Kim Davis – Agenda of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

kd 1When my Right Side Patriots radio partner and friend, Diane Sori and I wrote and published yesterday’s article, “First Amendment Held Hostage in Kentucky,” I had no intention of writing a follow-up article but, considering the comments received after yesterday’s article…I felt compelled to address a few things which some folks out there just refuse to grasp.

Far too many of the holier-than-thou religious Conservatives out there, and one can only guess from some talking points memo, are feigning ignorance which makes them appear foolish…their top question has been…”What law did this woman, Davis, break to be sent to jail?”

That of course was followed by an often repeated, in nearly the exact same wording…”What law did congress pass making gay marriage legal?” And the direct talking points memo statement of…”She’s in jail for her beliefs…not for breaking any law,” was another oft repeated comment being made so…let me make this clear for the terminally religious fabricaters of spin out there…

Kim Davis was sent to jail for contempt of court and disorderly conduct…NOT for her kd 2beliefs. She intentionally, and repeatedly defied a court order to act according to the law and she continually disrupted the court proceeding with her antics and by interrupting the judge. Any person, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have been met with the exact same response from a judge.

Now…as to the law…the one the holier-than-thou spinners claim doesn’t exist…it’s called the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution…specifically, the Equal Protection clause and no…it wasn’t written by the Supreme Court as many of the spinners claim…it was written after the Civil War to protect ALL Americans from discrimination and cited in the Supreme Court ruling last June.

By that Amendment…it is illegal to provide protections of the law to some but not to others and marriage offers certain benefits and protections…if only applied to some but not to others…those benefits and protections are applied in a discriminating fashion and our Constitution, the 14th Amendment, say’s clearly that is unconstitutional. Therefore…any kd 3laws, or state Constitutions which apply any law, in this case, the benefits and protections of marriage in a discriminating fashion, are unconstitutional and therefore…illegal. What the Supreme Court did was bar such discrimination…in accordance with the Constitution…they did NOT write some new law.

Next up…Davis herself…WANTED to go to jail…to make herself out to be some sort of martyr which the holier-than-thou bunch glommed onto quickly. NOW, however, it seems she lacks of courage of HER…and THEIR…convictions as she filed an APPEAL and was released yesterday with the stipulation that she not interfere with the issuing of marriage licenses to same sex couples by others in her office lest she have sanctions placed upon her…whatever sanctions those might be.

Now then…for all those who claim, in their most Pius tones…”She is being told that in order to get out of jail she must renounce her Christian beliefs!!!” No…that is nothing but another fabricated spin. What she had do to get out of the jail she wanted to be in but then wanted to be let out of, was to agree to act in accordance to the law and not force HER beliefs on others. It’s just that simple.

And to those who say that violates HER 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion…I ask where were you when she was violating the 14th Amendment? Anyway…it is not a violation of her 1st Amendment…as she is, and always has been, free to practice her brand of holier-than-thou kd 4Christianity…judging others without she herself being judged…in her private, personal life however, as she has a GOVERNMENT job and nowhere In her job description does it state that she is free to apply her religious beliefs, whatever they may be, to her duties and allow those whatever they may be beliefs determine how she will do her job. In fact…if this woman, Kim Davis really, REALLY had the courage of her and her supporters convictions…she would have long ago RESIGNED from her taxpayer funded job and based her resignation on her beliefs…but she didn’t do that did she?

Now why didn’t she do that? I could give you about $80,000 dollars per year worth of reasons she decided to make this fuss and violate the 14th Amendment from her government perch.

In other words…this holier-than-thou Christian is only willing to be the people’s martyr for an $80,000 dollar per year paycheck…some of which is funded by the very people she kd 5claims to be steadfastly against…the gay population of Rowan County Kentucky. She has no problem allowing them to pay part of her salary but she refuses to grant them a marriage license and lest some out there try to convince me that the gay population is such a small part of her salary base…in which case they would be correct…allow me to counter with…Davis has been refusing to issue marriage licenses to STRAIGHT people too…therefore…screwing ALL the people of Rowan County Kentucky while demanding she KEEP her job AND her paycheck.

Here’s another oft repeated comment from the holier-than-thou set from yesterday’s postings…“Craig you really jumped the shark on this one. “We the people are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights…” If you ignore the “our Creator” part you miss the whole point of the American experiment. Kim Davis is standing up for the Creator of the Universe, and his plan for human happiness. There is but one God, who Created this universe, and he revealed himself to mankind through Jesus Christ. This fact is at the core of the US Constitution, where Jesus is present kd 6and named “LORD.” Gay marriage is not a plan for human happiness, it is a plan to break up Churches and Synagogues. “

First of all…among those unalienable rights IS the 14th Amendment and its Equal Protection clause as well as the 1st Amendment which prevents government from using ANY religion as the base for its actions as well as protecting PERSONAL beliefs from government persecution which leads me to another point which I feel MUST be made regarding this whole Kim Davis thing…

Kim Davis…the $80,000 dollar per year martyr…is NOT being PERSECUTED for her personal beliefs…she is being PROSECUTED for her willful misconduct in court and her willful act of defying a court order…a court order which, by the way, did NOT include renouncing her personal faith. There IS a difference between being PERSECUTED and being PROSECUTED and no amount of holier-than-thou spin can make the latter into the former when the facts are admitted to but like liberals…the holier-than-thous who left nasty, and in some cases vile comments related to yesterday’s article really don’t want to have a relationship with the facts.

