The Jail for Jesus Movement is Coming Soon

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

mart 1They have been successful.

The far, FAR religious right, those driven by those who pretend to be Christians and Conservatives, have successfully, in their minds, fabricated a martyr out of a useful, liberal idiot…Kim Davis…and they now stand on their holier-than-thou island and claim Davis was jailed solely because of her religion. They claim she was persecuted…only because of her Christian beliefs…not prosecuted for her contempt and disorderly conduct as anyone would be had they done in court what she did there.

“Jailed for being a Christian,” they are saying…”Christianity now against the law,” they claim.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Christians are not being rounded up in this country. They’re not being kept from attending whichever branch of church they choose. Churches are not being shut down in our country and the people are still free to worship in their own way.

It’s not that way in other parts of the world but these holier-then-thou Christians, those laser focused on Davis, don’t give a damn. Christians MURDERED in other parts of the world…rounded up, burned alive, shot…hanged, nailed to crosses, raped, tortured, beheaded and all just for being Christians…but where ARE those who have stood…loud and proud…for the woman who refuses to issue a marriage license in the face of all of that, from other parts of the world where there really IS a war on Christianity going on?

They are silent. They don’t care because THOSE Christians aren’t THEIR brand of Christians and if you aren’t exactly like THEM…you just aren’t worth their attention or their efforts but Kim Davis…Kim Davis IS one of them because…she, like the mart 2jihadis…hates…HATES gay people and THAT apparently is what makes one…in the eyes of the holier-than-thous…a REAL Christian…hatred of others who aren’t exactly like they are. If I thought for one moment that my religious affiliation had that sort of hatred in common with the ideology of Islam, I’d quickly rethink my choice of religions but these holier-than-thous seem content with that common aspect of their, and Islamic beliefs.

You can’t BE a Christian if you’re not hating the gays they will tell you and you can’t BE a Conservative if you’re not joining their hate fest either…that is what they are claiming and if you stand up FOR the rights of ALL and not just for SOME at the exclusion OF gay people…well…you are going to hell and then some.

In Facebook comments posted during last Wednesday’s Right Side Patriots radio show, Mark R. Bowen… a self-anointed messenger of the Conservative holier-than-thou Christian far right had this to say…Craig is probably getting BJ’s from the fags in here and Diane is probably taking movies of it.” In a second comment he offered that Diane and I were...”cocksucking butt fucking faggot lovers and you both will burn in hell and deserve to be killed.”

Just another so-called Conservative holier-than-thou Christian making Jesus proud huh?

Normally, I’m not in the business of prognostication but I am about to make a prediction here.

Kim Davis is just the tip of the hateberg.

What I believe we are about to see, and in rather short order, are hateful, spiteful, mart 3discriminating, bigots who seek THEIR 15 minutes of martyrdom fame who will do whatever it takes to be thrown in jail while proclaiming THEIR belief in Jesus just to further the two causes involved here.

The first being splitting the Conservative vote for 2016 and to THAT end, I believe the Conservative Christians involved will actually be liberals who couldn’t give a holy hell about faith…Christianity or otherwise but they smell blood in the water. They know, based on the reaction of the holier-than-thous to the PROSECUTION of Kim Davis that if they can dupe those same souls into believing there are more PERSECUTIONS going on…they can drive a wedge through the Conservative voters because people like Huckabee…Santorum and even Ted Cruz will take up the shield and pander directly to the self-righteous voters making them believe it’s a vote for Jesus or nothing and if one of those 3 doesn’t secure the nomination…the vote will be split ensuring a liberal victory in 2016.

You see…LIBERALS are MORE than gleeful to allow GAY people to be PERSECUTED by holier-than-thou CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES if it furthers their liberal mart 4agenda…hell…they’ve been using BLACK PEOPLE that way since the end of the Civil War to advance their agenda. Liberals will ENCOURAGE the gay population of our country to intentionally go to pizza parlors and bakeries that refuse to cater their events just to CAUSE the rift and the LGBT, an organization too butt stupid to realize they’re being played and supporters OF the pandering liberal agenda, will be all too happy to oblige.

