Disgusting Liar Trump Screwed Our Vets

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Finally.VETS 1

Donald J. Trump has finally donated ALL the money he raised for Veterans, from his debate-ditching fund raiser in Iowa, TO the 27 different Veterans organizations he had named.

That’s correct…Trump has now donated every last penny of it to our great Veterans.

All $800,000.00 of it. Lock, stock and…

Wait. What?

But Trump said he raised $6 MILLION dollars for those Veterans organizations. He told the Veterans that he raised $6 million dollars. He told ALL of us that he raised $6 million dollars.

Guess what folks…Donald Trump…lied.

The statement from Trump was that his fund raiser brought in $5 million dollars and that he, himself, had posted an additional $1 million to the pot to bring the total to a whopping $6 million dollars that would be divided up between 27 various Veterans organizations.

What a magnanimous fellow.

But now we know the truth…

VETS 2For many months, we have been asking what happened to the rest of the money as only about $800 thousand dollars had been distributed. What happened to the other $5.2 million dollars? Where did THAT money go? Why hadn’t the rest of the money been donated and why were so many of the named Veterans organizations still waiting for their promised share of the proceeds?

As it now turns out, reportedly according to Trump’s thug, Cory Lewandowski, there never was $6 million dollars. He’s blaming it on the notion that there was some $5 million PLEDGED but many of those pledges were never delivered or collected making the amount less than the stated total.

Lewandowski wasn’t sure WHAT the final figure was…just that it was less than $6 million dollars…maybe more like $4.5 million dollars, according to the Washington Post.

Still, that’s a good number…or it would be if it were true…but it’s not, and Lewandowski was forced to admit that the real number is quite a bit less than the one cited by the Washington Post.VETS 3

Quite a damn bit less.

The REAL figure, the REAL total from Trump’s debate-ditch fund raiser for Veterans was reportedly, less than $1 million dollars and only a few of the 27 named Veterans organizations ever received a share of that money.

But wait…didn’t Trump himself donate a million out of his OWN pocket to that cause? Isn’t that what he told us? Isn’t that what he told the Veterans and the various Veterans organizations?

Yes…that is EXACTLY what Donald J. Trump told EVERYBODY…that HE threw in $1 MILLION of his very own dollars.

Oh, my…Trump lied…AGAIN!!!

Since there was less than $1 million dollars TOTAL raised by Trump in Iowa…and all $800,000.00 of it has already been dispersed to the Veterans groups…Trump HIMSELF VETS 4could NOT have donated $1 million of his OWN dollars to the cause at ALL…now could he?

So…Trump LIED about raising $6 million dollars for Veterans organizations AND he lied about his OWN $1 million dollar donation. Is that about it?

No…no, it is not about it.

There’s more…

If you go back to last March…Trump and his con-paign issued a statement that they had dispersed some $2.9 million of the raised funds to Veterans Organizations….which, considering that the fund raiser only brought in some $800 thousand dollars…is yet ANOTHER lie.

You see…according to that con-paign statement, the $2.9 million dollars figure was supposedly nearly ALL donated by Trump himself…which led to questions regarding what happened to the $6 million or at the very least, the REST of the $6 million dollars…for which neither Trump nor his con-paign either could, or would account.

Now, add to that, the FACT that Donald Trump BRAGGED about raising $6 million dollars VETS 5for Veterans…that’s right…he BRAGGED about it on the very night he DIDN’T raise $6 million dollars saying, from that event, “We actually raised close to 6 [million], to be honest, and I have to say, more will be coming. I think this money is going to continue to pour in.”

And keep in mind, that AS Trump said, “to be HONEST,” he KNEW he was LYING….and when he also said that night, “Our vets are being mistreated… and it’s not going to happen anymore,” he was actually in the process of mistreating them by the lack of virtue of his con game.

But, there is still more…

He used others to make his Veterans fund raising con game seem legit. He used Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, both of whom attended his con game fund raiser and  Ike Perlmutter, the chairman of comic-book giant Marvel Enterprises, and his wife Laurie, who Trump claimed gave $1 million dollars, which we now know, was another apparent lie as the total take from the evening was LESS than $1 million dollars.

VETS 6And in what was possibly THE most despicable part of this elaborate con…Trump used John Wayne Walding, a 23-year Veteran who lost his right leg while serving in a Special Forces unit, whom Trump introduced that night. Outwardly, Trump used Walding, a hero, to make himself look like a hero, all the while KNOWING that he was simply using the REAL hero as nothing but a shill.

It doesn’t get much lower than using a decorated Veteran, who lost a leg, as a shill to con Veterans groups.

But wait…there’s more…

Just before the TRUTH regarding Trump’s con-paign con job on Veterans broke on Saturday…the VETS 7NRA endorsed Donald Trump. Now how many Veterans do you suppose are NRA Members? I would suspect the majority of Veterans are NRA Members which means that the NRA got conned too and I would also speculate that Veterans who ARE NRA Members aren’t going to be very happy about that and were I one of them, or all of them, I would be demanding that the NRA DUMP Trump or I would be DUMPING the NRA.

