Trump’s Liberal Agenda, Money Trail – Part 2 of 2

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Since 2011, Donald Trump has given some $358.700 to Republicans, that much is true tru 1and a figure oft cited by his blind following so as to offset any mention of Trump’s donations to liberals but it falls completely flat when put in factual perspective.

As matters of easily researched public records, Donald Trump has stood for and financially supported liberals and the liberal agenda to a point his followers would much rather not admit.

To be exact…between 1989 and 2010, Trump’s political donations were nearly evenly split between both sides of the aisle with slightly more, $314,300.00 going to the left than the $290,600 that he donated to the right but that all changed radically as Trump himself became more immersed in political aspirations of his own.

After Trump’s inglorious presidential run on the Reform ticket in 2000, Donald J. Trump and his son, Donald Jr., donated $77,200.00 to liberals compared to only $24,250.00 to Republicans during the 2006 midterm elections.

But there’s more…much more…

In 2005, Trump handed $5,000.00 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and tru 2then, in 2006, he gave $20,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Despite the contentions of his followers, that Trump was donating for business reasons alone, one does not financially support these particular committees to secure business related provisions. One donates to such committees in order to for the involved political party to secure power in Washington, and those committees, in 2005 and 2006, were indeed trying to secure the majority in both the senate and in the house at the time Trump wrote them checks.

And by the way, during that same span of time, 2005 to 2006, Donald Trump Jr. added in yet another $22,500.00 to those same liberal committees but how much did the two of them combined donate to the Republican committees in that time span? Just $1,000.00 and not a penny more.

But it wasn’t just committees on the far left side of the aisle that Trump was pouring money into…there were also light years to the left political individuals who reaped the reward from Trump’s deep left pocket.

Harry Reid has pocketed $8,400.00 from Donald Trump. Max Baccus…$2,000.00. Rahm Emmanual…$50,000.00, Jimmy Carter…$1,000.00, Joe Biden…$1,000.00, Shelly Berkley…$1,000.00, Kirsten Gillibrand…$4,800.00, Terry McCauliffe $25,000.00, Erskine Bowels…$1,000.00, Elliott Spitzer…$21,000.00, Hillary Clinton…$9,500.00, Andrew tru 3Cuomo…$84,000.00 and Tom Daschle…$4,000.00.

But that’s just the beginning…

There is also David Dinkins…$7,750.00, Chuck Schumer…$7,900.00, Chris Dodd…$3,000.00, Charlie Rangel…$24,750.00, Anthony Weiner…$4,450.00, Dick Durbin…$1,500.00, John Kerry…$5,500.00, Fritz Hollings…$3,000.00, Ted Kennedy…$7,000.00, Patrick Kennedy…$2,500.00, Bill Nelson…$2,000.00, Joe Leiberman…$4,000.00 and Carolyn Maloney who also pocketed $4,000.00 and those names don’t include other liberal organizations to which Trump financially supported like…

The DSCC, to which Trump gave $116,000.00 or the DNC, to which he gave $15,000, or the DCCC, to which Trump donated $46,050.00, or the NY Democratic Party, to whom he gave $116,000.00 and those figures don’t include what Trump handed over to the Clinton Foundation, which totals somewhere between $100,000.00 and $250,000.00 over the past few years.

Also included on Donald Trump’s list of liberal political friends with monetary benefits, as I mentioned in yesterday’s article, are the ilk of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris…the sanctuary city crowd.

In yesterday’s Trump’s Liberal Agenda, Money Trail – Part 1, I brought up Gavin tru 4Newsom and our 2nd Amendment rights separately, but here is where those two topics collide…

Newsom, the former San Francisco Mayor and current Lt. Governor of California is running for the Governor’s office in California in 2018 and to get a head start in that endeavor, Newsom has proposed the “Safety for All Act of 2016”  Should Newsom’s Act pass, it will… Will CONFISCATE standard capacity magazines…   Will CREATE a 25 million dollar bureaucracy, with the sole responsibility of regulating the sale of ammunition… Will MANDATE that everyone in CA obtain a “firearms purchaser certificate” in order to be able to purchase any ammunition…   Will REQUIRE that all ammunition purchases be reported electronically at the moment of purchase to the State, who will record it in a database to be available to law enforcement… Will FORCE all Dealers in CA to obtain an “ammunition vendors license” in order to sell ammunition… Will BAN the private transfer of ammunition, and   Will BAN the private importation of ammunition.