Diane and I were excoriated yesterday for “dragging Sharia” into the mix because, as we were often told by the holier-than-thous, Kim Davis is NOT a Muslim. Well…we never kd 7said OR implied she WAS but our reason for adding it to the article IS very valid…unless one is a hypocrite.

Those who are standing with Davis claim she is well within her rights to base HER adjudication of the law on HER personal religious beliefs and that she should be allowed to do so without ANY interference so…let’s say some county clerk somewhere suddenly converts to ISLAM and then decides, in accordance with THAT clerk’s newfound belief…NOT to issue marriage licenses to anyone who does not follow SHARIA law…would the same holier-than-thous stand for THAT clerk the way they are standing for Kim Davis? Of COURSE not…THEY don’t believe that THAT religion has ANY basis in OUR rule of law but…they are MORE than willing to publicly state that DAVIS’ religion must be accepted in the adjudication of HER job. In that same line of thought…those same holier-than-thous are REPULSED when Obama acts above the law but perfectly willing to stand by while Davis acts above the law.

Having it both ways is a typical liberal/socialist policy and is the thought process of a devout hypocrite.

As Diane and I went through the various comments we received yesterday, once again astonished that the nastiest of them always seem to come from those who profess to be kd 8such strong Christians…we took note that many of said comments relied on much of the same key words and key phrases…different people…commenting on different posts, hers and mine but…leaving the same comments. It was orchestrated…leading us to believe that not only are the responses coming from a central point but that perhaps this entire Kim Davis uproar is also orchestrated.

Remember, Kim Davis IS a liberal and is there any better way for liberals to further Hillary’s fabricated “conservative war against women” agenda, than to have one of their own pose as a martyr?

Finally…despite the FACT that the Bible never uses the word “MARRIAGE” nor does it, in fact, offer a DEFINITION of marriage…despite the FACT that the FIRST definition of marriage, from the 14th century, INCLUDED those of the same sex as we pointed out in yesterday’s article…

Another FACT is that OUR nation’s laws, the basis FOR our nation’s laws starts with “WE the People” and not “In the Beginning,” as our Founders ad Framers, despite THEIR personal beliefs…kept the two separate…religion and government…and whether or not the holier-than-thous want to believe it…our Constitution does contain some 4543 words…NONE of which are “Bible,” “Jesus,” or “Christianity,” as we are a Constitutional Republic and NOT a theocracy.

Being a CHRISTIAN mkd 9eans we do NOT judge those who are different from us based on those differences and being a CONSERVATIVE means we do NOT allow ANY to be above the law of the land. Those who claim to be both, Christian and Conservative who are advocating Davis be allowed to remain above the law and ARE judging others who are different from themselves…I submit…are neither truly Christian NOR Conservative. They are hypocrites…liberals or both and Kim Davis is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, a useful tool in the liberal agenda to divide the flock for the 2016 election.


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3 thoughts on “Kim Davis – Agenda of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. The constitution delegated certain specific powers to the federal government and those not specified were to be state powers. Nowhere in the constitution was authority over marriage granted to the federal government. Perhaps the question should be, when did government intrude into what previously had been a private union? Marriage is an area that should be approached in a libertarian fashion where the government stays the hell out of it.

  2. It is my understanding that all she asked was her name be removed from the process. She is willing to issue the certificates, just doesn’t want it to say “Issued by Kim Davis”.

    As for the Christians not judging, that is just blatantly false. The Bible tells us to love one another, but it also tells us that we can tell believers by their fruit. How are you to know someone’s “fruit” without judging. The only prohibition on judging is that you must be prepared to be judged by the same standard you are judging. We also can’t judge the position of a person’s soul before God. The World wants the “Happy Loving Buddha God”, but want nothing to do with the “Holy, Just God”. I for one am tired of it. Does it excuse bad behavior on the part of Christians? Absolutely not. Bad behavior is bad behavior no matter what. I too am appalled at how some Christians act when they are trying to defend their beliefs.

    • Lori…
      Had she simply wanted to be removed from the process, she would have not denied any marriage licenses and prevented her staff from issuing them plus…what she is saying NOW is that unless HER signature is on the license…the license is not valid. Therefore, as she has BEEN removed from the process…she STILL insists that her beliefs hold sway OVER the process so that is a false argument to make and one that has been made over and over this morning in comments…again from a talking points issued communication. More spin…more falsehoods.Other than that…what Davis is doing IS judging others souls before God and in my book…that doesn’t make her much of a Christian.

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