Hillary’s Dance of Desperation – Oct. 22nd Looms Large

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

gow 1Don’t you just LOVE the way that every news report regarding the Benghazi Committee these days begins with…”The REPUBLICAN led Benghazi Committee?”

There are, of course, two reasons for that approach but only one of which the mainstream media wants to mention…that being the fact that the committee IS led by REPUBLICANS. What the mainstream media does NOT want to admit is that the REASON the committee is Republican led…in fact, the reason ALL the committees are now led by Republicans is, due to Shellacking II, the sequel to the midterm 2010 shellacking…REPUBLICANS are now the majority in both the House AND the Senate.

Just a couple of days ago, the mainstream media tried to make a load of hay from a load of crap when their headlines read that somebody, a REPUBLICAN, who had been fired from the committee was claiming that the entire committee was POLITICAL and PARTISAN in nature.

This of course, played well amongst the liberal media as it is liberals, running terrified, who want to try and shut down the Benghazi Committee before October 22nd, that being the day when Hillary is scheduled to appear unless of course, she falls down and goes boom…again.


Trey Gowdy…the CHAIRMAN in charge OF the Benghazi Committee, a man who has never been known flash his hand to his opponents, did what he had to do when firing gow 2investigator and Air Force Reserves officer Bradley F. Podliska from his position regarding the Benghazi Committee, before he did what needed doing because Podilska, it seems, had a case of sour grapes.

According to Gowdy, only AFTER Podliska took his sour grapes to the mainstream media, Podilska MORE than deserved to be fired. In fact, Podliska had been WARNED regarding HIS attempts to target Hillary Clinton politically and he was so warned, not by liberals on the committee but by the REPUBLICANS on the committee. Podliska apparently had more on his plate than just a political targeting however.

Podilska was, according to Trey Gowdy, trying to get money from the Benghazi Committee.

According to liberal congressman, Elijah Cummings, the top liberal ON that committee and the SAME liberal who, while serving on the committee to investigate the IRS targeting was actually, DURING the tgow 3argeting, helping to feed information on WHO to target to Lois Lerner…“These are extremely serious whistle-blower charges. Republicans have been abusing millions of taxpayer dollars for the illegitimate purpose of damaging Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.”

So what Cummings is apparently saying is, because Hillary decided to run for the presidency, she should not be any part of an investigation trying to get to the truth of what happened in Benghazi during her watch as Secretary of State regardless of her involvement in hiring our enemies to provide security at the Mission in Benghazi to trying to help Obama cover it all up with some cock and bull You Tube video clap-trap.

What we have here is a case of history repeating itself being totally ignored gow 4by Cummings as it was a DEMOCRAT led investigative committee that forced the eventual resignation of Richard Nixon and back then, we certainly didn’t hear any ballyhoo from democrats regarding the investigation of a sitting president the likes of which we are hearing today regarding the investigation of a presidential candidate and, in fact, it was the REPUBLICANS on the Watergate committee who went TO Nixon and urged him to resign rather than trying to scuttle the committee doing the investigation but that is not where the similarities between then and now end.

During the Watergate investigation…one of their investigators was ALSO fired…for lying and unethical behavior, not unlike in this case, and Air Force Reserves officer Bradley F. Podliska.

gow 5During Watergate, the fired member of the investigative team was none other than…Hillary Clinton and now, liberals are trying to use Podliska’s behavior as a means of calling the investigative dog’s off of a situation from which THEIR treasonous candidate cannot be separated.

We also have the liberal media machine whining like two year olds questioning why the Benghazi investigation has turned into an investigation of Hillary’s emails and her email scandal. How can this be?

Well…what those from the liberal side of the aisle know but are ignoring, is this little fact…the Benghazi investigation BEGAN as an investigation into DOCUMENTS and primary among the sought-after documents WERE…emails.

It should also not go without note that, while Hillary finally did, after years of stonewalling and numerous denials, turn over stacks of emails from her private account and server however, there is something about that stack that is glaring…during a two mgow 6onth span, May and June of 2012, while tensions AND violence were on the rise in Libya and, at the exact time that a new Ambassador was taking the reigns for us in Libya, one Chris Stevens, there is not a single email regarding any of it from Hillary Clinton. Not one. In fact, during that two month time period, there is not a single email to or from Hillary Clinton regarding ANY matter whatsoever. Not a single email…not one…to be found.

