Gun Control and the Liberal/Socialist Collective

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

lgc 1One thing is clear…liberals and socialists running for the 2016 nomination want to extend Obama style, pen and phone executive orders and our 2nd Amendment is on their chopping block.

According to Bernie Sanders, a confirmed, self-avowed socialist, “The president is right. Condolences are not enough. We’ve got to do something … We need sensible gun control legislation. What we need, as a nation, is to get beyond the shouting, Some people want to ban every gun in America and some people believe in nothing at all. I think the vast majority of the American people, as the president indicated, including gun owners — and I know that’s true here in Vermont — want sensible gun control legislation and they also believe that we should have more access to mental health facilities and counselors than we presently do.”

In the words of one Hillary Clinton, whose campaign is floundering…

“I want to push hard to glgc 2et more sensible restraints. I want to work with Congress, but I will look at ways as president. I’m going to try in every way. I am going to get those guns out of people’s hands. We need to make every politician who sides with [the NRA] to look in the eyes of parents whose kids have been murdered. The GOP counts on a dedicated group that scares politicians and says ‘We will vote against you’ … So we will take them on. We took them on in the ’90s; we’re gonna take them on again.”

To the Obamas, Clintons and Sanders’ of our nation, and their socialist collective ilk, guns are the problem and government is the answer. More government, less guns. More government intrusion, less protection from government. More executive orders…less Constitution.

Let me begin with the mental illness aspect of the situation.

I believe we can all agree that the mentally ill should not have firearms but…who gets to decide who is or is not mentally ill, and to what degree? According to the socialist collective, the liberals, it would be the government making that decision and we all knowlgc 3 what their litmus test will be.

If you want a gun and apply for gun ownership, even via the laws and restrictions already in place, according to the liberal/socialist collective…you are too mentally ill to be in possession of a firearm because, in their anti-2nd Amendment minds, there must something wrong with you.

No gun for you.

If you already own a firearm, they, the liberal/socialist collective, will demand that you get a mental health evaluation to see if you are stable enough to KEEP your gun and guess what…you won’t be so…no guns for you either and the government will come to take them away from you. If you stand your ground, as per our 2nd Amendment and defend your right to keep and bear arms well, then the liberal/socialist collective will use THAT against you too, and say that the fact that you only allowed your gun to be taken from your “cold, dead hands” was PROOF that you were a mental case.

If, on the other hand, you never apply for, or jump through all the flaming legal hoops in order to get a gun, and you have one that you stole or bought on the street and use it to commit murder, well, they’ll just say there was no way on knowing and if you’re lucky, the government, under the control of some liberal/socialist, will send representatives to your funeral and proclaim you to have been a saint.

The government should not now, or ever, be in charge of deciding who is or is not mentally ill and here is the reason why…those who see nothing wrong with giving weapons to the lgc 4Mexican drug cartels and have been arming Islamic “rebels” with military weapons, including tanks, F-16’s, rocket launchers and sniper rifles not to mention HIRING those well-armed Islamists to provide SECURITY at our embassy mission in Benghazi…those who have armed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office (we all know how dangerous trout can be) the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, the Social Security Department and some other 65 governmental beaurocratic agencies should NOT, I repeat…NOT…be in the position of deciding that YOU, because you believe in the 2nd Amendment, are somehow…unstable enough to keep and bear arms.

Next, let’s examine what these liberal/socialists mean by “sensible gun control legislation,” shall we?

What we have right now, in place, IS sensible legislation where it comes to who can lawfully purchase and own firearms and it’s a damn fair bet that none of the Islamists or Mexican drug cartels the Obama regime has armed were put through a single background check or had to sit tight through a government mandated waiting period…as sensible as it would have been to have enforced those existing laws in their cases.lgc 5

What the liberal/socialists are pushing for is SENSELESS gun control legislation because only the law ABIDING members of society will adhere to ANY laws and it is not the law ABIDING who are the problem…the CRIMINAL element in our society are the problem.

While it is the individual lunatic, like Mercer last week, who grabs the headlines and the attention of those who have vowed never to let a crisis go to waste, it is the rampant onslaught of the criminal element who are responsible for the overwhelming vast majority of crimes, murder or otherwise, in which a gun is the weapon of choice.

