The TRUTH About Socks, Underwear and Socialism

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

I would like to take a little time to address liberals. Specifically those liberals who are drooling over Bernie Sanders.ber 1

You know who you are.

You are the ones who pee yourselves every time Grumpy mentions free crap. He’s going to give you this for free, that for free, other things for free, EVERYTHING for free. Free healthcare. Free college tuition.

Free childcare…which goes along nicely with his proposals to expand the welfare system by which women can have as many babies as they want, by as many different men as they can roll around with and then have all their child care paid for…for FREE and if those welfare moms want to send their little welfare rug rats off to pre-school…


Yep…a vote for Bernie is a vote for FREE crap for the rest of your life and, if you’re a good little socialist…you’ll get a free pony.

Ol’ Bernie sure is the generous sort, isn’t he?

ber 2That’s because Bernie grew up poor. As he said in his victory speech the other night, when he was a kid, his mom lived in a…three and a half room apartment.

THREE…and a HALF…rooms?

What, exactly…in THE hell…is a half a room?

Is that like a full room that you’re only allowed to be in one half of? One you have to share with the poor people in the next apartment? I’m guessing one of the rooms was a kitchen of some sort…one was a bathroom and one was a bedroom. Now the HALF room…what the hell?

Anyway, here’s the rub…

ber 3What Bernie doesn’t want you to know is that free stuff ain’t free. Child care costs somebody something. Healthcare costs somebody something. College tuition costs somebody something. Pre-school costs somebody something and so does everything else Bernie is promising you for free. Doctors get paid and if they, like teachers are going to get paid, somebody has to pay them. Child care providers get paid…somebody is paying them. The people who manufacture drugs, medical equipment, sheets, books, and all the stuff that comes along WITH Bernie’s free crap parade get paid to do what they do and somebody is paying them too.

Now then liberals…who do you suppose is paying for all this stuff?


Okay…and where does the government GET the money to PAY for it all?

You don’t know…do you?ber 4

YOU don’t have a damn clue.

Well, here’s a news flash…it comes from…YOU.

Ever hear of taxes? Every time you get a paycheck, the government lays claim to some of what you earned before YOU even get to see it. Every time you go and buy something…like a pair of socks…you pay for the socks AND you pay the GOVERNMENT for what amounts to the PRIVILEGE of buying socks. That’s right liberals…YOU get a pair of socks that will eventually get holes in them and your state and city get a little of your money to build roads…that, just like your socks…will eventually get holes in them.

This is why underwear was invented…so that your skivvies purchase can put a little toward fixing the holes in the roads.

Taxes are annoying. They really are.

ber 6Let’s say you’re working at a fast food joint. YOU think YOU are making “X” number of dollars per hour. You’re not. Not really, because the GOVERNMENT gets to your paycheck before YOU do and what you’re actually making is whatever is left over after the government takes their cut. Then, of course, you give a little more to the government when you buy socks and underwear so what you are really making is “X” minus government.

But the government does have to pay for things too, like the military and treadmills for shrimp. Do you even KNOW how much an underwater miniature treadmill costs?

Me either, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s the point…what Bernie is proposing to do, to pay for all the stuff YOU think is FREE…is raise your taxes. He intends to take MORE of the money you make at the fast food joint to pay for the stuff YOU think YOU’RE getting for FREE.

Sure, you could save a little bit by not buying new socks but if that’s your plan…don’t go ber 7bitching about the potholes.

Of course…Bernie has a little something else that moistens your undies…he says he’s going to see to it that the minimum wage gets raised up to $15.00 per hour.

Hold that yippee and get yourselves some Depends because here’s the reality check. The more you think you’re making…the more ol’ Bernie can take out of your check in taxes. How MUCH does ol’ Bernie intend to take from you?

An extra $19 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years and THAT is a conservative number. Hell, your FREE healthcare is going to rack up $14 trillion of that in and of itself.

Now I realize there are a lot of you liberals out there who think the burger joint is the career ber 8you’ve been wanting all your lives, but think about this for a second. You have aspired to working for an hourly wage at a job that requites you to wear a paper hat and serve 99 cent meal deals to customers who eat in your establishment every single day and yet spend an average of 7 minutes and 34 seconds staring at the menu board before they order exactly what they had for lunch yesterday. And for THAT…Bernie says you deserve to be paid $15.00 per hour.

Guess who winds up paying your wage. The customer. Your boss is going to have to raise the prices of what your customer buys just to pay what Bernie says he has to pay you and sooner or later, your customers are gonna start eating a lunch they made at home instead of staring at your menu board.

What happens then?

I’m so glad you asked.

ber 5Your boss isn’t going to be able to keep you employed for the same number of hours you have been working so, while you’re still making $15.00 per hour, you are now going to be working fewer hours and your paycheck is going to be smaller.

How’s that big ol’ pay raise looking now?

How’s all that free crap looking now?

How’s ol’ Bernie Sanders looking now?

I know what you’re thinking…why doesn’t Bernie just take more away from those who live in big houses that don’t have half a rooms? Well, he intends to do just that, but all that means is that they will raise the price of your underwear and socks to make up the difference and once they do that, you’re going to be giving more to the government to fix the holes in the roads.

ber 9You see, that’s the thing about socialism…nobody wins, but EVERYBODY loses until we’re all equally poor and what do we have THEN?

INCOME EQUALITY…at the bottom and absolutely no incentive to better ourselves or invent socks that won’t get holes in them or roads that don’t require new underwear purchases to fix them.

Here’s the blunt reality of it…when the government is paying for all the stuff you think they’re giving you for free…they own whatever you keep in the back of your underwear and they’ve got you by whatever you’re packing in the front of your underwear.

Maybe now ol’ Bernie and his free candy ain’t sounding so good. Maybe now you’re taking another look at Hillary. Well, guess what…she’s got the exact same basic plan as ber 10he does. She’s no different than he is. They’re BOTH socialists and YOU’RE the sheep THEY intend to FLEECE.

Socialism has never worked, anywhere where it’s been tried and every nation that has given it a whirl has ended up with a populous running amok without socks and going commando.

Now…pull up your socks and put on your underwear and quit being an idiot.


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