Odd isn’t it, that the Secretary of State would neither send nor receive an email for two months, especially regarding a nation spiraling out of control, a nation that both she and Obama had conspired to create a vacuum of power in with the overthrow of Gaddafi, a nation where Islamists were moving in rapidly and where violence perpetrated BY those Islamists was on an alarming rise? A fact made odder yet when one realizes that DURING that two month gap in email communications, our own diplomatic Mission in Benghazi had been the target of an Islamist BOMBING that left a hole in the perimeter wall big enough to have driven a truck through.

Need more?

Well, it was also during that two month email gap that an RPG hit the offices of the International Red Cross in Benghazi which forced that humanitarian organization to pull out and FLEE Benghazi and yet…not a single email of any sort either to or from Hillary Clinton?

gow 7Still not convinced something stinks? Well, give THIS the nasal appraisal…

It was during that two month email gap that an RPG was fired at and struck a convoy which, at the time, was carrying the British Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. THAT particular attack is what led to the BRITS pulling out of Benghazi leaving ours as the only Western flag still flying there and…not a single email to or from Hillary Clinton?

That’s correct…not a single email to or from Hillary Clinton has, to this date, been turned over during the 2 month time period that all of this was going on and while her department of State had a brand new Ambassador, Chris Stevens, working that particular beat. Three months later, Hillary sent an email that we now know revealed the whereabouts OF Ambassador Stevens, an email that was, contrary to her denials, classified and just days after that…Stevens was murdered in an Islamist attack…murdered by members of the same Islamists Hillary’s Department of State had HIRED to provide security FOR Ambassador Stevens.

It was a 19 minute gap in Nixon’s tapes that sunk him and we are to believe, according to gow 8Elijah Cummings and other liberals, that Hillary’s two MONTH gap in emails is meaningless? Nobody died as a result of Watergate…but the same can’t be said for Benghazi…now, can it?

While Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee is responsible for the revelations that Clinton used, exclusively, a private server and private email account during her reign of terror in the Department of State, his committee’s sole focus is Benghazi itself and to that effect, the committee subpoenaed Bryan Pagliano, Hillary’s private IT specialist who was also the IT specialist for the Department of State to attempt to pry from him the truth of Hillary’s two month email gap and Pagliano pled the 5th, answering not a single question leading anyone with a working brain cell to believe that he, as well as Hillary, were covering up information directly related TO Benghazi.

The simple fact of the matter is this…one cannot get to the truth regarding what transpired in Benghazi and why it happened without investigating Hillary’s role in it as she was, at the time, the Secretary of State angow 9d with what we know at this point, as matters of fact, she was involved in it from the get-go. Gun running between “rebels” in Libya to “rebels” in Syria using our diplomatic corps and the CIA as the conduit and using the Turkish diplomatic corps as the strawman with Hillary’s Department of State actually HIRING our enemies, the February 17 Brigade as security for our diplomats while at the same time, drawing DOWN our OWN security personnel in Benghazi.

Add to all of that, Hillary’s willing participation in the obtuse You Tube video cover-up, her stonewalling of investigations, her, “At this point, what difference does it make” attitude to previous investigative committees and now, Hillary’s use of private emails and servers which contained not only classified but TOP SECRET material coupled with the now revealed knowledge that far, FAR to many people in Hillary’s inner circle, without the proper security clearance had their hands, and eyes, on ALL of her emails plus the crucial missing two months of her email record.

Liberals, including Elijah Cummings and Hillary herself, are now doing the dance of desperation to find a way to shut down the Benghazi Committee and to paint Gowdy as a purveyor of partisan politics in order to rescue Hillary from an appearance before Gowdy’s Committee on October 22nd. Their world is caving in but…it’s not Hillary’s pant-suited ass they’re trying to save here…it’s Obama’s because they know that he was as intimately involved in Benghazi agow 10s was she and if the truth comes out…Obama will face charges of treason…Hillary, like Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, will be collateral damage not to mention that all these liberals, so desperate to shut down the truth, have been solid backers OF Obama from the beginning and they don’t want any of his stink…rubbing of on them.

If liberals are looking for partisan political motives connected to the Benghazi Committee investigation, they need look no further than the closest mirror.

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  1. Gowdy is just another pawn in the dog and pony show. Every now and then he will throw a bone to appease the sheeple. Sure he is very well versed but what has that puppet done with valid information gathered from investigation? Name one thing other than appeasing the sheeple. Just like that oversight committee jackoff Darrel Issa, “Dog and Pony Show” actor.

    • Interesting. What is the information that you believe Gowdy should be bringing forth?

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