Iran Says NO DEAL to Obama Real “Deal”

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

Okay…let me just see if I have this right.derp 2

Obama lied.

I don’t know about you but that’s just…shocking.

Obama lied regarding Iran and the “deal” that allows the nation of barbarians to stockpile a nuclear arsenal…THEY never SIGNED it. Oh, I know they said they would never sign the “deal,” hell, I even WROTE that they would never sign the “deal” but of course, that was a MONTH ago and what did I know?

NOTHING…according to assorted liberal knotheads…I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was WRONG they all told me but…I was only quoting the Ayatollah Ass-a-Hola when HE said Iran wouldn’t sign onto the deal.

What Iran did, according to the scant media coverage afforded it, was sign a deal they drew up THEMSELVES…THAT’S the “deal” they signed but the “deal” Obama had Kerry capitulate on? THAT “deal” was roundly REJECTED by Iran.

Oh…yeah, we still have to abide by the Obama terms of surrender…that we don’t get out of but…IRAN…they DON’T have to abide by it and guess what? THEY AREN’T!!!

derp 3

Just a few days ago, while the diaper-headed mullahs voted to give Obama the fickle finger of Islam…Tehran ALSO flipped the OTHER such finger in the general direction of the United Nations (of thugs, thieves and despots) by test firing a LONG RANGE MISSILE that can travel some 800 to 900 miles…far enough to easily reach Israel, parts of Russia and all parts of the Middle east. And it was confirmed yesterday that said missile was…NUCLEAR CAPABLE…isn’t THAT a happy thought?

Now, unless Iran has designs on launching a nuclear POWER PLANT at Israel…that was a CLEAR violation of U.N. resolution 1929…it’s also a step toward developing a projectile that can reach the United States AND it most likely means that Iran’s nuclear ambitions may not be exactly as peaceful as Obama claims. But liberal knot-heads will tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about on that one either.

Welcome to Obamaland, where “deals” that govern our actions toward those who would like to nuke us and our allies are only binding on US…not on the barbarians.

In the allahu akbarian version of the “deal,” Israel must de-nuke themselves. I’m sure we’ll derp 4hear something to the effect of a “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME,” from Bibi once he quits laughing.

What sort of world are we LIVING in where our Muslim in Chief can give Islamic barbarians EVERY DAMN THING they want…INCLUDING a clear path to NUKE ISREAL and the barbarians don’t think it’s enough? I’m sure that’s the question the Obama regime is asking themselves while they try to figure out how this happened.

Allow me to explain to them EXACTLY how this happened…in one word.


I all but GUARANTEE you that Putin is behind this “deal” no “deal” deal. Russia and Iran are allies, right? Iran is assisting Putin’s Russia in Syria with ground troops, Right? Putin has been selling arms to Iran…right? And there is nothing Putin enjoys more than making a mockery of Obama…RIGHT???

Hell…Putin reportedly even has CUBAN troops on the ground in Syria…helping the Iranian binocs 1troops assist the Russians in defeating the very Islamists Obama has been arming!!


Putin tells the Ayatollah-Ass-a-Hola to get everything he can from Obama then reject the “deal” and write up a NEW “deal,” and cut Obama completely OUT of ALL of it. Putin knows Israel would NEVER get rid of THEIR nukes and that Bibi isn’t going to give an inch…eventually going after Iran with the help of more moderate Arab nations thus sending the Iranians back to the stone age from whence their ideology is derived anyway and then guess who becomes the sole control nation IN the Middle East…keeping Islamic terrorists at bay much to the delight OF the more moderate Arab nations who will be all too happy to compensate for the added protection with low-cost oil?



Putin is playing Obama AND Iran like a couple of cheap fiddles which begs yederp 5t another burning question…why DO those Islomaniacs wear diapers on the heads to begin with?

Simply…Their heads are full of Islamocrap.

Could any or ALL of this been avoided?

How did I put it on September 19th, in Part 3 of the report co-written by myself and Right Side Patriots partner Diane Sori? Oh yes…

“So what we have here is a piece of paper voted on by Congress, soon to be signed by Obama, that bears NO other signatures and holds NO legal bearing on the Islamic Republic of Iran to whom the entire situation is addressed, but one to which we, as the sole signer, must abide. What Congress should have done was, rather than vote on it, simply postponed any vote until Iran signed on first, passed it through their parliament, and it became the law of their land. Until that happens, and it never will, the ‘deal’ signed by Obama, is nothing but a surrender to Iran and Iran’s goal of building a nuclear arsenal with which they can first attack Israel, “The Little Satan,” and then the United States…“The Great Satan”…and it’s all courtesy of our very own traitor-in-chief Barack HUSSEIN Obama.”

So, YES this could have all been avoided and EASILY at that but what should be done NOW?

Well, our nutless wonder of a Congress SHOULD immediately RESCIND their approval OF Obamaderp 6’s “deal” and DEMAND yet ANOTHER 30 days in which to review the IRANIAN version of it before one red CENT of sanction money is transferred TO Iran and given that the Iranian version calls for the DISARMING of ISRAEL…the vote against the “deal” SHOULD be nearly unanimous.

However…this is Congress we’re talking about here and they won’t do that because…if they DID, they would be admitting that they not only jumped the gun…but the shark and the nuke as well in signing the OBAMA “deal” and they would simply rather not have their constituents thinking they’re fools.


Now then…what OTHER breaking news is there that Diane and I already broke at least a month ago.

How about THIS…derp 7

The headline on yesterday morning…”Clinton may have violated Espionage Act with private email, source says.”


Ummm…Here is the opening salvo from an article I wrote on…AUGUST 5TH…

“In this day and age, laws change quickly…what is law today may not be so tomorrow and what isn’t law today could well become law by tomorrow morning but some laws, on the books for nearly a century, remain as pointed and relevant now as they were then.”

“Case in point…the Espionage Act of 1917.”

“In that act, it clearly states that…“gross negligence” as per the handling of any information regarding our national defense is a punishable offense…a crime…and as such, should national defense information be removed from or not stored properly…not stored in its “proper place of custody,” the responsible government official would face a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.”

“Hello Hillary Clinton.”

I made the exact same case…BETTER THAN 2 MONTHS AGO…that Fox News was making YESTERDAY!!! The tiDERP 8tle of that article, by the way, was, “Hillary’s Mess…First Treason and Now, Espionage?”

Ya know…if Trey Gowdy wants to know what went down in Benghazi…Diane and I can help him with that too…FROM APRIL OF 2014!!!

Here ya go Trey…you’re welcome.

Just sayin.

For the facts and timeline regarding Iran’s refusal to sign the Obama “deal” and how it effects the situation in Israel,please read Diane Sori’s article at The Patriot Factor by clicking here!!.


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