Hillary’s Mess…First Treason and Now, Espionage?

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

hil 1In this day and age, laws change quickly…what is law today may not be so tomorrow and what isn’t law today could well become law by tomorrow morning but some laws, on the books for nearly a century, remain as pointed and relevant now as they were then.

Case in point…the Espionage Act of 1917.

In that act, it clearly states that…“gross negligence” as per the handling of any information regarding our national defense is a punishable offense…a crime…and as such, should national defense information be removed from or not stored properly…not stored in its “proper place of custody,” the responsible government official would face a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

Hello Hillary Clinton.

While one certainly knows that in 1917, the “proper place of custody” was a file cabinet or a safe and that those who wrote and enacted the Act never in their wildest dreams considered the advent of email…government servers, not one’s private servers located in one’s home in Chappaqua N.Y. are the “proper places of custody” today and in that regard…Hillary Clinton and her use of private email addresses and said servers is in breach of the 1917 Act.

Just a few weeks ago…

Inspector’s General sampled just 40 of the 30,000 emails Hillary had turned over to the Department of State…turned over nearly 2 years after she left the lead role in that hil 2department…turned over only after a stink had been raised and turned over from her private email accounts and her private servers and what do you know? 4 of the 40 contained classified information…classified when it was first generated and still classified today.

And what was her excuse for this breach of the Espionage Act of 1917?

She claimed that those 4 emails were not marked as “classified” at the time she generated or received them…which is a lie…and also which leads one to believe that the woman who told congress during questioning that she simply didn’t have time to read all her emails…was grossly negligent in her handling of sensitive classified information from the get go.

So…just 4 out of 30,000? That’s it?

Not hardly.

hil 3Those 4 were just 4 of a sample size of 40 first looked at by Inspectors General and since then, just last week in fact…another 37 emails containing classified information were discovered which prompted the Department of State to issue a statement revealing that there could in fact, be hundreds more yet to come and all of them from Hillary Clinton’s private email accounts and from her private servers.

But wait, there’s more.

Remember how, when Hillary finally did turn over that lot of 30,000 emails, that it was she and her staff…her now private staff as she no longer enjoys the title she once held, that went through all her emails…deciding which were to be the property of the Department of State and which were…personal emails?

Well…here’s a question which I believe needs to be answered and answered right now…did Hillary’s private staff have security clearance? Let’s face it…Hillary herself…who hil 4didn’t have time to read her emails when they were fresh, didn’t pour through more than 60,000 of them in her off time while preparing to run for the 2016 oval office.

I’m guessing the answer is no since her staff is HER staff and they do not work for the government which of course begs yet another question…what did they see in those emails? What national security, classified and sensitive information did they read when making the decisions as to what would and would not be turned over?

For that matter…what of the 32,000 plus emails that were deemed, by Hillary’s private staff, to be PERSONAL…that were contained in Hillary’s private email accounts and held for years on Hillary’s private servers? What was in THOSE emails? Did any of THOSE emails contain other than personal, “hi, how ya doin’” notes?

Given what we know, and given her history which includes being fired from the committee investigating Watergate in 1972 for lying and unethical behavior…one would have to guess…odds are strongly in favor of yes…many of those now missing 32,000 “personal;” emails contained something other than small talk about the weather.

Oh, liberals are tripping all over themselves to label Hillary’s problems as the latest…what did she call it back when Bill was using his intern as a cigar hil 5humidor…”vast rightwing conspiracy”…but it is most certainly much more than that.

For months after the first word of a private Hillary email account went public…it was Hillary herself who denied any such thing all the while knowing full well it was true and, remember her close personal aide…Philipppe Reines…who vigorously tore up a reporter regarding being asked a question about Hillary’s use of a private email account from which she conducted official business for the Department of State? Yeah well…he just a couple of weeks ago turned over some 20 boxes emails that were in HIS possession from HER private email accounts.

And let’s not forget that the Department of State managed to stonewall FOIA requests for better than 4 years where Hillary’s emails were concerned and THAT has now drawn the ire of federal court Judge Richard Leon who ripped into the Department of State’s team of attorneys over a stonewalled request for a mere 60 emails from Hillary Clinton stating that…“Now, any person should be able to review that in one day – one day… Even the least ambitious bureaucrat could do this.”hil 6

Just a few days ago, U.S. District Court judge Emmett Sullivan ORDERED 2 of Hillary’s top aides…one being Huma Abedin and the other being Cheryl Mills to attest…under penalty of PERJURY…that they have turned over ALL official government records and documents…including emails…that they had in their possession. Judge Sullivan ALSO ordered the Department of State to “identify any and all servers, accounts, hard drives, or other devices currently in the possession or control of the State Department or otherwise that may contain responsive information.”

Judge Sullivan ORDERED that his directives be followed and that all such information be turned over by this Friday.

The outcome of Judge Sullivan’s orders will be interesting to say the least as it presents quite the Catch 22…if Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills swear they have turned over all the documents they had in their possession or if they turn over anything more…it is further evidence that Hillary violated the Espionage Act of 1917 and if they fail to swear they complied with the Judge’s orders…it’s further evidence of the same. If they swear they have complied and something comes to light at a later date…they will have to face the music from the Perjury Philharmonic Orchestra.

Of course, the email scandal isn’t the only black cloud raining on Hillary’s supposed hil 7inaugural parade either…there’s Benghazi as well and let’s be honest here…many of the emails in question are undoubtedly regarding Benghazi.

Some say it takes one to know one and in that vein…I give you G. Gordon Liddy who recently said, of Hillary’s woes…“Bear in mind that nobody even caught a cold at the Watergate office building. But four devoted American citizens, including an ambassador, were left to die in Benghazi.” Liddy went on to opine about the Hillary email scandal by stating…“It’s obvious what she has done. She has cherry picked information to go public. Destroyed and or concealed the rest. The woman is a flat out liar. She’s a woman who is devoted to the dollar rather the country. And I think her election would be a disaster to the American people.”

So, does any of this mean that Hillary Clinton will be headed to jail?

No…but it is, I believe, the beginning of the end of her 2016 campaign as even the DNC knows she’s not fit for the office. Amid the swirling scandals and as more and more misdeeds come to light…I believe the DNC will, like they did in 2008, turn their backs on Hillary and force her, this time, out of the race well before the primaries but…the DNC will also pull Obama’s puppet strings and make him dance the Presidential Pardon jig at the end of his dictatorship in much the same way as Bill Clinton issued his former Director of hil 8the CIA, John Deutch, a pardon for essentially keeping official records and documents on HIS home computers thus violating the Espionage Act of 1917…just like Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is finished and while nobody would like to see her wearing an orange pantsuit in Leavenworth more than I would…except maybe for Billy Boy…it ain’t going to happen but, at least, she will never become the Queen.


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  1. Terrific article! I’ve thought this for months, that Billary took the SecState job so she could satisfy the promises she and Slick Willie started making back in the early 2000’s to people and countries who bribed/”contributed” to their Clinton Crime Foundation based on their assumption that she would be President in ’08. Clearly the promises have gotten bigger as the payoffs have and I would not be surprised to find out that the root of Benghazi was a part of this. So now Barry has a huge lever over her head, a DOJ investigation and jail for treason. And what happens when a Republican becomes President, especially if it’s a non-establishment Sarah Palin, and unleashes the DOJ on ALL of the cases that have been held up for politics?

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