A Foreign Policy Disaster in the Making

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

yah 1Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had nothing to gain from coming to Washington to meet with Obama and he knew it. That is why Netanyahu cancelled the trip and the meeting. He knows that Obama is all in for the Palestinians, all in for Islamists and all in for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is, part and parcel…Hamas.

Attacks against Israel, by the Palestinians, have been a daily happening since last October because the Palestinians have nothing to fear from their ally…Obama…and they have zero respect for the United States as a whole.

Yesterday, across Israel, the pigs of Palestine struck again, and again, and again… 10 Israelis were stabbed in the city’s Jaffa port section and one American tourist, a veteran, was killed…just a few hundred yards from none other than Joe Biden, who went there to try and mend fences with Netanyahu.

Note to Biden…

One ought not attempt mending fences when the bridges the regime you’re a part of are still burning.

In that attack, the Palestinian pig was “neutralized,” until he was dead at the hands of Israeli police and armed forces.

It was just one in a string of 3 attacks in 3 different cities a couple of days ago with the Palestinians taking advantage of the pro-Islamist, anti-Israel Obama regime and part of what’s been happening in Israel for nearly the past 5 months…attacks which have left 28 Israelis, and some 174 Palestinian pigs…dead.

Israel should have every right to rule over the West Bank and East Jerusalem…after all, both are part of Israel yah 2but the Palestinians think otherwise. Apparently they are tired of Israel’s democracy, tired of being offered opportunity after opportunity to live side by side with Israel in peace and tired of being presented with every opportunity to become successful and valued members of not only Israel’s society, but Israel’s business community as well.

According to Ned Price, a propagandist for the Obama regime, “We were looking forward to hosting the bilateral meeting.” Price quickly followed that statement with, “We were surprised to first learn via media reports that the prime minister, rather than accept our invitation, opted to cancel his visit.”

Surprised? Really?

And what part of Netanyahu not wanting to travel all the way to Washington, just to be shown Obama’s middle finger and then be ushered out the back door, did Ned Price, or the rest of this abhorrent regime find surprising?

Here are the facts…

Since Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip, in 2005, Islamic terrorists occupying theyah 3 region, what are now Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas allies, has fired more than 11,000 rockets into civilian centers inside Israel and those terrorist attacks don’t count the number of ongoing terrorists attacks the ilk of which are taking place there right now.

More than half a million Israelis have less than 30 seconds to take cover when incoming rocket sirens sound and nearly every Israeli population center is well within range of Islamic terrorist rocket attacks from Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas coming from the West Bank and Gaza.

Add in mortars being fired at Israeli’s from Islamic terrorists and the number of attacks, since 2001 reaches more than 15,200.

Last year, in 2015, documents revealed that the Palestinian Authority, the terrorist government representing Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, paid convicted terrorists, in jail, tens of millions of shekels…every month…and less than 3 weeks ago, Iran pledged to pay the families of Palestinian Islamic terrorists, killed during attacks against Israelis, $7000 and $30,000 to terrorists families whose homes are demolished by Israeli forces in reprisals for attacks.

This last fact is Iran’s response to Obama’s “deal” which, as Netanyahu says, paves the road for Iran to build a nuclear arsenal.

I’ll get back to Iran shortly.

Israel is our greatest and most steadfast ally in the entire Middle East region. Israel is the yah 4only stabilizing factor the region has. Israel is the only true democracy in the region. Israel has, time and time again, conceded land, security and money in the quest for peace in the region only to be met with more and more attacks from terrorists in the region and demands that Israel pull back to their pre-1968 borders from the terrorist in the White House.

Obviously, Obama’s position regarding Israel is as anti-Israel as his position on America is anti-America. Obama is Islam’s agent in America and he has done all within his power, and some things that fall outside his Constitutional power, to aid and abet the cause of Islamic terrorism but we, as a nation, face an even greater shame.

Donald J. Trump, running for the position of monarch in the 2016 presidential race, has said publicly, that he will maintain a neutral position between Israel and the Palestinians.

Neutral. He won’t take sides. He’ll just stand by and let the terrorists continue their Islamic yah 5ways…attacking and killing as many Israelis as possible while those terrorists, and their families, rake in as much of Islamic terrorism’s money as possible.

That would be just as abhorrent as Obama’s proactive Islamic terrorism agenda. Trump’s “neutral” position would be viewed as no different than Obama’s pro-Islamic terrorism position by the terrorists themselves, and there is absolutely no reason for Netanyahu to see it any differently either.

This of course, is not to say that Trump is pro-Islamic terrorism as I don’t believe that to be the case, even for one stinking minute. What Donald Trump is, is pro-Donald Trump.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

“The REAL reason Trump wants to maintain a “neutral” position between Israel and the Palestinians is because, over the years, Trump has many, MANY businesses across the Middle East in Arab and Muslim nations including a “YUGE” golf resort in Dubai. Trump either has built, or has plans in place to build, a large number of hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the international airline, Qatar Airways, has a large office for which they pay handsomely in the Trump Tower in Manhattan and that’s just scratching the surface.”