What sort of low-life coward does this to our Veterans?

Donald Trump…that’s what kind of low-life coward does such a thing as this.

Trump was too much of a coward to show up and debate his competition and plenty enough of a low-life to stick it to our Veterans for his own political gain.

Let me put this another way…

Donald J. Trump screwed our Veterans. He lied about raising money for them, braggeVETS 8d about his scam event, used other candidates and a decorated Veteran as shills to make himself appear as a hero, lied about donating his own money to his scam cause, lied about others who supposedly donated, lied to the media which was all to giddy about believing him and lied to his blind followers all the way through the con job.

Donald Trump claims to be worth some $10 billion dollars…right? So why didn’t he just write a check to the various Veterans organizations for the $6 million dollars he couldn’t, but claimed he did raise?

I suggest there are three reasons. First, Donald Trump is con man and con men do NOT sink their own money into their con games as that would defeat the purpose. Second, Donald Trump is greedy and would never use his own money for philanthropical reasons. And third, despite his words, Donald Trump doesn’t really give a damn about our Veterans any more than any other liberal like Obama, Sanders or Hillary does.

Any candidate, so despicable as to hide behind our great Veterans, to hide from a debate VETS 9because he had no substance…any candidate so deplorable as to use our great Veterans as political shills for his own self-aggrandizement…any candidate so disgusting as to run a con game against our great Veterans and screw them out of promised funding because he’s too damn cheap and greedy to simply write them a check when his bank account is reportedly in the billions of dollars doesn’t deserve the votes of a single American and most certainly doesn’t deserve the nomination of the Republican party.

Here are the FACTS…plain and simple…

Donald J. Trump CLAIMED to have raised $6 million dollars…$1 million of which supposedly came from Trump himself, for 27 Veterans groups. His paid thug, Cory Lewandowski now says it was $4.5 million dollars. Trump’s con-paign claimed they distributed $2.9 million dollars but of the 27 Veterans groups named, only 22 of them received donations from Trump totaling only about $800 thousand dollars and the rest of the money Trump claimed to have raised is nowhere to be found.

If the con man who was a cadet in a military school in the early 1960’s, and won a MEDAL for CLEANLINESS can SCREW our Veterans like this…and not bat an eye in the process…all to make himself look good to his blind followers…than how bad will he screw us all and screw our already great nation down the road?VETS 10

That’s right Trump…you screwed our Veterans so…screw you. MY eyes are OPEN, they have been from the very beginning and you will NEVER have MY vote.




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7 thoughts on “Disgusting Liar Trump Screwed Our Vets

  1. Look…. I keep hearing the phrase, ” Constitutional Conservative “, yet when’s the last we have had one even run for office? And what exactly IS a Constitutional Conservative??

    What?? Someone who clings to an archaic Document, and believes it to the letter of the law?? One who doesn’t take into account the vagueness of the Constitution?

    And since when did Compromise become such an evil notion? Some of our best moments as a Nation, were when both sides of the aisle could agree on something. Not all of this polarization of politics that we have now.

    I myself haven’t made up my mind on who I am voting for in November. It’s still a long way off, and many things could change between now and then. But I will leave you with this……. Neither candidate is perfect, nor do either of their views fall directly in line with mine. But as I have said many times….. The President is only one cog, in a massive wheel that runs our Government. Congress still has the majority of the power, and THAT is a little more important to me than which puppet is sitting in the Oval Office.

  2. How much is Hillary paying you? I’m a Navy retiree and I know that Hilary will be much worse for Vets than Donald. Hilary has already left men to die. You don’t deserve to call yourselves Patriots. Your are left wing shills.

    • Right on! Its either Hillary or Soros who’s paying them to spew this negative propaganda.

      • AR…YOU need to check into the connections between Soros and Trump…and then you’ll know who has been paying who…to the tune of $160 MILLION dollars for Trump Tower in Chicago.

    • D. Geiss…Nobody is paying me anything to be a true patriot and I have made it crystal that I don’t want THAT bitch any more than I want your SON of a bitch. What I want is a true, Constitutional Conservative…not some life-long liberal masquerading as a Republican which is exactly what Trump is.Trump is the one standing for every LIBERAL agenda item and has for DECADES so…by backing him…YOU are the one shilling for the liberals.

      • Since there is no Constitutional Conservative in the race (and hasn’t been one since Reagan) why, all of a sudden, are you willing to give up to the democrats? Just when half or more of the Supreme Court (if you count the 2 Obama already added) will become liberal. I have held my nose every election since 1984.

        • Tarmangani…as Trump IS a democrat, has said he identifies with the democrats, has stood for every liberal agenda item for decades and has said that he believes the economy does better under the democrats…since Trump has praised Hillary, donated money to Hillary, supported one liberal after another and supported those republicans (in name only) whose goal it was to destroy the Tea Party…and as Trump has supported and praised the ilk of de Blasio, New York city’s communist mayor…why, all of a sudden, are YOU willing to give up to the democrats by blindly following Trump…a life-long LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE? And by the way…your chosen liberal candidate, Trump, is already walking back that list of potential SCOTUS nominees.

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