Low-Info Voters vs High 2016 Expectations Part 1

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on americanpbn.com

li 1As we draw closer and closer to the first primary elections of 2016, now just a month away, there are some things which must be said. Things that will rile some, anger some and distress some who purport to be on our side of this election matter.

I really don’t care if I offend them as being politically correct has never been in my wheelhouse. I don’t pander…not even to those who are either on our side or to those who pretend to be on our side.

I’m talking about low information voters.

There are far, far too many who claim Conservatism as their political ideology who are being duped, led like sheep to a slaughter and it’s high time somebody said something.

They are being led by trolls…by plants whose goal it is to disrupt and destroy any chance of a Republican victory in 2016 and their intention is clear to see…they are trying to split the vote and in desperation, since their real agenda I suspect, lies with the liberals, they are expediting their wave of nonsense before the first primary votes have been cast.

In 2012, these trolls masqueraded as Ron Paul supporters.li 2

This time around, they are the core Trumpers. Notice I said core and not all Trumpers as there is a difference.

Core Trumpers are, I believe, liberal trolls, planted to gin up support for the Donald based on the same principle that split the vote in 2012 via the Paulbots but while Paul was a nut-case, he didn’t hold to his core supporter’s liberal agenda. This time around, they have the perfect candidate in Donald Trump as, just a short time ago, Trump was a registered democrat thus making him, their perfect planted troll.

Just a month or so ago, Trump let it be known that if elected, he would make Trey Gowdy his Attorney General and the core Trumpers seized the opportunity to use Gowdy as a tool, splashing that announcement all over social media, trying to sway people into supporting Trump because…Trey Gowdy is the man…but then, late last week, a curious thing happened.li 3

Gowdy endorsed Marco Rubio and that set off a firestorm amongst the core, planted Trumpers. All of a sudden, Gowdy became the devil…worthless in the eyes of the Trumpers…the very core Trumpers who held Gowdy in such high esteem a month ago but notice how they are continuing to use Gowdy as their tool…now, not to add gravitas to the devoid of substance Trump but to attempt to tear down Marco Rubio.

This leads me to the low information Trump-drunk voters who have been led, like sheep, down the Trump rabbit hole as they are now sharing the anti-Marco crap without ever researching it. Core Trumpers are now launching attacks against Marco attempting to claim that Rubio is ineligible which is 100% complete bull but the Trump drunk are, without so much as doing even the least amount of homework, hitting the share button.

Here’s a newsflash…both Rubio and Cruz are completely eligible to run for and serve as president of the United States. My Right Side Patriots partner and friend Diane Sori has li 4researched it extensively and written of it and so too have I and in an extra newsflash, the Harvard law review has also done extensive homework and come to the same conclusion…both Rubio and Cruz are indeed eligible so, can the “Rubio is an anchor baby” crap and if you’re a low info voter…step away from the share button when you see that crap.

There are, according to U.S. law, two types of citizens. Natural born and naturalized and since neither Rubio not Cruz are naturalized…guess what? They are NBC but if you insist they are not eligible, as per our Constitution, as the core Trumpers would now have you believe of Rubio…just send to me the definition of NBC as stated, word for word, in our Constitution. That would be from our Constitution and not from Vattel’s book which, as it happens to be, a guide, or a how to regarding keeping a European style monarchy intact li 5and has never been a matter of either our Constitution or our laws.

By the way…don’t even bother trying to tell me that our Founders and Framers were so well aware of what NBC was that they felt no reason to define it as it seems that they would also have been pretty damn well-aware of the need to keep and bear arms but they did go to the trouble of spelling that out didn’t they?

Notice too how these core trolls are pushing a Trump/Cruz ticket…again as a way to add gravitas to Trump’s substance-lacking campaign but believe me, if Cruz gains much more in the polls, the core trolls will turn on him as well.

Trump however, isn’t the only candidate replete with trolls as so too is Carson’s campaign and by the way, Carson, like Trump, was a registered democrat and a far left leaning one, by his own admission, before he decided to toss his hat into the ring.

