Why So Grumpy…Trumpy?

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Oh, my…his Trumpness, lord of the lies, Emperor of the realm of low-information voters gru 1and the bloviating buffoon of bombast is having another bad week and he’s got his panties all wadded up something fierce.

Out of the last 160 delegates, Ted Cruz has picked up 152 to Trumpy Grumpy Pants’ 8 and Grumpy Trumpy is throwing yet another Trumper tantrum , especially over Cruz’s 34 delegate total sweep in Colorado.

Social media is full of angry little low-information Trumpkins who are following the lead of their Emperor in crying foul, that Cruz stole the delegates in the Rocky Mountain state and that somehow, the GOP establishment rigged the process there, and just to squash Trump, Colorado disenfranchised the voters by not allowing them to cast a single ballot.

Dear Trumpkins…that decision was made by the Colorado Republican party…last August…not last week and the rules for candidates, as to how they could secure those 34 delegates, have been public for 7 months. Nothing about it was hidden, and as each state’s political parties can design their own system for the primaries, there was nothing underhanded or unethical about it.

Of course, there are plenty of little Trumpkins out there, like Rebecca Overton-Hooker who are all too giddy to show off their low-information agenda…

gru 2“Yeah man. Colorado stoners for Cruz!!!!!!!! Ethics of a turd…”

Madam Hooker…Cruz did absolutely nothing unethical here. In fact, he absolutely followed the rules which were in place for the past 7 months and organized a ground game, complete with personal appearances in Colorado so as to garner the support of as many delegates as possible, which, at the end of the day, was all of them.

Do I think Colorado’s Republican Party was right in doing things this way? Not necessarily but I do believe it is up to each state’s parties to set their own rules and one fact of the matter is that Cruz knew the rules and did abide by them.

The other simple fact of the matter is that your Emperor, Madam Hooker, whom you are following so blindly, was either just too stump stupid to realize that he should have mounted a Colgru 3orado ground game of his own, or he was just too arrogant to think he needed to do anything other than be his low-information, bloviating, nonsensical, liberal self in order to win over delegates who can see through him as though he weren’t there at all…which he wasn’t.

But Colorado isn’t the only state where Grumpy Trumpy is failing to garner delegates. In many states, where Trump won the primaries, he losing uncommitted delegates to Ted Cruz, and again, it’s all being done within the rules. You see, uncommitted delegates are fair game for any candidate with a ground game and Cruz’s team is collecting them, state by state and one after another.

But let’s get to the Lord of the Lies as it certainly applies to Grumpy Trumpy.

Politifact is an organization that fact checks the things that candidates say throughout their campaigns, and the candidate who calls Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted,” Grumpy Trumpy, has a truthfulness score of…9%…which means that 91% of everything Trump has said, and he’s certainly said a lot, are lies.

According to Politifact, Cruz comes in at 25% truth which isn’t pristine but it’s a hell of a lot better than 9%, so the little Trumpkins can take that “Lyin Ted” crap and stick in their Underoos with the rest of Grumpy Trumpy’s dumpies, but over the weekend, Grumpy Trumpy told a whopper…gru 4

He retweeted, as he so often does, a post claiming that more than 1 MILLION pro-Trump...”I’ll only vote for Trump” postcards had been received by the RNC…so far.

The postcards claim to have been purchased by a registered voter who will only vote for Trump and according to Grumpy Trumpy…more than 1 MILLION of them have already been RECEIVED by the RNC but here’s the problem…

According to the RNC…they haven’t received even one such postcard. “Absolutely zero.”

Now let’s look at the details and see if we can tell who’s lying about this postcard thing shall we? It seems that someone printed up at least 1 million postcards and we can figure there were more than that actually printed, because the tweet and retweet claims…1 million so far. Now, we’re told that Trump always hires the best and brightest…right? Well, here’s what happgru 5ened. One of Trump’s best and brightest designed a postcard, and on that designed postcard, they included the RNC mailing address as 301 1st St. SE in Washington DC.