And the second agenda, being that of the Christian holier-than-thou Conservatives, is the other part of the equation…those who seek theocracy because biblical law, they claim, supersedes the CIVIL laws of the land as per our Constitution, and they will do whatever they feel is necessary to further THEIR agenda of theocratic rule.

mart 5I believe we will soon be seeing holier-than-thous intentionally LOOKING for gay people against whom to discriminate, reciting Bible verses all the way to jail so that they too, like Davis, can become martyrs to THEIR cause and enjoy THEIR 15 minutes of fame. Hey…if Davis can be a martyr…why can’t THEY be a martyr?

Wouldn’t YOU like to be a martyr too?

They, the Conservative holier-than-thou- Christians will then boldly go to social media to try and shame OTHERS into getting THEIR asses thrown in JAIL FOR JESUS too. YOU can’t be a CHRISTIAN unless YOU discriminate against the EVIL gay people and go to JAIL FOR JESUS. YOU can’t be a REAL Conservative unless YOU are as bigoted as WE are and to prove YOUR Conservatism…you must go to JAIL FOR JESUS!!!

You see…the DAMN the Constitution, theocracy seeking, Conservative holier-than-thou Christians are MORE than gleeful to PRETEND to be the REAL victims of the very mart 6PERSECUTION they enact against the gay population if it furthers THEIR agenda because…persecuting gay people is what THEY claim Jesus WANTS them to do and if you don’t join them in their quest, if you won’t split the vote by casting your ballot in accordance to THEIR theocratic agenda…you aren’t a REAL Christian nor are you a real Conservative.

Both agendas, the liberal and the Conservative holier-than-thou Christian agendas will achieve the same outcome…yet another liberal/socialist occupying the oval office after the 2016 election because the liberals know that the only way they can win is if we split our vote and neither the gay liberals nor the holier-than-thou right have the wherewithal to realize they’re being used…that they are mere tools in the liberal/socialist tool chest.

Only by setting up the gay population, as they have set up the black population, while claiming to be the only party that gives a damn about either, can liberals maintain their mart 7voting bloc. It’s madness that all of this is transpiring today over a mere 3% of the population but I am telling you…you haven’t seen nothing yet.

While the Conservative, holier-than-thou Christians can’t define one single way same sex marriage effects their lives…how it negates any of their freedoms, how it infringes on their personal liberties or how in takes away any of their rights…they are intent on claiming same sex marriage is the ruination of America, that it destroys their church and that it violates the law.

The truth is something they simply don’t want to hear but here it is anyway…

Same sex marriage is offensive to them. It offends their sensibilities because it is different than their own marriages. They are offended. Oh, they CLAIM they are offended because the Bible says they should be offended but…it’s just that they ARE…offended.

We are a nation of laws…secular laws as that is what our Founders and Framers intended much to the consternation of the holier-than-thous but it is a fact. Our Founders and Framers viewed the theocratic rule of the King as tyranny and they fought a war of revolution to become independent so that the people of our nation could have the mart 8freedoms that theocracy didn’t allow…so that none would be persecuted for their beliefs and so that government itself couldn’t be the persecutors.

All men are created equal.

It hasn’t always been that way, we have failed in that respect and it took a Civil War and a 14th Amendment to the law of the land, our Constitution, to set precedent…a precedent we are still trying to achieve in that “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

There are privileges that accompany marriage as prescribed by civil law…in fact…according to the U.S. General Accounting Office, there are some 1138 privileges and protections offered to married couples in this great nation and all of them, until now, have been denied to committed couples of the same sex and in June of this year, without writing a single law as the holier-than-thous claim they did, the Supreme Court found that any laws, passed or enacted in any state, that deny those protections to any segment of our population were unconstitutional as per the 14th Amendment.

Oh, that decision may have offended the terminally self-righteous but we cannot remain a mart 9nation of liberty and freedom, of justice and equality if we continue to deny 3% of the population the rights, privileges and protections bestowed upon the other 97% of the population in accordance to our laws. We cannot remain a Constitutional Republic as the Founders and Framers ensured that we would be if we allow the precepts of religion…ANY religion or brand of religion to supersede our Constitutional rule of law.

