gone hooves up, capitulating to the Trumpers rather than taking a stand based on our Constitution and instead of finding a way to nominate a true Conservative, one who stands for what the Grand Dead Party USED to believe in, they have succumbed to being ready to nominate a liberal as their candidate for the highest office in the land.

As for the party of treason and all that comes with it…they have managed to find their perfect candidate…one who has committed treason, will advocate stealing from those who have worked long and hard for what they have in order to give it to those who have done everything but, yet feel entitled to other people’s station in life…one who has committed espionage and yet, because of HER station in life, is immune from the sort of consequences the rest of us would face for such actions…and one who will do absolutely nothing but continue the failed and miserable policies of her predecessor.

The GDP (Grand Dead Party) nominee will be a con man…the socialist party nominee will be Hillary Clinton…and for the very life of me the only difference I can find between the dead 2equal of the 2 evils is that the con man has yet to commit treason.

Therefore…with clothes pins and a 33 gallon vomit bag in hand…on November 8th, I, with a world of regret and a universe of apprehension based on proper vetting and mountains of evidence that he is, indeed, exactly the life-long liberal I know that he is…I will be voting for Donald Trump.

Now, before the never Trump folks have me tarred and feathered and run out on a rail…let me explain myself.

While I firmly believe that Donald Trump SHOULD never become the president of the United States…I know in my heart and soul that Hillary Clinton MUST never become the president of the United States.

The events in Nice France, along with the growing number of such cases not only around the world but right here at home, makes our national security and the security of our allies paramount.

dead 3Not that I believe Trump has the mental capacity to keep Honey Boo Boo in line…but I pray that he will put in place at least SOMEONE with the sense that God gave a gnat, who will take control of this dire Islamic situation and do what is necessary to end that cult of death, destruction and genocide.

Hillary won’t do it and she won’t put into place anyone who would. At least, most likely by accident, Trump might.

I don’t expect Trump to be any different than Obama in many aspects, should he get elected…it will just be a continuation of the grandest display of narcissism imaginable mixed with a bunch of bumper sticker slogans and a boat load of hypocrisy but at least with Trump, there is a slight chance that someone who actually knows the score…someone who actually knows what they’re doing and what needs to be done might slip through the cracks and, if nothing else, be a ghost leader while Trump seeks cameras to capture himself in back-patting mode on a daily basis.

But I will tell you Trumpers 3 things right up front…

  • I don’t expect much of anything good to come from a proposed Trump presidency.
  • I will be shocked if he keeps even a single campaign con man promise.
  • I will stand ready with a mountain of “I told you so” articles when things go horribly wrong.

Any chance we have to get our country back now rests in electing the liberal Trump rather than the socialist, treasonous Hillary Clinton and holding his feet to the fire every step of the way. Does this mean that I am endorsing Trump?

No way. It means that I will vote for him in November and nothing more but let me tell all my friends and fellow Patriots in the Never Trump movement something…and I hope to dead 4make this very clear…

I am NOT standing with Trump. I AM standing FOR my country…in spite of my personal ideals regarding Trump and against my personal feelings regarding who would be the best possible candidate…I am putting my personal emotions aside to stand for my country and against HIllary Clinton.

While polls show that Trump will lose, and I suspect that for now, those polls are accurate…if we really want the chance to get it right down the road, in the next election cycle, we must vote for Trump this time around to have any chance at all to hold the line on the decay of our nation.

This is why I will also be voting an all Republican down ballot in November…because we can ill afford to allow either the Senate or the House to fall into the hands of the socialists who have for years now supported every treasonous activity of Hillary Clinton.

I realize that for the most part, our Republican held House and Senate lack the balls to do what’s right. For the most part, they are the capitulators who have allowed one liberal policy after another to be put in place and we, the true Patriots need to make them understand that just as our nation is on the line…so too are their political careers.

We all must do a better job of identifying true Conservatives with which to replace those who have, time and time again, caved to the whims of liberals. To be perfectly honest…there aren’t but a handful of them who are worth the powder it would take to blow dead 5them all to hell…but there are a few and we must find a way to elevate them to positions that hold sway over the House and the Senate so as to take a hard line approach to dealing with the issues that threaten to destroy what is left of this ALWAYS GREAT nation.

It will take time, and if we can at least hold the line while we seek out and entrench the best Conservatives we can find, we will still have a chance. We will have no chance at all if the Islamic reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is continued for the next 4 years by Hillary HUSSEIN Clinton.

In short…my love for this country overrides my palatable, gagging distaste for the ilk of Donald Trump.

