Those Who Ignore History…

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

ts 1In attempting to understand the whole Pied Piper of blind sheep phenomenon that is Donald Trump, I have reached some conclusions which, in turn, have led to more questions than answers.

People are angry. I get that because I’m angry too. We’re angry that after turning the House red…nothing happened the way we were hoping it would happen. After turning the Senate red too…still nothing.

We have a majority in both houses of congress and yet those we elected to put a stop to Obama and his socialistic crap have done exactly nothing to put a stop to Obama’s socialistic crap. We elected them to stop government waste. We have MORE government waste. We elected them to strengthen the military and help our Veterans. We still have a military in decline and our Veterans aren’t being helped.

We elected them to not make deals with the ilk of Iran. We have a deal with Iran.

Yeah, I’m plenty mad so I get it.

We elected these people to the House and to the Senate to stop Obama’s pro-Islam, anti-America agenda and to stop him in his tracks on everything from Obamacare to GITMO…from Benghazi to Black Lives Matter and from unconstitutional Executive orders to blanket amnesty and what have we got for our election efforts?

Pissed off and rightly so.

I get it, but how is electing Donald Trump going to fix that when it seems to me that what’s ts 2got us all so pissed off…aside from the Muslim in Chief… isn’t between the East and West wing…it’s roaming the halls of Congress?

There are but a small hand full of House and Senate members who are actually trying to do what we elected them to do and two of them are running for president while the rest have simply stabbed us all in the back. Cruz has done his level best to stand in the way of Obama’s mandates and he’s called out even those in his own party who have abandoned the Conservative goals and Rubio did all HE could to secure the border before anything else was done…including trying to get an immigration bill that made sense, one piece at a time only to be thwarted and at the end of the day, because the border would NOT be secured FIRST…he voted against the bill he was attempting to help write.

Here’s the question Trump’s supporters have to ask themselves…how is Trump going to fix immigration the way he SAYS he’s going to fix it if Congress doesn’t go along with him…and they won’t…by Executive Order? Isn’t that exactly one of the things we’re all sick and tired of? And how’s Trump going to fix Obamacare? With a single payer universal ts 3healthcare system? Isn’t that exactly what Obama has wanted all along and exactly what we, as Conservatives DON’T want?

Trump says he will deport illegals and then let “the good ones come back in legally” which is amnesty and he says under HIS healthcare plan, EVERYBODY will be covered and the GOVERNMENT will pay for it.

How are either of those plans any different that what Obama wants to do and why in the hell is any Conservative supporting Trump?

Okay…we’re pissed off, but what else is in this mix?

We want an outsider. Polling clearly indicates we want an outsider as our next president. Okay…why? Because the insiders are too easily bought and paid for by big corporate interests…right?

Well, how is electing Trump, a big corporation in and of himself, who has admittedly bought and paid for politicians in return for political favors going to fix that problem? Trump’s supporters seem to be indicating that the best way to get away from having a president who is beholding to lobbyists is to elect the lobbyist as president.

Sorry…I just don’t get that.

Let’s say you’re an evangelical. I’m not but let’s say you are. To you, the social issues are, or at least always have been, the most important issues in any presidential race. Primary amongst your concern has always been, or at least you’ve claimed it’ts 4s always been…abortion and the Right to Life. Second amongst your concerns has always been the definition of marriage.

How does electing Donald Trump solve your evangelical issues?

In Trump, we have a guy who is on the record, on video, telling Tim Russert that he is pro CHOICE and would NOT move to end partial birth abortions. How would electing Trump satisfy that primary concern of evangelicals? In Trump, we have a guy who says gay marriage is a done deal and a guy who, when teasing us about running in 2012 was actually courted and backed by the LGBT. How would electing Trump satisfy THAT concern of the evangelical voters?

I don’t know either but they sure seem to be flocking toward him don’t they?

What else?

We’re all sick and tired of RINOS…right?

