The Road to the Truth Goes Through San Bernardino

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

sba 1There he was…Barack Hussein Obama…before the bodies in San Bernardino had cooled, before anyone even knew the whereabouts of the murderers, while police were scrambling to gather enough information to even launch a manhunt…talking about gun control.

“The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.”

Has he heard of Paris, France?

“We should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn’t happen with same frequency in other countries.”

Has he heard of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Northern Africa, Yemen, Mali, or any of the other places where ISIS and their collective ilk reside?

Oh, but this is different…right? This isn’t politically motivated or ideologically motivated…right? Those places, including Paris, are the places where terrorist attacks happen not places where run of the mill, otherwise average citizens snap and go on a rampage. Those places and those situations are vastly different from what happens over here…right?

You know…those are places where things happen like what happened at Ft. Hood or the sba 2Maryland Navy Shipyard. Those are all places where things like what happened at LAX or Chattanooga, Littlerock Arkansas…at the Boston Marathon or in Garland Texas happen. Those are places where things happen like the things that happened where John Allen Muhammad and his minion, Lee Boyd Malvo went.

Those are places where things happen just like all the things on a list compiled by Pamela Geller happened and you can read that entire list by clicking here.

This…what happened Wednesday in San Bernardino California where 14 people were murdered and 21 were wounded…is different. Right?

No…not so different as the perpetrators of the San Bernardino massacre were…28 year old Syed Rizwan Farook and his 27 year old wife…Tashfeen Malik.

The Muslim perpetrators were killed by police after a short car chase and in their vehicle, sba 3police discovered “roll-out” bags containing several pipe bombs along with more ammunition. Both of the now dead Muslims had Go-Pro cameras strapped to them so clearly, their intention, was to release the video of their Islamic massacre at a later time should they survive but that wasn’t all of it. Not by a long shot.

Police also discovered 3 pipe bombs at the location of their Islamic kill zone, San Bernardino’s Inland Regional Center, and when police raiding the Muslim couple’s home in nearby Redland California, they found pipe bombs, many of them…strapped to remote controlled toy cars.

Police sources are referring to that house as…”an IED factory.”

Oh, authorities are trying to be as politically correct as possible in discussing any possible motive and have gone so far down that particular rabbit hole as to call it a case of possible “workplace violence” because the Muslim, Farook, had been employed there for 5 years and according to a wounded witness, there had been an argument at a party on the 2nd floor where the attack took place before Farook walked out, angry, and then returned with his wife and opened fire.

Workplace violence? Where have we heard that before? Oh yes…Ft. Hood.

The facts here simply fail to support that bit of nonsense. This was a planned…a sba 4well-planned attack. Farook, apparently after leaving the party, returned only a few minutes later, dressed in paramilitary looking gear with his wife, also dressed in the same black from head to toe paramilitary style gear…both of them armed with rifles and handguns…carrying multiple pre-made pipe bombs which they planted at the scene. They had their Go-Pro cameras rolling, they had more bombs in the getaway SUV and even more ready to deploy…on radio-controlled cars in their home.

Clearly this was not a case of workplace violence as these two particular Muslims intended to wreak havoc in multiple locations, film their murderous Islamic rampage and become Islamic internet stars for doing so.

According to FBI spokesman, David Bowdich, certain “adjustments” were being made in the investigation to include terrorism as a possible motive however…as Bowdich put it… “It’s a possibility, but we are not willing to go down that road yet.”

According to the list compiled by Pamela Geller, linked above, it’s a long, long road but one that must be traveled if one is trying to get to the truth.

If you want to get to the truth…allow me to be your guide.sba 5

What transpired in San Bernardino on Wednesday was an Islamic terrorist attack. It was carried out by two Islamists. Syed Rizwan Farook was a home-grow, American born Islamic terrorist who, in 2013, traveled to Saudi Arabia where he met his Islamic partner in terrorism. She, Tashfeen Malik, applied for a visa in Islamabad…a visa reserved for fiancees of American citizens and he, Farook, returned to Saudi Arabia last year to pick up his terrorist bride-to-be.

I have no doubt they purchased their weapons legally, at least the handguns which Farook himself purchased, which would have included background checks…background checks would have also been done on the terrorist bride, Malik, before she was granted entry into the United States but, due to political correctness, the background checks didn’t stop them and got at least 14 people killed. They planned this, they intended to post the videos of their rampage so as to become Islamic celebrities amongst the world’s other 7th century barbarians and in that world, they are now considered martyrs to the cause.

Here’s something else of note…their terrorist attack was funded. Malik made $51,000 per year, his Islamic terrorist wife had no record of holding any job and yet the two had more than $30,000 dollars worth of guns, ammo and explosives. Somebody was funding them and my guess is that those monies were being laundered through some U.S. Muslim organization.

That is the truth.

Here’s a little something else…speculation based on the facts if you will…I believe these two Islamists were inspired by what happened just a few weeks ago in Paris and that massacre is what put them on the fast-track to a copycat exploits of their very own. I believe sba 6they intended to make San Bernardino their own, personal…Paris.

But there was Obama…Barack Hussein Obama…blaming it all on the guns. According to him, and to his ilk, the problem is the guns but before you dismiss that out of hand, allow me again to be your guide to the truth.

In a way, guns were, once again, the problem as nobody but the bad guys were armed at that party in the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center. Everybody else there on Wednesday…was a target…they were nothing but paper targets and the thing about paper targets that makes target practice so easy is that the targets can’t shoot back. By the way…on one of Farook’s social media profiles he stated that he liked, “reading religious books (no doubt the Islamic ideology’s manifesto,the quran) and hanging out in the back yard practicing shooting targets.”

