Live Long and Perspire…In MEXICO!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

pope 1A papal visit is always good for a spontaneous moment isn’t it?

Or IS it?

As the Pope paraded through Washington DC a few days ago, a little girl, carrying a yellow T-shirt, ran from the crowd, haltingly at first, until Pope Francis motioned for her to join him and then…it went viral…just as planned.

That’s correct…she, that little 5 year old girl was a plant…a child of illegal aliens hand-picked nearly a year ago to do exactly what she did. It was rehearsed. It was staged. It was a public relations maneuver put together by a Los Angeles based, illegal alien support group called…Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition.

Full rights for ILLEGAL ALIENS is what the group SHOULD be called as it is exactly that for which they advocate…full rights for those whose very first act in our country was the breaking of our laws.

According to Juan Jose Gutierrez…

“We have been working for a while now trying to sensitize the American public that dealing with immigration is not just dealing with the people who came in without proper documents but thapope 3t we also have … countless children whose parents are undocumented.”

Of little Sophie Cruz, the illegal alien propaganda tool used last week in Washington, Gutierrez said, “We have been looking for children to make the case that we as adults have been making for years. Sophie impressed us all so much that we felt she would be our best spokesman,” and he added that had their little illegal alien tool not been “blessed” by the Pope in Washington D.C. then they would have hauled her off to New York to try the stunt again.

Only in America, right?

ONLY in AMERICA could a 5 year old ANCHOR BABY of ILLEGAL ALIEN parents be blessed by a SOCIALIST Pope during a parade through our nation’s capitol and then have those who staged the whole charade BRAG about it.

And just how much of a tool was that little ANCHOR BABY?

Here’s what SHE said about it…

“I believe I have the right to live with my parents. I have the right to be happy. My dad works very hard in a factory galvanizing pieces of metal. All immigrants just like my dad feed this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect.”

According to Gutierrez, “She didn’t have anyone coaching her. She just spoke from her heart. It all came from her.”pope 2

Uh huh…nobody coached her…that is the way 5 year olds speak and nobody coached her. And her run to the Pope was spontaneous too…right? Come on…they COACHED her for nearly a YEAR to do what she did, they REHEARSED it and they were prepared to pack her up and take her to NY to try it again if it didn’t work in D.C. but NOBODY COACHED her to say what she said?

And I suppose, just by coincidence, there was also a sale on father/daughter T-shirts at the GAP for ILLEGAL ALIENS on Wednesday?

Give me apope 4 freakin’ break here.

They’ve done it before. The same illegal alien support group staged the exact same stunt, using a 10 year old, in ROME last year and they used THAT tool to deliver a message to the Pope to urge Obama to free the little girl’s father from an illegal alien detention facility.

About the only thing they didn’t coach Sophie Cruz to do was play the race card…oh wait…she threw THIS in for good measure…

“My friends and I love each other no matter our skin color.”

There’s the race card.

But the little tool wasn’t finished yet…she had something more to say as only a 5 year old could, you know, from her heart without being coached…

“I want To speak with the president and Congress, for they can give ‘la reforma migratoria’ for all the impope 5migrants.”

Since the little tool of the illegal alien agenda has such a good vocabulary and apparent comprehension skills, let me address her specifically…listen you little Myna Bird…your father is not an immigrant as immigrants come here LEGALLY, with proper documentation. They apply for work visas, student visas or citizenship and they wait their turn. What your father is, is an ILLEGAL alien as HE is in OUR country ILLEGALLY. He broke our laws by coming here as he did and that makes HIM…a CRIMINAL.

Now then, you were born here, as an anchor baby, which means that YOU are an American citizen but your PARENTS have to go back to Mexico and it is THEIR choice whether or not they take you back with them. They can take you back to Mexico or, perhaps, leave you here in foster care until they do things the right way and come here LEGALLY to rejoin you.

Oh, I can hear the gnashing of liberal/socialist teeth and the wadding of their papope 6nties already. How DARE I suggest splitting up a family just because the parents have no respect for the rule of law. How DARE I be so RACIST.

Let me tell THEM something…race has not one damn thing to do with it. I don’t give a happy damn what color people are, never have and never will. What I DO care about is the laws of our nation and I don’t care what color those who BREAK those laws are…there needs to be a pathway to JUSTICE in our nation and those who BREAK our laws must FACE that justice. THEY made the decision to break our laws…let THEM decide whether to split up their own family or to stay together where they, the illegal alien parents came from to begin with.

So, what now? Are we all supposed to bow down to the illegal alien agenda because of this little propaganda tool? Are we all supposed to bow down to that agenda because the tool was blessed by a socialist Pope?

Sorry…not me.pope 7

I say find that little anchor baby, find her parents and deport the lot of them back to wherever they came from and let dear old dad find a job galvanizing metal in some MEXICAN factory until they decide to come here the RIGHT way…by OBEYING our laws rather than BREAKING our laws. Let them learn to live WITHIN our laws rather than FLAUNT our laws.

Until then…I say, live long and perspire in MEXICO!!!


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