Were Trump to stand as steadfastly, and as unapologetically with Israel as would either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, and against the Islamic terrorists of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza…he would stand to lose millions upon millions of dollars in existing and potential deals across the Middle East region and at home from those who rent high dollar space in his NY office buildings.

Such a neutral position, as Trump advocates between Israel and the Palestinians, would yah 6do nothing but embolden the shared enemies of Israel and the United States…Netanyahu knows this to be a fact, the Islamist terrorists know this to be a fact…I know it to be a fact and unless Donald Trump has the collective I.Q. of three potted ferns…he knows it to be a fact as well.

Currently, the world suffers under the Obama Doctrine…a foreign policy agenda by which vacuums of power are created by the American Agent of Islam to be filled by a variety of Islamic terrorists and their gangs of 7th century barbarians with 21st century weapons.

Under Donald Trump, the world would suffer under the Trump Doctrine…a foreign policy agenda by which a narcissistic American monarch will be more concerned with his own bank account than with the security of our allies and our own nation.

Earlier in the week, Iran yah 7again launched not one, but two ballistic missiles in total violation of the “deal” Obama is so damn proud and written, in Hebrew, on both of those Iranian missiles was the phrase…”Israel must be wiped out.”

I fully expect Iran’s violation of the Obama “deal” to be brought up during tonight’s debate and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to hear Trump say that he wouldn’t have made any “deal” with Iran but if he does say something like that, it would be in direct conflict with his previous debate statements regarding Iran.

In previous debates…Trump has claimed that he would have made a BETTER deal with Iran. That’s correct, the man who would take a neutral position between the Palestinians and Israel has stated, from the debate stage, that he would have made a BETTER deal with the Islamic terrorist regime of Iran.

Meanwhile, North Korea, who has launched a satellite into orbit, thus proving that they yah 8have working intercontinental ballistic missile technology has put their nuclear arsenal on armed status…an arsenal they wouldn’t have had it not been for Hillary Clinton’s husband derived from a “deal” masterminded by the exact same person who masterminded Obama’s “deal” with Iran and if liberals like Obama and Donald trump should have learned anything at all from history…it is that neither we, as a nation, nor our nation’s leaders should EVER make deals with our enemies or the enemies of our allies…much less threaten to make BETTER deals with them.

Neither the United States nor the world can afford to have the next president be someone who would remain neutral between Israel and the Palestinians for the sake of his own business dealings elsewhere in the region nor can either afford to have the next president be one who would continue to make “:deals’ with our enemies and those of our allies. We need the next president of our United States to stand, unequivocally, unapologetically and unwaveringly with the nation of Israel against the threats and actions of any and all Islamic terrorist regimes and their proxies and to never, ever expect a “deal” of any kind to be honored by our enemies or the enemies of our allies.

Neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor Hamas, who control the Palestinian territories, have anything to fear from the Obama regime nor will they have anything to fear from a Trump yah 9regime. Iran has nothing to fear from the Obama regime nor will Iran have anything to fear from a Trump regime. And for that matter, Putin has nothing to fear from either the Obama regime or a Trump regime as Trump has claimed he “would get along very well with Putin” and that he supports Putin in Syria which would make Russia, and Putin, the power brokers in the Middle East rather than the United States.

I dare you to go to Trump’s official campaign website and find any specific plans whatsoever regarding his foreign policy. Hell…I dare you to go there and find even so much as a MENTION of his foreign policy. On his website, Trump offers only scant generalities regarding tax reform (a plan that would raise taxes)on the Veterans Administration, on immigration reform, on the 2nd Amendment, on healthcare (a plan that mirrors those of Cruz and Rubio but stands on stark contrast for his long-held belief in universal, taxpayer funded, socialistic healthcare) and on trade.

There is absolutely zero mention, on Trump’s website, of foreign policy and primary to being the president of the United States, IS foreign policy.

Obama, through his foreign policy, has made our nation less safe and theyah 10 world far more dangerous. Trump, from what little he’s said regarding foreign policy would do nothing but extend Obama’s foreign policy doctrine and make both our nation and the world less stable and even more dangerous.

Should they win their party’s nomination, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will uphold the Obama Doctrine in foreign policy matters. If Hillary is forced from the race via indictment, which I expect to happen, I expect a last minute replacement of the ilk of Julian Castro who will also adhere to the Obama Doctrine of foreign policy and Donald Trump, as a nominee, will stand by while our enemies are emboldened and our allies are threatened and attacked.

yah 11Out of nothing but anger, our party is about to make Trump our nominee and should he win in November, which current polling fails to confirm, we as a nation will be less safe than we are today and our allies will be in even greater peril than they are today. The world will become less stable under a president Trump, or Hillary, or Sanders or Castro while our position on the world stage disintegrates but Trump, and his followers need to know one thing…

When it all goes to hell in a handbag, Donald trump cannot simply declare yet another business bankruptcy from which he can reap financial rewards to get us, or our allies out of it.