In 2016…it’s the GOP Nominee or Full-On Socialism

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

debat 1Did you watch Tuesday night’s democrat debate on CNN?

Many on the right couldn’t stomach the display and didn’t tune in and I can understand that, but two particular factions of Conservatives SHOULD have been tuned in and watching with riveted attention…those on the far, FAR religious right…those I have called the holier-than-thou Conservatives and the Trumpers should have been GLUED to that debate and here’s why…

If they, the holier-than-thous do what they did in 2008 and again in 2012…if they split the vote as they are threatening to do, again in 2016 and the Trumpers, as they too are threatening to split the vote, should have been watching Tuesday’s debate because one of those people, on that CNN stage, or someone equally as bad (Joe Biden) or WORSE (Julian Castro) WILL become the president via THEIR proxy votes.

Who I’m talking about here are those who claim to be on our side who will either not vote at all should their one and only candidate not get the nomination or who will vote for either a 3rd party or write-in candidate thus splitting the Republican vote, assuring that either Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chaffe, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or the Julian Castor wins.

On that stage Tuesday night was a display of socialism at its very worst. Chaffee started his career as a Republican who became an independent who then, just a couple of years ago, became a democrat who now claims he has never shifted his position on the topics. Sounds a lot like Trump’s political affiliation history to me.

O’Malley wants to try and disguise his socialism by claiming to be moderate but his politics expose his false mask.debat 2

Jim Webb, perhaps the only true democrat on that stage doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in HELL of winning the nomination.

Bernie Sanders IS a socialist and an anti-capitalist, points he made perfectly clear during the debate, and he’s about as crusty as a three month old cow pie in a dry river bed to boot.

And Hillary Clinton…desperately trying to ignore her treasonous activities as Secretary of State, trying to shrug off Benghazi, trying to spin her way out of possible espionage and perjury charges related to her private emails and server and revising her own recent history regarding several topics is little more than a lying sack of Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden is still talking about jumping in though he wasn’t there on Tuesday night, but he’s a clown, a walking, talking gaffe machine who can only be trusted to bring about a third term of Obama’s decidedly anti-American policies…AT BEST and that leaves us with the stealthy possibility of Julian Castor who is being groomed, right now, by the exact same debat 3team that groomed Obama after the 2004 election. Julian Castro…a confirmed socialist whose mother founded la Raza and is who, I believe, the DNC really wants as their nominee…to shore up both the socialist and the illegal alien vote in this country and believe me…the ACLU and the SEIU are licking their socialist/communist CHOPS over THAT possibility.

So the question for the Trumpers and the holier-than-thous becomes…which of those, afore mentioned anti-American louts do you really want as the next president of the United States because, in splitting the vote, as they claim they will…one of them is going to win.

In fact, they, the Trumpers and the holier-than-thous COULD do our nation a HUGE favor and vote for whichever of the liberal/socialists they actually want in the general election, thus splitting THAT vote five ways and allowing OUR side to WIN the election but that isn’t really their agenda. THEIR real agenda is to PREVENT our nation FROM having a fighting chance.

Oh, they will claim that those of us who voted for the Republican nominee are the ones who split the vote, just as they did after 2012 but here’s the problem with that warped debat 4logic…they never coalesced around any one single candidate as their write-in choice. Some voted for write in choice A, others for B, some for C, or D, or E, F or G and ALL of them claimed that their individual choice was the one and ONLY proper choice to have BEEN the nominee while the rest of us voted for Romney because he WAS the nominee. Others simply stayed home and didn’t vote at all so…WE, the Romney nominee voters didn’t split that vote…THEY did.

Now then, to those who claimed, after 2008 and 2012, and are claiming it again now…that they are sick and tired of voting for the “lesser of the two evils” and therefore will stand on their little individual islands of “principle” by either staying home this time or again voting via write-in…guess what?

If you do it again…what you did in 2008 and 2012…claiming that whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be is the “lesser of the two evils” when compared to whoever the liberal/socialist nominee turns out to be…the outcome will be exactly the same. The GREATER of the two evils will win again.

Here’s what we got the last two times these voters “stood on principle” and voted for the lesser of the two evils…

So, which of the GREATER of the two evil do they really want for the NEXT president of the United States? Hilary, Bernie, Chaffee, Webb, O’Malley, Biden or Julian Castro?

I understand being tired of the same old politics as usual but right now, the two leading candidates among the Republican field, Trump and Carson, neither of which is a politician, are BOTH former DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS at that and they are the two that so many who claim to be on OUR side are all giddy over?debat 5

And don’t go comparing either of them to Reagan as Reagan was once a democrat. Reagan PROVED himself LONG BEFORE becoming our president…neither Carson or Trump have proven a single thing regarding THEIR party affiliation.

Small wonder when you stop to realize that that wing of the ‘split the vote’ party are not really conservatives at all. In fact, I believe they are left over Paulbots…liberal anarchists from 2012 who, despite their claims of being Conservatives, were anything but. Their goal was simply to prevent any Republican from winning and had Paul won the nomination…THEY would have stayed at home and not voted at all.

The other half of the equation, the holier-than-thous, those who adhere to a desire for a theocracy rather than our Constitutional Republic, will either stay home again or write in a host of individually chosen candidates THEY believe to be the one to upend our Constitution by forcing their brand of religion into matters of law.

Either way…the nation loses and the world loses.

There is no perfect candidate, never will be, as one size never fits all however, we only have but one nation and one last opportunity to save it from complete socialism. If you listened at all to that first liberal/socialist debate a couple of nights ago, you understand exactly what their side waDEBAT 6nts…higher taxes on everyone to pay for the cradle to grave government nanny state. Free tuition, free healthcare, bring down the wealthy, income equality, to take away our rights…especially the 2nd Amendment and of course, skyrocketing energy costs due to their desire to use taxpayer dollars in a totally misguided effort to change the earth’s natural weather patterns.

These are people who do not believe Obama has taken his agenda far enough either domestically or on the world stage…he’s not liberal enough for their liking. He’s not progressive enough for their tastes.

He’s not enough of a damn socialist to suit them.

The time to stand on individual islands of principle is leading into the primaries…support whichever candidate you think is best but AFTER the primaries, when a nominee is chosen…break out the clothes pins if need be because the only moral high ground left is to give our nation that fighting chance to come back from the damage already caused by liberals and socialists.

So…if you are a Trumper who will only vote for Trump whether or not he gets the nomination or, if you intend to stand on your own little island of theocracy…judebat 7st look at that democrat debate again and know that your decision has dire consequences…if we don’t all unite around whoever our nominee winds up to be…our nation doesn’t have a prayer.

There’s a socialist tsunami coming and we CAN stop it…but ONLY if we stand united and vote for the Republican nominee.

For more regarding Ben Carson’s political affiliation history, please read friend and Right Side Patriots partner,Diane Sori’s article at the Patriot Factor by clicking here!!!

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  1. I shall never understand the dislike that you and others hold for Trump who by all measurable accomplishments , even going back to when Koch was mayor of NY, he proved himself to be a problem solver and is otherwise the only candidate with world experience that, in my view, will hopefully bring our country
    back to the greatness we once were before destroyed by the current federal administration.

    • There is absolutely no substance to Donald Trump…just empty words. He has NO world experience whatsoever AND…he’s a liberal.

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