Okay…please explain to me how electing Donald Trump takes care of that Conservative concern. We have long said we want a candidate of proven Conservative core values. We have said, since the days of Ronald Reagan, that we want a candidate who has a history of Conservatism from which we could properly vet our next nominee.ts 5

Trump hasn’t been a Republican but for a couple of years and he has absolutely NO record of Conservative core values from which to vet. In fact, we have him on the record and on video telling us that he identifies with the democrats and we have him on tape and on the record backing all sorts of liberal agenda items. Up until just a couple of years ago, Trump was a registered democrat, or a registered Independent, or a registered 3rd party of some other nonsense and he has never cast a ballot in any Republican primary at least not up to just a year or two ago so how is it that he’s now, at least in the eyes of his blind supporters, the perfect Conservative candidate?

Hell…the guy is the perfect definition of a Republican in name only but…we’re all sick and tired of the RINO’s…right?

What’s next? Oh yes, we want to send the establishment a message, that we’re sick of them too and we most certainly don’t want another Romney as our nominee…isn’t THAT right?

May I remind everyone that Romney was right. He was right about everything. Mitt Romney was right about Iraq, right about Iran, right about Russia and right about ISIS, al Qaeda, the ts 6Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and North Korea. Romney was right about Israel and right about the Palestinians. Mitt Romney was also right about our economy, jobs, our military which he would have rebuilt, about our Veterans, and about government waste but too many evangelicals and Conservatives just couldn’t bring themselves to get out there and vote for him because…he was the establishment guy.

“Better the Muslim we know than the Mormon we don’t,” and “Viva le Ron Paul Revolution,” right?

I dare say had we elected the establishment guy in 2012, we wouldn’t have the problems we face today in 2016 and I’ll take that a step further…were Romney running now for his second term, a whole lot of the issues we face today wouldn’t even BE issues today.

Now, I’m willing to admit that Donald Trump is anything BUT a part of the Republican establishment because, for most of his life, up until just a year or two ago, he has been a part of the liberal DEMOCRAT establishment but how would electing a liberal establishment guy be better than electing a Republican establishment guy?

ts 7And finally, we’ve all had quite enough of political correctness and it’s time we elect a president who will do the things that aren’t necessarily popular and say the things that aren’t necessarily popular. I get that too, as I am not politically correct myself, but there’s a vast difference between being a rude, crude, vulgar, vile knee-jerk reactionary with no substance or well thought out and articulated plan and being a candidate OF substance, WITH a well thought out and articulated plan who is willing to and has stood firm against popular thought and even one’s own political party to do what the people who elected them to do want done.

Every time I ask a Trump supporter…”why Trump,” I am regaled with the above conclusions which leads me to then ask…”why in THE hell Trump.”

But I have reached one more conclusion…

In order to be a Trump supporter, it seems to me, one must abandon each and every Conservative principle that we, as Conservatives, have been fighting for long and hard. Tots 8 be a Trump Supporter, one must throw out choosing a candidate with a history of Conservatism. One must ignore Trump’s long, LONG history of liberalism. One must turn against core Conservative values…against core evangelical values…and against thoughtful, well defined plans for our future as a nation.

To support Donald Trump…one must accept all the things we have fought so hard to rid our nation of, like Obamacare, higher taxes, more government intrusion into our private lives and willfully, gleefully stand ready for more, and more, and more dictatorial edicts.

While we, as Conservatives, have railed at every instance of Obama doing it all his way and to hell with We the People…to support Trump…we must embrace more of that very thing as there is no way in hell he can do what he claims he will do unless he does it exactly the way Obama has done it for the past seven plus years.

Those who ignore history are doomed to elect it.ts 9

I’m sorry, but to be a Trump supporter, a Trumper, one must…absolutely MUST…turn one’s back on each and every aspect of what Conservatism is and has been, to walk hand in hand with someone whose entire life’s history is littered with support for one liberal agenda issue after another.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sorry I said it…I’m sorry Trump’s supporters are doing it but I’m not sorry at all that I just can’t bring myself to go down that road with them right now.

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  1. Craig, thank you for this very insightful article. I wish that everyone would read it before it’s to late.

  2. Craig, I have agreed with almost all you write, and I am certainly with you here. Why the Hell Trump? I have friends that “just say YES”, without good reason, as far as I am concerned. Abandoning principles to adopt a candidate that history has shown to be a dangerous type of person just doesn’t make good sense. You said it all here. Thanks!

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