But low information voters are not consigned solely to the Trump and Carson campaigns as they can also be found, in large numbers, in the evangelical voting bloc…a percentage of the American population to which only social issues are seemingly important. Who sleeps with whom, who marries whom, abortion and other such social issues, which by li 6the way are, according to our Constitution, state’s issues and not to be regulated by the federal government, are all that matter to the evangelical voters.

This group of low information voters will pick their candidate based on Bible verses and not on the candidate’s prowess concerning economics, foreign affairs or capabilities regarding being the Commander in Chief and they will, like they did in 2012, advocate a splitting of the vote via 3rd party or write in voting.

More often than not, somewhere between calling me a heathen destined for hell and quoting Biblical scripture to justify their 3rd party or write in voting agenda, these are the very people who will claim they have no desire to live under theocratic rule but they will only advocate for the most religious of candidates…if they can find a candidate whose identifies with their particular brand of religion…and no other candidate will do.

Then of course, there are the low information voters who both shun the real issues for the social issues and/or follow the troll shepherds like willing sheep who attempt to mask their reasoning with the line, “I’m voting my conscience.”

Here is the deal, sans the use of common core math…if your conscience is telling you to LI 7vote 3rd party or write in a name other than the nominee, your conscience is telling you to split the vote and to make sure that a liberal/socialist, one who will not only finish what Obama has started but finish off the Constitutional Republic, gets elected in 2016. To be perfectly clear, we wouldn’t be in the straits we’re in now were it not for the “I voted my conscience” voters of 2012 who either voted 3rd party, wrote in a name or simply stayed home under the evangelical directive, “better the Muslim we know than the Mormon we don’t know.”

What we have are far too many people who read the headlines, especially on social media, and share the most salacious without either reading the article or doing their own homework. If the headline slams a candidate they feel is a threat to their one and only chosen candidate…share, share, and share again…regardless of the lack of truth contained in the piece and that results in a genuine loss of credibility to the whole of Conservatism.

Low information voters, including those to whom only singular issues are of any importance, lost the 2012 election and gave Obama a second term and it will happen again, with another liberal/socialist getting elected in 2016 if the low info voters take the same path. Sure, they will point their low information fingers at people like me who vote for the nominee, whoever that nominee happens to be because we didn’t vote for their one and only candidate but here’s the truth they either ignore or don’t want anyone to know…li 8

The 3rd party and write in low information voters can’t agree on who their best candidate is. Low info group 1 votes for candidate “A” while low info group 2 votes for candidate “B” and low info group 3 votes for candidate “C.” Each low information voter group has a pet issue that is their one and only issue and a matching pet candidate who is their one and only candidate so when facing off against an opposing side that will not split their votes amongst a plethora of 3rd party and/or write in candidates…guess who wins…the liberal/socialists.

If none of the low information voter blocs can settle on any one specific candidate that fits all their individual pet issues and thus they split their votes six ways from Sunday in the process, it cannot be the fault of those of us who vote for the GOP nominee when we lose.

While I have always said, get behind whichever candidate you like leading up to the primaries, support that candidate, campaign for them, donate money or whatever it is you choose to do…if that favorite candidate of yours fails to garner the nomination…get behind the nominee and vote for that nominee even if it takes a slew of clothespins to do it or we will again have yet another liberal/socialist in the White House….there is a truth that is both here and now and needs to be told.

If the general election was to be held tomorrow, there is only one candidate in the entire GOP field who would, according to all polls to have taken on the matter, defeat Hillary Clinton.

li 9Marco Rubio.

That truth is going to make some people very angry but the truth is the truth. It will especially anger the Trump drunk but not the core Trumpers because, that is exactly what the core Trumpers want…a candidate they can push that doesn’t have a chance of defeating the Hillary Clinton machine because those core Trumpers want Hillary in the White House and, should things change between now and the general election, they get their consolation prize, the democrat Trump in the White House.

