DT=BS – Hey Trumpers…Feel the Bern

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Over the past several weeks, I have written and published several articles highlighting dtbs 1Donald Trump’s liberal leanings. In those articles, I have included numerous videos of Trump, in his own words, extolling liberal views on many, many issues.

From his vies regarding abortion and partial birth abortion to his take on gun control to his steadfast belief in universal, single payer healthcare and his support for liberals like Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, the Trump drunk supporters of this liberal candidate have been vile, vulgar and accused me of lying about their one and only.

In that way, they are just like Trump himself, and as blind as Obama’s supporters have been for the past eight years.

Now, there is but one last video to show…

One last, uncompromising, unquestionable, deniable video.

Just a couple of days ago, on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski asked Donald Trump one simple question and Trump provided the answer brilliantly.

There can now be no doubt whatsoever. There can be no denying it. There is now absolutely no way out for either Trump or for his blind-drunk supporters but to lie…to claim it never happened…that he never said it.

If you’re simply Trump drunk…this will sober you up. If you’re a Trump troll…somebody simply pushing Trump for no other reason than to split the Republican vote thus assuring a liberal/socialist victory in November…you’ll try to justify Trump not being able to tell the difference between himself and Sanders.

Donald Trump, by his own admission, believes his policies, his agenda and his ideology is exactly the same as that of a confirmed SOCIALIST.

That is 100% correct…when challenged to name the candidate, whose ideology is that of a socialist, who stands for the socialist agenda…Trump believes it to be HIMSELF…the man who has called himself a “common sense Conservative,” and the very candidate his dtbs 2Trump Drunk supporters claim to the one and only candidate who can save our nation.

It is time to share this short yet undeniable article, complete with the most telling video evidence imaginable…everywhere. Make this viral.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders…One and the Same…DT=BS.

Hey Trumpers…feel the Bern.

Need more proof? Need 100% undeniable proof? Then click this link and read THIS!!!

One thought on “DT=BS – Hey Trumpers…Feel the Bern

  1. I don’t think Sanders is a capitalist. He doesn’t understand that the higher taxes go, especially on business, the more they will leave the country. They are not really that similar.

    But Trump will only be a threat if too many other republicans stay in. Trump supporters are die hard. But I don’t think that, as other candidates drop out, that their supporters will turn to Trump. He will not get much more than he has now and that is not enough to win. The problem is how splintered the rest of the republican support stays.

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