The problem is, the RNC’s mailing address isn’t 301 1st Street SE…it’s 310 1st St. SE. You see, 301 1st St. SE is a parking lot which means that whoever this best and brightest is, he or she failed to double check the mailing address before sending the proof to be printed…more than 1 million times, hence…more than a million wasted postcards absolutely none of which have been delivered.


This, of course, begs a couple of very serious question…if the would be Emperor who would command the military, and says he’d bomb the you-know-what out of ISIS can’t get the mailing address of the RNC correct…just exactly to what address will his bombs be sent? And hasn’t Obama already bombed enough empty warehouses and parking lots?

Oh, there’s more to Grumpy Trumpy’s bad week…

We have also learned that two of the spawn of Grumpy Trumpy failed to change thgru 6eir voter registrations in NY from democrat to Republican by last October 9th and neither Ivanka nor Eric will be able to vote for dear, old dad next week. One would think, that when Daddy Liberalbucks decided to run as a Republican, the FIRST thing his spawn would have done is registered AS Republicans but…alas…they didn’t.

And now the sniveling Emperor of the realm of low-information voters, and the bloviating buffoon of bombast has turned the whining up to full blast as the handwriting on the wall is now apparently big enough for even him to read…that the convention will be contested as neither Cruz nor Grumpy Trumpy will have garnered the needed 1,237 delegates before the convention.

To that end, Grumpy Trumpy is squealing that, whoever wins the most votes in the primaries should automatically be handed the nomination. “What they’re trying to do is subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans.” Oh really? Crocked shenanigans? gru 7The rules, that stipulate that a candidate must have 1,237 delegates which is exactly half plus one, in order to secure the nomination or it goes to further rounds of voting where pledged delegates can then shift to another candidate are now “crocked shenanigans?”

Sorry Grumpy but that’s exactly what you signed on for, but when all else is failing…Grumpy Trumpy could just have one of his best and brightest minions compare Cruz to the Nazis.

And that is exactly what Grumpy’s minion, Paul Manafort did over the weekend by proclaiming, “You go to his county conventions and you see the gestapo tactics.” Note to Grumpy Trumpy’s best and brightest minion…the NAZIS weren’t trying to get delegates to swing their way by offering  substance over empty bloviations, hollow threats and name calling because Hitler didn’t know the rules that pertained to primary elections or the nominating process.

Just sayin’.

And finally, Grumpy Trumpy got this week off to a whining start, telling the Fox News morning audience, on Trump and Friends… Trump “The systems rigged. I see it. I see it now 100% AND BY THE WAY, NOT JUST ON OUR SIDE. I THINK IT’S WORSE ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE.”

Now you probably think I’m going to go off on Grumpy Trumpy for all but admitting he’s still a liberal, but I’ll be more than fair here…as many times as he’s changed his party affiliation over the years, and as far to the left as he has leaned for decades, he more than likely just can’t remember which party’s nomination he’s running for right now.

The point is, the rules that exist are the rules that Trump agreed to, and should have known, either when he started this race or, at the very least, 7 months ago but it hasn’t been until he started to see that he won’t have the necessary 1,237 delegates before the   cgru 9onvention that he started whining, like a 2 year old with a droopy diaper. If Grumpy Trumpy can’t figure out how to run a successful campaign…how on earth is he ever going to figure out how to run a successful presidency?

Naturally, what makes Grumpy Trumpy even MORE Grumpy is that he knows that if he doesn’t get to 1,237 before the convention, and it becomes a contested convention…that Ted Cruz has more than enough delegates, including those who will be handed to him by Marco Rubio AT the convention, to secure the nomination in the second round of voting.

What Trump wants now, despite the rules he agreed to, is to be awarded a home run, in the 4th quarter of a tennis match on a golf course that will result in a 5 point free throw. In other words, the rules to which Grumpy Trumpy agreed aren’t fair, but changing the rules, solely to benefit himgru 10…would be.

The bottom line is this…Trump thought he would be awarded the nomination based on his celebrity status while Ted Cruz knew that he would have to work hard to earn the nomination, and despite all of Trump’s bloviating bluster, Cruz has run a much more well-organized campaign thus far which will, I believe, ultimately give Ted Cruz the nomination.

And while the wheels are coming off of Trump’s wagon, he’s blaming everybody  but himself.