As for Kim Davis, despite her claims and those of her fervent supporters, she, as a county clerk, is not personally sanctioning any marriage, gay or straight…she only acts as an agent of the county government under whom she is employed. Her signature on a license means nothing more than that the county government is satisfied that the couple applying for the license has met the requirements of civil law to do so, and the Supreme Court decision, striking down any law, in any state, that discriminated against those of the same sex as unconstitutional, nullified Kentucky laws that did just that.

Before the SCOTUS decision in June, Davis was within the law of the state of Kentucky to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples but after that decision, and with the blessing of it by Kentucky’s Governor and Attorney general, Davis was acting in violation of the law in her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She challenged the decision and lost those challenges over and over again yet she defied court orders and continued to refuse the licenses bringing about being cited for contempt of court and her disruptive outbursts caused the further citing of disorderly conduct.mart 10

Her religious beliefs were not the reason she, as she and her supporters continue to claim, was sent to jail…it was her, and her supporters excuse for her being sent to jail…an excuse we will see used over and over again by those being goaded on by liberals, who seek THEIR 15 minutes of fabricated and politically pandered to martyrdom fame.


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5 thoughts on “The Jail for Jesus Movement is Coming Soon

  1. The “Christian right” or “conservatives” have no more right to impose their theocracy on the country as do Islamists have the right to impose sharia on the country. Both are in violation of the Constitution.

    More and more I see a certain philosophy creeping into comments and, whether they know it or not, that philosophy is “Dominionism” which has many characteristics very similar to Islam. Radicals of that belief even want to execute gays and others for their “sins”. Christian love has no place in their thinking, and they want to impose it on the “Seven Mountains” of society.

    And then there’s their communistic “End Time Transfer of Wealth” belief based on a misinterpretation of a certain scripture verse. What that is is the taking of wealth from non-believers and giving it to the “priests” and “kings” of their belief system. “Taking” implies non-consensual confiscation.

    All of this is verifiable with searches on those terms. Also verifiable is that Rafael Cruz has anointed Ted as a “king” in this.

  2. One more point…The SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage mandates National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Using the same “due procedure clause” argument as the SCOTUS just applied to gay marriage, my concealed carry permit must be recognized as valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

  3. I am the farthest thing from what you are painting me as here . So is Kim Davis . We have a rogue Supreme Court . The attack on freedom of religion comes from the gays themselves that demand churches , bakers and now tax payers of every community in America exalt their brand of adultery above others . I don’t claim not to be a sinner or that my sin is any better than thiers . That is their assertion against me . I won’t repent of my adultery , and then exalt theirs .

    I hope you are right that this is just the beginning . I hope Kim gets famous and others follow . That is how the Constitution is designed to work . All Kim is doing is making a personal sacrifice to become a test case against a Supreme court that says gay adultery is to be exalted as biblical marriage . Holy matrimony .

    I don’t care if you believe in the Bible or not . It is where marriage is authored and defined . The gay’s have a genuine beef against the word marriage even being in the tax code . There is where religion is wrongly embraced by government . Conservatives probably told them way back then that it would be used as a government foot in the door to define marriage next . Now they are right . It turns out the word marriage is not all they want to define , the attack is on the word Holy .

    The fake conservatives here are the ones that abandon that original stand now and would give the Supreme court the power to define what is holy for their coming hate speech laws push where they will tell us what Christians can say in their churches . Where because the law says gayness with a license is holy and not sin it will be illegal to even read some passages in the Bible because they conflict with your freakish government defined holiness . Gross .

  4. Craig,
    I follow you all the time and think you are an awesome writer. I loved this article, and mostly agree with it. But in the last paragraph, where you state that before the SCOTUS decision in June, Kim Davis was within her rights and the law to deny same-sex marriage licenses. But the SCOTUS only forms opinions or rules on current laws. All their ruling did give all 50 states the RIGHT for same sex couples to be married. But NO law was passed. Congress makes law. And Congress made no law regarding same-sex marriage. The Kentucky Constitution did NOT change. It still says it is forbidden to marry people of the same sex. It seems to me that this is a States rights issue and the SCOTUS DECISION did not change one thing!! The SCOTUS does not make law!!! Please tell me if I have this wrong. I do enjoy your articles, but use them as a source of information and knowledge on sticky subjects like this one.
    Thank you,
    Terry Rasmussen

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