That too, is the truth.

So what can we do about it? Can we do anything about it?

Yes but it will take yet another trip down the road of truth.

Obama also said on Wednesday, before the bodies cooled and well before the two Islamists who took 14 innocent lives had their’s ended...“Some may be aware of the fact that we have a no fly list where people can’t get on planes, but those same people sba 7who we don’t allow to fly could go into a store right now in the United States and buy a firearm and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. That needs to be changed.”

First, we, as a nation and as a matter of law, must cease and desist in trying to make out that Islam is a religion. It most clearly is not. What Islam is, is an ideology of death, destruction and genocide and nothing more. Once we get past the bullcrap that Islam is a religion and that in our nation, everybody has a right to practice their religion of choice, which we do, we can begin to put an end to a whole lot of this mayhem.

If we admit that Islam is an ideology, one of death, destruction and genocide that bears absolutely no resemblance to our culture whatsoever, a concept that is a total anathema to our way of life and in total contradiction to our rule of law, we have a starting point.

If one adheres to or practices the ideology of Islam, the ideology of death, destruction and genocide…in this country…one should not be allowed to purchase a firearm under any circumstances. Should one who lives in our nation and adheres to or practices the sba 8ideology of death, destruction and genocide travel to a nation known to sponsor terrorists, they should be immediately placed on a no-fly list which would include their reentry into our nation because we’ve seen this all before. Do the Tsarnaev brothers, their travel habits and their Islamic murderous exploits ring a bell?

Those who know Farook, those who worked with him and those who were part of his family never saw this coming and for that matter, neither did the federal government but they all should have. Farook was a Muslim who traveled to Saudi Arabia and unexpectedly, returned with a new wife and then went out and purchased guns. Those things should have sent up one red flag after another but in the name of political correctness, all those waving red flags were ignored.

There will be those who will claim he simply slipped through the cracks but I submit that political correctness is an abyss, not a crack and one that must be filled in lest we, as a nation, allow more of the same to occur time and time again.

Will clamping down on the Muslims, the Islamic ideology and those who adhere to it stop all future such acts of murder? Clearly not but it’s a step in the right directisba 9on. There will always be those whose minds aren’t right…the Loughners, the Holmes’ and the Lanzas of the world…the soulless, evil ilk that walk amongst us but they too throw up red flags and we must all learn not to ignore them. There will always be the common street thugs and criminals whose street creds mean more to them then the lives of others and there will always be those who, for some warped reason, believing their shot at immortality is the mortality of those around them but one thing is clear…guns are not the problem as no gun ever committed an act of murder, mass or otherwise, on its own.

Barack Hussein Obama took advantage of yet another crisis Wednesday to blame the guns but I believe there is much more to it than that.

I believe he knew, or at the very least, had been given a pretty damn good indication of sba 10exactly who pulled those triggers. There were survivors at the scene of the attack who knew, because they worked with, the attacker. They knew his name and they gave that name, immediately, to the police. It is nearly impossible to believe that the FBI wasn’t notified within minutes and should that have been the case, it is also nearly impossible to believe that word of who was pulling those triggers didn’t make it all the way to the White House via official channels.

How can I say that with any degree of certainty? Easy, as we now know that the Islamist, Farook, had both social media and telephone contact with several individuals, in the months and weeks leading to the San Bernardino massacre, whom were known to the FBI and under investigation for their ties to terrorism…Islamic terrorism.

The official who reported those connections also told CNN that,“We don’t know yet what they mean.”

Oh really? In the Obama regime, the FBI doesn’t know what it means when a Muslim American is in contact with known or at the very least, suspected Islamic terrorists? What it means is that that particular American Muslim is, or at the very least should be suspected of…Islamic terrorism.

Given that scenario…Obama…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…knew he had to get out in front of this and deflect the truth by once again going directly after the guns rather than the people who held them. In the wake of Paris…he couldn’t have San Bernardino…especially after having just returned from Paris where he tried to make the weather the true villain of the world.

Obama knew, full well, that this was not a gun problem…it was a Muslim problem. The guns didn’t kill 14 and wound 21 in San Bernardino on Wednesday…two Muslim, Islamic terrorists did. One of them was born here and the other was sba 11given a free pass into our country by the Obama regime.

That FBI spokesman, David Bowdich said, of early speculation that this was a terrorist attack, “It’s a possibility, but we are not willing to go down that road yet.”

I say…if you want to get to the truth…take the road too infrequently traveled and the road to the truth now runs through San Bernardino California.

2 thoughts on “The Road to the Truth Goes Through San Bernardino

  1. Craig: another great article with nothing but truth. It all is so painfully obvious. IMHO we have a muslim president who vowed to fundamentally transform America. He has pretty much achieved that and the Mideast also through his foreign policy, or lack thereof. Numerous muslims have been appointed to high positions in our government by Obama. Race relations have been set back at least fifty years. I really don’t know if it’s possible to undo all the harm Obama has done but we have to try. Electing ANY Republican as president in 2016 would help tremendously although I would prefer Cruz. I can’t imagine any thinking person voting for any of the democratic candidates but I wouldn’t be surprised if Clinton won. I would suggest that people pray, and pray often for our once great country.

  2. This was NOT workplace violence! It was an act of terrorism!
    It was preplanned. NO-one could commit such a vile act on the
    spur of the moment! This couple was planning the attack from
    the moment they met! They were Muzzie Terrorists. One
    home grown, one imported from Shitistan. If this isn’t a good
    reason to refuse anyone of Islamic faith entry into America
    I don’t know what is!

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