Trump – Unfit to Serve…Part 1 of 2

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

I believe that Donald Trump is on the cusp of losing the Republican nomination and I psy 1believe he knows it which is why he has turned the blame factor up to full blast but who is really to blame?

Nobody but Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s narcissistic ego disallows any acceptance of self-blame, and his bombast flows over to his followers who have become so emotionally invested in Trump that they simply can’t handle or accept simple facts.

And there are plenty of facts.

Let’s take Colorado as an example…Trump’s followers are all over social media blaming Ted Cruz for Trump’s zero delegates, and they’re acting like this was something concocted BY Cruz at the last minute and that Cruz behaved unethically in winning all 34 of Colorado’s delegates.

Here are the facts…

Colorado’s Republican Party made the decision as to how their caucus would work…not psy 2Ted Cruz, and Colorado’s Republican Party made that decision last August…not last week. The rules regarding Colorado’s delegates and how to garner them was made public last August as well, and those rules went to all the campaigns involved in the Republican race including Donald Trump’s.

We will never know for sure how many of the candidates understood Colorado’s rules, but we do know this much…Ted Cruz did and apparently, Donald Trump didn’t, but on the Trump side of this particular coin may rest additional issues. Up until now, Trump has been the master of his own domain as far as this race is concerned, so it isn’t at all out of the realm of possibility to suggest that Trump either didn’t understand the rules, or that Trump either didn’t have anyone around him who bothered to explain the rules to him, or that someone did explain them and Trump was dismissive of whoever that was, or that he simply ignored the rules because, as a narcissist who thinks he’s always the smartest guy in the room, it would not be at all inconsistent with reality to believe that Trump simply didn’t believe the rules applied to him.

The fact of the matter, regarding Colorado’s caucus, is that with the exception of not having a non-binding straw poll, Colorado’s caucus was run in 2016 exactly as it was run in 2012 and despite all of Trump’s whining, parroted by his followers, Colorado Republicans did vote on multiple levels, including  in precinct caucuses on March 1st, leading up to the state convention where the delegates were allotted.psy 3

And the fellow who was a Trump follower, who claimed to have been turned away as a delegate by Cruz’s people and the GOP establishment..Larry Wayne Lindsey….wasn’t. He lied and by proxy, so too did all those Trump supporters who spread that lie across social media.

This same effect, maybe not to the same tune as Colorado, but the same effect is transpiring in state after state… Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina and Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia…as Ted Cruz continues to wrap up uncommitted delegates. This too has Trump spraying around the blame and again, targeting that blame toward anyone but himself as he levels bombastic charges at Cruz.

Here are the facts regarding this…

Ted Cruz knows that winning a primary or a caucus isn’t the end of it as there are, in many psy 4cases, a good number of uncommitted delegates up for grabs and he, Cruz, has a dedicated and dogged ground game in place to secure those delegates. Trump, either hasn’t had a clue regarding these uncommitted delegates, or he simply didn’t care about them until they started showing up in Cruz’s column.

Again, Trump either didn’t know about them at all, someone told him and he narcissistically dismissed the advice, or he was so arrogant as to believe those unclaimed delegates would simply gravitate to him based on his celebrity status.

The real problem here, for Donald Trump, is a complete lack of campaign organization combined with narcissism and what seems to be a high degree of arrogance in that the rules, differing from state to state regarding primaries and caucuses, just don’t apply to him and now that he’s starting to see the handwriting on the wall, that he won’t get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates before the convention, his arrogance is mixing with desperation.

Trump is now saying that since he’s won more primaries, more delegates and has psy 5complied more votes than Cruz, he…Trump…should be just handed the nomination. The only way I can accurately describe this is in auto racing terms. What Trump is now seeing, were he a driver on a track, is that he doesn’t have enough gas left to make it to the checkered flag at full speed but…since he’s led let’s say, 150 of the 200 laps thus far…the checkered flag at the finish line doesn’t mean anything and he should simply be declared the winner of the race now.

That’s not how this works and here are the facts…

Think of it more like a baseball game and neither team is winning because to win, you have to have 1,237 delegates committed to you and your campaign. Those are the rules. If you get to the bottom of the ninth, the convention, and neither campaign has reached the 1,237 count…it goes to extra innings, as per the rules. Those extra innings are 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds of voting where delegates are the free agents and can go to whichever team they want until one team has amassed 1,237 of them.