While this seems to only be a California law…that is not it’s real purpose because, once under the legislative “opinion” of the Supreme Court via the 14th Amendment, which require only that this Act, if passed, be brought TO the Supreme Court…all of these provisions and data bases created seemingly only for California, would become FEDERAL law as well thus infringing upon that which shall not be infringed…our 2nd Amendment.

This is Gavin Newsom’s approach to shredding our 2nd Amendment and Donald J. Trump has financially supported Gavin Newsom.

However, Donald Trump has also donated money to Republicans, including some of those on the Gang of 8 along with some liberal Gang of 8 members and as Ted Cruz has rightfully pointed out, one does not financially support the open borders crowd if one doesn’t want open borders, which flies in the face of Trump’s rhetorical pandering to Conservatives from the campaign trail on that very topic.tru 5

And let’s not forget that in 2013, just 3 years ago, Donald J. Trump poured more than $200,000.00 into organizations, Super Pacs and Republican politicians, for the specific purpose of taking down the very grass roots organization whose goal has always been to take the power out of Washington and restore it to the states and to We the People…the Tea Party. Among those to benefit financially from Trump’s wallet were Mitch McConnell whose Super Pac got $60,000.00, Karl Rove’s Super Pac which garnered $50,000.00 and McConnell himself, for his campaign, received some $5,200.00 directly from Donald Trump.

Along those lines, the man who now claims to absolutely hate Super Pacs, Donald J. Trump, donated some $1000,000.00 to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super Pac created to crush true Conservative candidates on the part of none other than John Boehner.

To be perfectly clear, as per recent history, in 2010 as the Tea Party came into being, Donald J. Trump was heavily financing liberals, their campaigns, Their Super Pacs and their organizations and by 2014, Trump was financially supporting the Republican establishment organizations and cantru 6didates who were openly trying to end the Tea Party.

Note to Trumpers…Anyone who, as little as 2 years ago, was financially supporting both liberals and Republicans, and their respective Super Pacs for the expressed purposes of furthering the liberal agenda and crushing the Tea Party is neither anti-establishment nor a true Conservative as his campaign rhetoric would have you believe today and if you think he is either a Conservative or anti-establishment…you are either too blind to admit the truth or gullible enough believe his lies.

But let’s get back to Hillary Clinton for a moment…Donald J. Trump’s check book paper  trail leading back to Hillary is astonishing.

Trump showered Hillary with at least $4,100.00 in 2002, 2005, 2006 and in 2007. Donald Trump Jr. opened up his wallet to Hillary as well, giving her $6,100.00 in 2006 and in 2007 and all of that was for her various campaigns. Add to that figure the between $100,000.00 tru 7and $250,000.00 Trump gave Hillary for the Clinton Foundation and any who are blind, or gullible enough to believe it was all to get her to go to his wedding has lost their last marble.

There is also a microcosm we can look at that paints a truly disturbing picture of the real Donald Trump politically.

It’s New York…where through 1999 and March of 2015, Donald J. Trump made a total of just over $600,000.00 in political donations and while at first blush it seems like the gap between left and right isn’t all that great…$350,461.66 to the liberals compared to $231,000.00 to Republicans…a closer look at the details explodes the Trumper myth that their man has given nearly evenly over the years.

The fine print tells the real story in that during that same period of time, Trump also gave tru 8$13,000.00 to Conservatives, $6,200.00 to Independents and only $750.00 to ABO Build which is a Pac. Now, let’s break down the percentages, those being that Trump, from 1999 until March 2015 gave 58.3% of his NY financial support to liberals, just 38.4% to Republicans and a scant 2.2% to Conservatives and a meager 0.1% to the named Pac.

The candidate that Trumpers claim to be the real Conservative gave only 2.2% of his home state donations to true Conservatives between 1999 and 2015 compared to a whopping 58.3% to liberals.