As things stand now, Cruz can’t beat Hillary, Paul can’t beat Hillary, Fiorina can’t do it, Huckabee can’t do it, Santorum can’t get it done and neither can any of the rest of them…only Marco Rubio, in a head to head poll against Hillary Clinton comes out in front and that is something high information voters are taking note of.

Here are some other truths known by high information voters…

There is no, nor ever will be, a perfect candidate with which everyone or anyone agree with 100% of the time but being in agreement with a candidate on even 50% of the issues is eminently better than being saddled with yet another liberal/socialist.

Neither Jesus nor God is on the ballot and, for that matter, I don’t believe that God gives a damn about our politics or the politicli 10s of the world as if He did, most certainly the world would not be in the sad and sorry shape it is currently in as a result of the political landscape.

The United States was purposefully designed, by our Founders and Framers, not to be under the thumb of a governmental theocracy. Religion was left to the people, to practice as they see fit but government was, according to our Constitution, prohibited from dabbling in or passing laws based on the precepts of doctrines of any religion as in establishing any religion as the basis of our laws.

And here is a final truth, known to high information voters and ignored by low information voters…

No president, regardless of who they are, can do everything that they, as candidates, have promised lest they do it as Obama has done, with a pen and a phone and I for one have had quite enough of that so, if you really want to change the way Washington does business, start at the local level by electing the most Conservative candidates you can find to your city councils. Today’s city council members will become tomorrowli 11’s state legislators and those legislators will become the next day’s Governors and members of Congress.

It is from Governorships and Congress where we find the most capable and comprehensive candidates for the presidency and if we want the most rock-solid conservative presidential candidate we can find in the future…it begins with our local elections.

For more on that final truth, be sure to read Diane Sori’s, “Low-Info Voters vs High 2016 Expectations Part 2” tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Low-Info Voters vs High 2016 Expectations Part 1

  1. I just cant vote for Rubio….yet? As far as I know, he is for open borders and amnesty. We just cant do that and survive…JMO.
    This is a deal breaker for me.

    When Rubio was who “we thought he was,” he was against open borders. He lied to get where he is. He and Cruz were our only shining lights.
    Comparatively, Cruz is my guy.

  2. Well Craig in that case you’ve lost me!
    I’m not a religious nut, not even a good Christian, but I come to the defense of Christianity because of the Muslim and his radical ideology. I gladly defend the founding fathers, the Constitution, and our Judeo Christian heritage.
    Both parties have sold us out, to the political/corporate elite (the Cartel), and that criminal organization no longer serves the American citizen – they are serving themselves!
    Today neither party is loyal to the people whom they serve.
    The party conduct is despicable and that is why I will vote for Trump and/or Cruz.
    Just because Trump has voted democrat in the past does not make him a traitor.
    Democracy is not defined by you telling us how high to jump, it is defined by “we the people” telling you why we want you to jump, while preserving our Constitution!
    It is not my job to litigate the politician, that is the job of our judiciary. But sadly we no longer have the separation of our branches, and they are all sleeping in the same bed! They are now serving the Cartel and their pocket book, ergo our legislators are selling America to the highest bidder – and screw the American citizen (sad but true).

    • Jakob…Believe me, I understand your frustration however, please explain to me exactly how voting write in, thus splitting the vote, wins an election and for that matter, since we cannot all have our own individual president to follow, how does ensuring the presidency to a liberal socialist better serve the nation than electing a Republican. You see Jakob, the true power does not rest in the Oval Office…it rests with Congress so we are far better served by electing the most Conservative we can find to the halls of Congress as no president, unless by Obama’s pen and phone standards, can do each and everything they, as candidates, promise but be assured…Trump would rule as Obama or as any liberal/socialist…with a pen and a phone and if you really want things to change…you will vote for whoever the nominee ends up being. I will vote for Trump…ONLY if he is the nominee but I will do my damned best to make sure he is not and to elect THE best Conservatives I can find to Congress so that we never have to deal with this crap again.

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