A Canary Sings – A Goose Gets Cooked

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

jg 1Hillary Clinton must be sweating like a Kardashian on Jeopardy right about now.

Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that Bryan Pagliano has an immunity deal with the Obama regime’s Department of Justice to provide testimony regarding Hillary’s private server, private email set up at the Department of State.

This is huge, but before I get into all that, a quick refresher on Pagliano is in order.

Bryan Pagliano is the guy from Platte River Networks who was Hillary’s personal IT specialist. Pagliano had worked for Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign as its IT Director, who had installed a private server at the Clinton’s Chappaqua home and then, in 2009, was hired by Hillary to serve as a “Special Advisor” to her at State where he also became a State Department IT Specialist.

Naturally, while an IT Spec for State, Pagliano also maintained Hillary’s private server at her home which was a rather cozy arrangement.

Okay…here’s why Hillary is sweating bullets…

On her private server…the one Pagliano set up to begin with and maintained throughout jg 2Hillary’s entire reign of terror at the Department of State…have been found more than 1700 classified documents. Some of them secret, some top secret and others…SAP (Special Access Programs) which are, in fact…above top secret.

Since there are a series of protocols involved, varying between differing levels of secret documents, including the highest protocols for the SAP documents which requires said SAP docs to ONLY be accessed in a special room or building where absolutely NO recording devices of ANY kind including cameras, phones, thumb drives or other such equipment are allowed…

Exactly how did 1700 classified documents find their way from secured State Department servers onto Hillary’s PRIVATE server?


Somewhere in Washington, a canary is singing and a goose is getting cooked.

If he didn’t transfer those classified documents from secured servers to Hillary’s unsecured private servers…he knows damn well who did and if he did it himself, on her orders…he had to have had a secured password by which to gain access to the secured system.

Most likely, Hillary’s own password, and that too is a serious breach of the law that could jg 3well result in felony charges of espionage.

And remember, in a very important development from last September, Bryan Pagliano invoked his 5th Amendment rights in a behind closed-doors session of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee so he apparently knows a lot more than just IT geek stuff.

That is why Bryan Pagliano has been given immunity.

As I stated in a September 2nd, 2015 article, “Hillary’s Vast Left-Wing Corruption…Part 2 of 2”…

“Further evidence of this most likely wildcard scenario comes directly from the Department of State which now says they were completely unaware of Hillary’s private, unsecured servers or, for that matter, her private email addresses and that doesn’t come from some toe-the-Hillary-line spokesperson…that revelation comes directly from the Department of State IT staff…a staff that Pagliano was an integral part of.”jg 4

“And why do I call Pagliano a wildcard rather than Hillary’s ace in the hole?”

“Because I believe Pagliano knows all the details and if, in this investigation, someone is likely to cut a deal to avoid prosecution…I believe it will be Pagliano.”

Here’s what you need to know regarding immunity. One isn’t granted immunity for the purpose of investigation…one is only granted immunity for the sake of providing testimony ion a trial setting which means that Pagliano has already TOLD what he knows TO prosecutors and THEY then went to a federal court Judge to ask for immunity FOR Pagliano so that he could TESTIFY…in a TRIAL setting, as to exactly what he knows without fear of being prosecuted himself.

A trial setting…which means that the DOJ has already convened a Grand Jury and that said Grand Jury is already hearing the evidence.

jg 5Prosecutors, who already KNOW to what Pagliano will testify, HAD to have deemed it CRIMINAL on HIS behalf to have sought out IMMUNITY for him which means…Pagliano will spill it TO the Grand Jury.

One can also be sure that Hillary knows to what Pagliano will testify as well.

Who gave him access to secured systems inside the Department of State? That we do not yet know but obviously SOMEBODY did and what’s more…I, along with my Right Side Patriots partner and friend, Diane Sori believe that Pagliano may well have made copies of everything that was on Hillary’s server before he assisted in supposedly wiping it clean.

In fact, just a couple week’s prior to the article linked above, Diane and I co-wrote, “Emails, Servers, Leaks, and Cover-Ups…” a 2 part report and in Part 1 of that report, we wrote THIS…

“But…and this is critical…we believe that once Platte River was safely ensconced as the new server provider did they see an opportunity to get themselves out of the legal jam (explained below) they were in. This would be a very smart move on Platte River Networks part, and please do not be foolish enough to expect anything of substance to show up on the ‘thumb drives’ Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall, recently turned over as the ‘thumb drives’ most likely were downloaded ojg 6nly after Platte River gave their thumbs-up that specified information on the servers had been copied (for future use if need be) and then and only then were they wiped clean.”