As long as I am exposing the Trump money trails, there is another sham that needs exposing…that being the claim made by Trump himself, and his followers, that he’s self-funding his campaign…he’s not.

Donald Trump loans his campaign money from his private accounts and repays those campaign loans with the monies garnered by donations and the sales of his merchandise on his campaign website. He’s not funding his own campaign, his blind followers are, and when he claims he’s self-funding, it is at best, a lie…at worst, it’s money laundering. Trump is actually selling snake oil to the gullible and using their money to create more snake oil.

There is always a money trail, and the trail that exposes this snake oil consideration of tru 9Trump’s self-funding lie can be found in his campaign’s financial disclosures which, of all things, included the fact that Trump, via his farcical self-funded campaign, paid $144,000.00 in rent for the 3rd quarter of last year to…Trump Tower LLC, Trump Restaurants LLC and to the Trump Corp.

On the surface, it seems reasonable to think that a national campaign should be paying rent on office space, until one realizes that Trump is renting from himself and paying himself that rent money at which point, it become a clear sham.

Yes, a sham…let me explain this clearly for Trump’s blind followers, not that it will make a difference to them but it’s still worth explaining. Donald J. Trump has been using monies donated to his campaign or from sales of snake oil and using them to pay rent…to himself…which then goes back into his private or business accounts from which he, Trump, loans money to his campaign which he then repays from more donations or the sale of more snake oil from his campaign website.

Trump isn’t self-funding his campaign…he’s engaging in Ponzi politics.

And one final thing in regard to the Trump money trail…where is it…the money Trump supposedly raised for Veterans organizations? Where is that money?

tru 10In January, Trump ran away from a Fox News debate and instead, hold his own event, a fund raiser for Veteran’s groups and the next day, Trump claimed to have raised some $6 million dollars. What happened to it? Nobody is really sure. As of March 1st, Trump’s campaign continued to steadfastly refuse to divulge the whereabouts of the monies. CNN went looking and called each and every organization Trump had listed as being organizations that would benefit from his fund raiser and discovered that only about $8000,000 had so far been donated.

Later that day, in early March after the CNN report aired, the Trump campaign offered a sheet showing that nearly $3 million had been dispersed…just under half the amount Trump claimed he raised which must have come as a surprise to those organizations who told CNN, that although they were on Trump’s list, so far, they had received nothing.

Since early March, and the claim that nearly half of the $6 million had been forwarded to Veterans groups…not a single word regarding the where abouts of the other $3 million dollars and as yet, all the  organization s on Trump’s list claim to have received, it that initial $800,000.00. So, what happened to the rest of the money?

There are a couple of possibilities…either Trump lied when he said he raised $6 million and all he raised was $3 million and the Veterans organizations are also lying in their claimed receipt of just $800,000.00 or…he laundered that money too, and the most telling account of what became of the missing millions comes directly from Trump’s own tru 11donaldtrumpforvets website which, in late January stated, “Honor their valor. Donate now to help our Veterans. 100% of your donations will go directly to Veterans needs.” But once again, there’s that pesky fine print, this time at the bottom of the website providing the clearest clue as to what happened to the money as that fine print stated, “The Donald J Trump Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. An email confirmation with a summary of your donation will be sent to the email address provided above.”

That’s correct…100% of the money donated through Trump’s veterans website never went “directly to Veterans needs,” instead…100% of the money donated to Veterans went directly to Donald J. Trump’s personal nonprofit foundation…a nonprofit foundation not at all unlike the Clinton Foundation from where it could be readily laundered and funneled to wherever Donald Trump wanted it to go…perhaps toward paying the rent.

There is also a vile video trail here that shows Trump’s real feelings toward our military and our great Veterans…

It is often said, in politics…if you seek the truth…follow the money and in the case of Donald J. Trump there is a long and telling trail, not only a money trail but a video trail as well. For years, Conservatives have exploded over the least little thing regarditru 12ng the support of any who dare brush up against the line but Trumpers blindly follow Trump’s liberal agenda path without so much as a mere question and that is as telling as his money trail.

It tells me that while Trump is no Conservative at all…neither are his blind followers.

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