THEN it’s over and that candidate becomes the Republican nominee.

psy 6What we’re seeing here is a campaign built on arrogance and run by a narcissist that is losing delegates to a campaign built on substance and run by people who understand the complexities involved, and under the direction of true Conservative who knows that to win, one must put in hard work with a committed national staff and steadfast volunteers who take nothing for granted.

There is a little narcissism in just about everybody, but Trump’s narcissism is extreme. The fact is, the scale of Trump’s narcissism is staggering.

It’s the sort of narcissism that experts in the field of psychology write about in text books and make case studies of, which means that Trump’s ego is fragile, and that makes his reactions unpredictable, dangerous and borderline psychopathic.

But there’s more to it than just that.

In spite of the incessant whining, bombast, twitter tantrums and attempts to blame his losses on Ted Cruz, the GOP, the establishment, state parties, and everything but his own failings, neither Trump nor his followers have anyone to blame but Trump himself…if they’re being honest.

Ted Cruz isn’t stealing anything. He’s not resorting to dirty tricks, not being unethical and psy 7not breaking any laws in this. Cruz didn’t write Colorado’s rules for them last August. Cruz didn’t change anybody’s rules. Cruz isn’t to blame for those in the establishment who are now supporting his campaign unless Cruz is to blame for running a campaign based on substance rather than a campaign based on baseless allegations that has left them no other reasonable choice.

And perhaps even more to the point…Ted Cruz doesn’t want any rules changes going forward either.

But Trump does.

Rules and delegates however, aren’t Trump’s only problems as the Examiner reported a couple of days ago that six pro-Trump “news” sites are, in fact, propaganda sites originating from the Russian friendly country of Macedonia, replete with baseless stories attacking Ted Cruz and harboring no facts, evidence or witnesses names. Sadly, Trump’s followers have been spreading these lies all over social media and taking them as gospel.,,,, and are all frauds and so too are their “news” stories includipsy 8ng that Cruz was set to drop out, that Wisconsin voting machines were switching votes from Trump to Cruz and others were, in fact, pro-Trump propaganda without a shred of truth to them and all those sites were tracked down by John Daniels, editor-in-chief of

Also reported earlier this week is that Trump’s Twitter account is full of fake followers…and the report suggests there could well be millions of fake followers…a narcissist’s dream. What this tells us is that while Ted Cruz’s campaign has built a viable and dogged ground game of some 250,000 volunteers across our nation, Donald Trump’s campaign has built a Twitter following of at least that many fake accounts in order to spread false allegations and fake news stories originating from six foreign operated websites. In fact, RedState is reporting that of Trump’s 7.51 million Twitter followers…64% are either outright fakes or have been completely inactive for the past 6 months, and only 2.2 million were actual accounts.

It has also been reported, by Politifact, that a full 91% of all the claims Trump has made throughout his campaign, psy 9are lies.

Like them or not, and Trump’s followers won’t like them one little bit, these are verifiable facts and from them, conclusions can be drawn.

A Donald Trump presidency would look just like his campaign. It would be based on self-anointment, narcissism and arrogance. A Trump presidency would rely on baseless allegations, knee-jerk reactions, thuggish behavior, false news stories, propaganda and lack substance, be demeaning to those on the world stage who disagree with him, demeaning toward women, and devoid of reasoned advisors as Trump himself would, as he has throughout his campaign, surround himself with sycophants while relying only on himself for key policy decisions be they foreign or domestic.

What we have here, as a matter of fact, is a tale of two campaigns. Ted Cruz’s campaign…high on substance and filled with the best advisors available from whom Cruz accepts sound and reasoned policy advice and that of Donald Trump…baseless, completely lacking in substance and as advisors, window dressing who are either providing the worst advice imaginable or whom Trump simply ignores as he believes he is the expert on everything.

I know Trump’s followers aren’t going to like this, but Donald Trump’s capsy 10mpaign is a classic example of a one dimensional strategy based on his bombastic rhetoric while Ted Cruz’s campaign is thinking and executing their moves in four dimensions and from this, we can clearly see how either candidate’s presidency would play out. Trump’s being no different than Obama’s and Cruz’s being very similar to that of Ronald Reagan’s.

The real questions are…why would Trump be behaving as he is, and is he even fit to serve?