Forget the economy and for the love of God, let the social issues become state’s issues…we’ve bigger fish to fry and the biggest of all, is Islam.

Whether or not the slime of Obama agrees…Islam is not a religion. It’s a damn cult and its hell bent on genocide of all who won’t join it. That means us, and free, civilized people everywhere.

Ask the people of Boston how they honestly feel about those Islamic barbarian bastards. Ask the people of San Bernardino. Ask them in Chattanooga…at the Navy Shipyard and in Orlando.

Ask the people of New York.

Ask the people of Paris and Nice.dead 6

I am not saying that Trump will put an end to those Islamic barbarians. That will take an Act of Congress regarding declaring war against those who have already declared war on all of the civilized world and we, the true Patriots must DEMAND that of Congress. The time for political correctness is long gone and the time to do what must be done and to send them to hell is upon us. No longer can we, as a leader of nations, sit idle and watch as one attack after another occurs. We must name the enemy…Islam…and take action.

Those who say and have been saying that Trump will take them on are wrong. It is Congress who must act and act decisively. Any Oval Office occupant who goes it alone is not a president, but a dictator and we’ve all had enough of that.

In conclusion…to those who will say I’m now on the Trump train and who have accused me of supporting Hillary…they couldn’t be more wrong and to those of my fellow Never Trump Patriots who will call me a traitor to the cause…they as well couldn’t be more wrong as from the beginning I have been as against Trump as I have been against Hillary.

This is not a vote for the lesser of 2 evils as I still firmly believe that Trump and Hillary are dead 7the equal evils, but because of the recent refusal to prosecute Hillary for what I believe to be crimes against our nation…crimes that would continue should she be elected in November, and because of the capitulation of what is now the Grand DEAD Party…

I will cast my vote for the impending train wreck as a last-ditch effort to avoid the impending apocalypse that would be Hillary Clinton and I urge my fellow Patriots in the Never Trump camp to carefully consider doing so as well. If we are to have any chance to make things right in the future…we must have a future to make things right in and unless we find a way to stall until that day comes…all will be lost.

Trump is nothing more in my mind than a stalling tactic and not the savior of us all, but I am willing to stall for the betterment of our nation’s future…as there will be nothing left to save if Hillary gets elected.

The reality of this situation is that Trump is dangerous, a liberal, a con man, a narcissist, a liar, prone to knee-jerk reactions, thin-skinned and volatile and his running mate, Mike Pence, is not at all what he seems to be but Pence at least has some redeeming values although he is a career politician…something Trumpers have railed against for the past year and therefore, the Trumper support for this ticket exposes them as hypocrites.

dead 8The other side of the reality coin features Hillary Clinton…dangerous, liberal bordering on, if not full-on socialist, corrupt beyond imagination, a liar, prone to anti-American policies, thin-skinned, volatile and a person who has committed both espionage and treason who, because of her station in life, is above the law. Hillary’s most likely running mate…Julian Castro…is a socialist bordering on a communist if not already a full-on communist and the 2 of them together would put an end to our Constitutional Republic…the job Obama was hired to do and nearly accomplished.

With the GOP now a dead horse, having rolled over to nominate a liberal as their party’s candidate for 2016, and lacking an all-out delegate revolt at the convention, the Trump/Pence ticket has become the only way to stop Hillary as no 3rd party or write-in candidate…or candidates…splitting the vote can or will be successful.

Just as our Founders and Framers put aside their personal ideals to form this great nation, I now believe it has become the time to do likewise to save this great nation.

My personal bottom line, and that of my friend and colleague Diane Sori is this…

While we know that Trump will damage our Constitutional Republic…Hillary would destroy it and in looking at the big picture…we will vote in November for the damage and against the destruction and wdead 9ork toward damage control in 2020.

Where our conscience is concerned…it stands with what is best for our country and not upon a square foot of ground…a 3rd party vote…that would not only be meaningless, but would be the least we could do rather than the most, in keeping our always great nation out of the treasonous hands of Hillary Clinton.

THAT…is what difference it makes.


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  1. Trump and Clinton are equal evils in your opinion. Lord help us if many folk feel that way.

  2. “As I suspected, the GOP has rolled over and gone hooves up, capitulating to the Trumpers rather than taking a stand based on our Constitution and instead of finding a way to nominate a true Conservative, one who stands for what the Grand Dead Party USED to believe in, they have succumbed to being ready to nominate a liberal as their candidate for the highest office in the land”. Who do think was a “true conservative” among the 17 candidates? Stop beating a dead horse and go Independent or Tea Party. Don’t tell me you’re voting third party (Clinton vote) or for Clinton. I’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils since Bush 1.

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