In Baltimore for instance, the criminal element is on a rampage.

In September alone, homicides in Baltimore were up 39 percent and non-fatal shootings were nearly double over the same month just a year ago. For the year to date, murders in Baltimore, where a gun is the weapon of choice, are up 52 percent and non-fatal shootings are 80 percent above where they were at this time last year. Before the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore had only 65 murders but AFTER his death, blamed on police there, Baltimore’s murder rate has soared to 246 and counting. Why? Because Baltimore’s police have cut back patrols and interactions in those neighborhoods where the criminal element are the most present due to senseless actions taken by Obama’s regime in lgc 6scrutinizing the police while elevating criminals, like Gray, to a hero’s status.

You can believe that none of those 246 and counting murders were committed by law abiding folks…those who do abide by existing gun laws and would abide by new, liberal/socialist proposed gun laws and not one of those liberal/socialists, elected, running or otherwise can explain how any of their PROPOSED gun laws would do a single thing to stop those who are among the criminal element from continuing their rampage.

Now then, what we need, to curb the criminal acts where guns are the weapon of choice is not GUN control but…SELF control and while self-control cannot be legislated any more than can morals, stiffer and harsher penalties for those convicted OF murder, who use a gun to COMMIT murder, CAN.

Anyone convicted of murder, where a gun is used, should receive an automatic death sentence and as to the appeal process, that which now can and often does stretch out to 20 years, must be curbed. Those convicted of murder, where a gun is used, should get but 3 appeals and they must be filed and adjudicated within 5 years and ONLY where NEW and COMPELLING evidence is at hand. Strike 1…strike 2…and strike 3…LIGHTS OUT the very next day.

Liberals and socialists, those who want to infringe on the 2nd Amendment, know that it is that Amendment which enforces all the others and while those hell-bent on using a gun to commit murder will always find a way to do so…those hell-bent on tyranny must be stopped from doing so.lgc 7

Making it harder, if not impossible for the law abiding to get or keep their guns is NOT the answer but making it less and less desirable for CRIMINALS to commit murder with a gun IS a sensible approach but there is no one answer that will eliminate the problem completely.

One thing however, is clear…If we fail to stand for the 2nd Amendment…only the criminal and tyrannical elements will be protected by law.

3 thoughts on “Gun Control and the Liberal/Socialist Collective

  1. ☭bama; IS the most dangerous enemy combatant; who has ever declared war on America while residing in the “Peoples’ Mosque” (formerly known as the ǝsnoɥǝʇıɥʍ)! ☭bama himself has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt (in his own words and actions) that he is a “tyrannical, treasonous, condescending, liar, in contempt, socialist who IS diligently & deliberately destroying America from within”. And that my friend is a “National Security Threat”

  2. …“I Rick Allen Carfagna accept NO infringement on my Right to Bear Arms… I recognize NO definition of this right in terms of “hunting,” “recreational shooting,” or “self-defense”…. I understand that the government of the United States of America has been infiltrated and co-opted by individuals hostile to personal liberty and the customs of Free People in a civil society… I reserve the RIGHT to defend myself, if necessary, against tyrannical agents of this Government… I will NOT COMPLY with unconstitutional laws… I will defend my FREEDOM, today, tomorrow, and in the future – for as long as I draw breath – with my life.” Just because some communist loving tyrant in a black robe can’t wrap their head around that fact, it will in NO WAY affect the application of this statement. ~ Rick Allen Carfagna (Constitutional Republic Zealot)

  3. Every dictatorship & case of genocide (bar none) throughout the history of this planet began by disarming its citizenry. And this enemy combatant regime is NO different. There are NO firearm laws whatsoever in these United States of America… It doesn’t matter what some America hating tyrant in a black robe has to say about it… There are NO firearm laws in the United States… NONE! ZERO!! ZILCH!!! To comply with unconstitutional legislation is to nurture tyranny. There is ONE PLACE AND ONE PLACE ONLY in the entire Constitution of the United States of America, where the Founders felt it important enough to insert and emphasize…the right …..”Shall not be infringed.” When reading the 2nd Amendment, or any Amendment, it is very important to keep in mind that the Amendment does not create the right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment merely recognizes that the right already existed before the Bill of Rights was added to the original Constitution in 1789.

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