Political Correctness and the Criminal Element

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

ll 1“The Department of Justice is committed to giving justice-involved youth the tools they need to become productive members of society.”
– The Obama regime’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Once again, the Obama regime and liberals at large are trying to spare the oh-so-delicate feelings of an element of our society that simply doesn’t give a crap about anything, anyone else and for that matter, themselves.

What Lynch is talking about, what she is calling “justice-involved youth” are punks, thieves, delinquents, thugs, drug users and whatever else today’s youths do to break the law. It seems, to her, the Obama regime and assorted liberals and socialists, all those little criminals need is a new label, a round or 2 of Kumbaya and an atta boy or girl to make them productive members of society.

They aren’t society’s losers…not according to the liberal/socialist agenda anyway…what they are is participants and being called “justice-involved youths” is their trophy…their reward for just showing up.

We can’t damage their complete lack of self-esteem by calling them exactly what they are now can we? No…we must somehow find a way to make them feel more proud of their criminal activity by calling them what they are most certainly not.


Would you like to know who is “justice-involved?ll 2

Police officers are justice-involved. The courts and those who work for the courts are justice-involved. Attorneys, both prosecutors and defense attorneys are justice-involved. Witnesses who provide essential information or testify in court are justice-involved. Citizens who get involved to stop crimes and criminals during the commission of their crimes are justice-involved. Investigators, detectives, and those who organize and participate in neighborhood watches are justice-involved.

Get the idea?

Neither Lynch, nor the Obama regime nor any other liberals who embrace such nonsense as calling criminals, young or otherwise, those who break the law by creating injustice, “justice-involved,” are doing society any favors and they damn-well know it. What they are doing is trying to create for those people an excuse to be used later in their lives for their current behavior.

The simple fact is, we cannot and should not engage in false attempts to raise criminal ll 3behavior up to any level of acceptability. What we should be doing is creating deterrents while empowering the law abiding members of society to reclaim not only the streets and neighborhoods from the common criminal elements of society but to elevate those youths who walk the straight and narrow to an even higher level.

I hate to go down the “when I was a kid” path but for the sake of example…

When I was a kid, there were certain things I wanted like a new stereo and a new bike but I didn’t feel entitled to them. I did feel a certain something else however…in that if I earned the money to buy the things I wanted, I could get exactly WHAT I wanted and not necessarily what my parents would settle for so, I took on a morning paper route. I also realized that I could add to that somewhat limited source of income by mowing lawns during the summer and shoveling snow during the winter.

Luckily for me, my dad had a Sears lawn mower which came with a lifetime guarantee so ll 4he didn’t care how much it got used…if it, or a part on it wore out, he could get it replaced at no cost but, he also felt that if I was enterprising enough to get a lawn mowing job 10 blocks from home, I should also be enterprising enough to push the mower there and back every week rather than having him load it in the trunk of the car and drive me to my side job.

The point being…folks around the neighborhood got to know me as someone willing to put forth the effort to get things done, as a positive young person who was not spending my free time getting into trouble and while I know those experiences served ME well over the many years since, I would also like to think they have served the communities in which I have lived as an adult just as well.

On the other hand, those in my age group back then who thought it more convenient to take what they wanted rather than earning it or who used their idle time for causing trouble or harm to others were labeled exactly what they were…punks, delinquents or worse. They were entities not to be admired, not to be coddled and most certainly not to have their feelings protected by trying to affix to them some warped, more positive moniker.

ll 5By calling today’s punks, thugs, thieves and delinquents “justice-involved” is but a step away from providing them with an excuse and given Obama and his regime’s penchant for assessing blame for people’s bad behavior where blame is not due…what it seems they are doing here is trying to make the justice system partly to blame. After all…were the system not concerned with these youths, the youths would not be “justice-involved,” now would they…at least according to liberals.

Liberals have a long history of trying to deal with things that are adverse to society by simply changing the label rather than actually dealing with them. It’s political correctness run amok and in many cases, they relabel the problem so as to place blame where it doesn’t belong.

Take “gun violence” as an example. That’s what liberals have relabeled criminal violence when a firearm is used. Liberals don’t want to deal with the criminal element responsible for crimes in which a gun is used…they want to deal with the gun. Hence…”gun violence.” In cases of “gun violence,” the GUN is the culprit and it is the GUN which must be held responsible.

Now, look at “justice involved youth” in that same regard and suddenly we see the liberal ll 6version of the culprit…”justice.” The youths in question are, according to liberals, no longer CRIMINALLY involved…they are JUSTICE involved and the next step will be blaming the JUSTICE system for the arrests of too many youths rather than CRIMINALITY.

We will be told it’s unfair, that so many youths are in the system just as we are now being told that it’s unfair that so many black people are in the system…too many black people are in prison. Why? Because, according to liberals, their skin color is a more decisive factor than their behavior.

According to 2010 census statistics, for every 100,000 black people in the U.S. 2,207 are in prison which compares to 966 Latinos per 100,000 and just 380 whites per 100,000 and that, by liberal standards, just isn’t fair but what they, the liberals refuse to acknowledge is behavior. Could it possibly be that the numbers are where they are because there are more black people committing crimes?

ll 7Of course, and statistics compiled by the FBI and the DOJ back that up…of the black population, there is a higher percentage committing crimes that whites but were liberals to admit this fact, they might just be forced to deal with the problem they, themselves, created.

That problem is entitlement and it is now a systemic problem in far too many youths who have been raised by parents who feel entitled to believe that they too, are entitled…entitled not only to what others have without actually earning it but entitled to shirk personal responsibility for their actions.

The criminal element of today’s youths simply do not believe that their actions are their fault and that their criminal behavior is somehow justified. We’re talking about those who feel street cred is more valuable than school cred and rather than earning a position of respect in society, they are far more concerned with earning a position of being feared BY society. Going to prison or jail as a youth today is seen by the terminally entitled as a badge of honor that will enhance their standing among other criminals when they get out. And rather than having a stigma attached to them until they can prove, through merit, that they have left that life behind, they will have a happy new label with which they can blame their behavior on society as a whole.

To be clear…ll 8

Today’s criminal element of the youth population are no more “justice involved” than illegal aliens are “immigration involved,” and neither should get a trophy just for participating.

Just don’t be too surprised if some liberal, who blames “justice involved” behavior on everyone but the criminal, decides to put a sainthood plaque where some criminally involved punk hit the pavement.


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