Buh Bye Boehner!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

BUH 1So, John Boehner finally did something right. He announced he will be stepping down as Speaker of the House and retiring from Congress altogether at the end of October.

Buh bye Boehner and don’t let the door hit you in the Obama on your way out.

Boehner rose to the Speaker’s chair in 2011 after the shellacking Obama and liberals took in the 2010 midterm election. We had hopes that he would represent the Conservatives on whose coattails Boehner rode into the position but that soon proved not to be the case.

Boehner was a RINO and far, FAR too often ended up either siding with or simply caving in to Obama’s agenda. As the leader of the republican majority in the House, John Boehner was a crying, slobbering failure.

It was revealed last month that Boehner didn’t have enough votes to retain his Speakership and, as losers often do, Boehner moved the goal posts, by cancelling the vote and hoping to somehow salvage his position for a later attempt.

It was never to be.

As Boehner put it to reporters, after dropping the bombshell behind closed doors Friday morning…

“It’s the right time.”

If you ask me, it’s well past the right time but, better late than never as we face THE most buh 2important election of our lives in 2016 and the last thing we needed going into next November, and with presidential primaries beginning in just 5 short months, was an anchor dragging the bottom as our ship tries to pick up steam.

Who will become the NEW Speaker?

Right now, nobody knows but one thing is certain, it won’t be pretty. The GOP establishment, of which Boehner was a key part, is mad as hell and the Conservatives, who paved the way for Boehner to ascend to the Speakership, those who essentially forced his early exit, want someone who will be bullish against Obama and the liberal agenda.

There will, no doubt, be a pitched battle for the leadership position but for now, the driver’s seat belongs not to the GOP but to those aligned against Boehner and the key thing, the straw that broke the RINO’s back as it were, is the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Boehner caved to Obama and the liberal/socialist agenda and was set to allow the continued funding of the abortion mill organization while Conservatives continue, and buh 3rightfully so, for the total DEFUNDING of Planned Parenthood.

So, just how pissed off ARE the RINO’s of the GOP?

According to Congressman David Jolly, RINO extraordinaire, “The honor of John Boehner this morning stands in stark contrast to the idiocy of those members who seek to continually divide us.” Really? Those who understand that Republicans HAVE the majority and are willing to stand AGAINST Obama and his liberal/socialist agenda at a point in time when our Constitutional Republic is slipping away…are IDIOTS???

And Boehner, the Speaker who’s job SHOULD have been to STOP Obama in his tracks but sided WITH Obama at every turn…HE is the one with HONOR???

The fact that the establishment sees Boehner as a man of honor is troubling enough but equally as troubling is the supposed leader in the race to become Boehner’s replacement, one Kevin McCarthy, an estabuh 4blishment Republican out of California and the current Majority Leader…second in command…to Boehner.

And how much of a man of honor is McCarthy? Apparently, not much as it has been widely reported and known for years, at least since 2011, that the married McCarthy has had a running affair with North Carolina Congresswoman Renee Elmers. And who is Renee ELmers? She is a PRO-ABORTION RINO.

And with Boehner on his way out, will former Ohio Congressman John Kasich, now a presidential candidate, abandon his 2016 plan where he floundering financially, to seek Boehner’s seat in a special election? Were I a betting man, I’d say yes.

If McCarthy gets the seat, we won’t be in any better shape than we are now but the real question is why? Why now? What makes THIS the right time for Boehner to announce his resignation?

There has to be more to it than simply not having enough votes to maintain his position and more than just being tired of the infighting between the establishment and the buh 5Conservative wings of the party.

About a year and a half ago, my Right Side Patriots partner and friend, Diane Sori and I, published a series on Benghazi and toward the end of that series, we included our speculation regarding a role Boehner may well have played. That being that Ambassador Stevens went to Boehner over concerns revolving around Obama gun running from Libyan “rebels” to Syrian “rebels” and that Boehner shut the Ambassador down.

From that article: “We believe that this is what Boehner refers to in his interview with Laura Ingram when he said, he’s heard the “chatter” about gun-running being at the center of the Benghazi scandal, but can’t elaborate on it because it came from a “classified source”…(like Ambassador Stevens himself perhaps).”

“On September 19, 2012, eight days after the attack and again on October 25, 2012, John Boehner met with Leon Panetta…who at this point Boehner still trusted…bad mistake…to discuss ‘issues’ like the IRS scandal and such. Now don’t dare believe that they didn’t discuss Benghazi…you know as well as we do that they did. And Panetta being the good Obama and Hillary loyalist immediately told Obama and Hillary what Boehner told him…then setting up a foundation to silence Boehner…to stop Boehner from OK’ing what ‘We the People’ and the families left behind so demanded…an Independent Investigation into Benghazi.”

“Blackmail plain and simple.”

“We believe Boehner knows the others besides himself to whom Stevens sent his information, and that Obama and crew know he knows but at this point have NOT been able to ‘break him’ if you will, but by blackmailing him they can keep him in check. It’s been public knowledge that Boehner has been suspected of having an affair with Lisbeth Lyons, Vice President for Government Affairs for the American buh 6Printers Association and a DC lobbyist…which both have flatly denied, but what if Obama and crew have proof…as in pictures or tapes. Remember, a sex scandal destroyed General Petraeus’ career and got Billy-Boy impeached, as it destroyed others as well.”

“Now consider this as an adjunct possibility…with a good old-fashioned sex scandal the only thing that seems to be what brings a DC politician down…and with Boehner being the third in line for the presidency…a position he so wants to keep…maybe a tit-for-tat tradeoff of silence was reached…as in Boehner maybe telling Obama ‘you keep your DNC cronies and lapdog media out of my personal business or else I blow the lid off Benghazi.’”

How close were we in our assessment of Boehner’s role in the Benghazi cover-up? Well, when the Secret Service showed up at our CPR Worldwide media CEO’s home…THEY demanded to know from HIM…How WE knew about JOHN BOEHNER as well as demanding to know who our source…INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE was.

Is Boehner reading the handwriting on the wall or, is he reading the emails on the server…Hillary’s now forensically restored by the FBI server?

buh 7And let’s face it, the GOP establishment’s “man of honor” was reportedly having more than one affair…one reported above and another…well, let’s just say, with a staffer who wasn’t playing for the same team as Ms. Lyons and I’m not talking about political affiliation here. Have we ever been able to confirm our source’s information regarding that second affair? No…but the source has always been good.

What if some, or all of Boehner’s duck and cover is the subject of some of Hillary’s emails…emails that are on the fast-track to Trey Gowdy’s office and committee? Emails that are sure to be leaked soon and possibly right after Hillary goes before that committee next month?

Well…that just wouldn’t do for the establishment’s sitting House Speaker now would it?

Is it just coincidence that days after the breaking news that the FBI is rbuh 8ecovering Hillary’s emails that Boehner finds it’s the right time to step down AND resign his Ohio congressional seat? I think not.

The real question here is this…is Boehner leaving to, as the establishment wants us to believe, “preserve the institution,” or is he leaving because he’s about to be exposed as anything BUT a man of honor?

We shall wait and we shall see.


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