“And support of our supposition can be found in a quote by Barbara Wells, an attorney for Platte River Networks, who recently issued this statement, “To my knowledge, the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control.” Note her words for they are very telling…note there is no mention that the servers were physically destroyed or that the emails were copied before the servers were wiped clean…all she said was that the data on the servers and/or devices is not there now, not that it was ever not there.”

“And why such jg 7ambiguous words…simply put…because…again we believe…copies of the emails themselves were made and then most likely transferred elsewhere for ‘safe keeping’…so to speak…for Platte River Networks needs those emails to use as a bargaining chip to get themselves out of the serious legal trouble they’re currently in.”

The only apt conclusion one can draw from Pagliano’s immunity deal is that while he, at the very least, had knowledge of what transpired regarding the 1700 classified emails, he’s not the biggest fish in the cesspool. There are others…bigger fish to be caught and he knows exactly who they are and where the bodies are buried.

Obviously, Hillary herself comes to mind but there are others as well. In fact, in Part 2 of jg 8“Emails, Servers, Leaks and Cover-Ups,” Diane and I discussed Huma Abedin who we believed then, and still believe now, turned over or “leaked” information regarding the private server and email accounts to Valerie Jarrett at the behest of Obama, thus securing for herself a presidential pardon when the time comes.

In that 2nd of the 2 Part report, Diane and I also brought up Cheryl Mills…

“And that leaves us with two names…Valerie Jarrett and Cheryl Mills…Mills being Hillary’s left hand at the Department of State and who is, herself, now in the hot seat regarding her knowledge and possession of emails from Hillary’s private accounts and servers.”

jg 9Hot seat indeed, as Mills, we have learned over just the past few days, has ILLEGALLY retained HER security clearance which STILL provides HER access to certain materials she has no business seeing, handling or erasing today.

At the end of that Part 2, Diane and I summed it up this way…

“Let’s sum this up from the beginning…we believe Platte River Networks copied Hillary’s emails before the servers were wiped clean, Huma Abedin leaked the emails to keep herself out of prison; Valerie Jarrett, on the DNC’s and Obama’s orders, orchestrated the entire email scenario to prevent Hillary from becoming president; and Cheryl Mills knows all and has been silenced by greed.”

While we were roundly lambasted by liberals and called conspiracy theorists by some on our side for these articles, it now seems we were directly over the target even as early in the going as last August but we knew then this would not be a slam-dunk rush to justice.

As it stands now, even with Pagliano’s immunity deal ( and let’s hope he’s got some jg 10bodyguards too) one has to realize that Grand Juries are notoriously slow moving entities and some are predicting this could take months before a decision as to who to indict comes out.

Don’t be so sure.

All eyes, right now, are in the Republican primaries which could lead to a brokered convention this summer but I caution you not to be overly surprised if the liberal/socialist convention isn’t equally as awkward.

As long as Hillary’s still in the game, Bill is the defacto leader of the liberal/socialist party…a scenario by which Obama cannot abide and HE wants HILLARY (and Bill) out of the way as soon as possible. If my guess all along is correct, that neither Obama nor the DNC wants a Hillary nomination, and that neither is really sold on Bernie either…something is jg 11going to need to happen BEFORE their convention in July.

In other words…in order to make room for an in-the-wings HUD Secretary, Julian Castro, who has been groomed by the exact same team that groomed Obama after the 2004 convention…Hillary would need to be indicted perhaps as early as the end of May or possible early June. Should that transpire, Castro, a young, slick, confirmed socialist just like Sanders but with the ability to coddle the minority vote Sanders has never been able to reach, could be injected into the mix at the last minute and force a brokered liberal/socialist convention.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting.

With a Grand Jury already in place and hearing testimony from an immunized Bryan Pagliano and others, pouring through mountains of emails, documents and evidence…things are getting tight around Hillary right now and whether or not she shows it in public, she’s feeling the squeeze and watching her, and Bill’s political careers swirling around the drain.jg 12

I guarantee you they are circling their wagons and their attorneys desperately looking for an angle…an Obama pardon angle, that will keep Hillary out of a federal prison if they just slither off the stage and into obscurity.

Diane and I have been spot on up to this point and now, only time will tell just how directly over the target we are.

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  1. Kill-rey Clit-n should not be indicted before caliphate usher☭bama leaves the “Peoples’ Mosque” (formerly known as the ǝsnoɥǝʇıɥʍ). That way the diaper headed enemy combatant can’t pardon the espionage agent.

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