We’ll Keep Our Guns…THEY Can Go to Hell

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

So…now Hillary Clinton has joined Obama in the exploitation circus of liberals calling for more gun gth 1control measures…measures meant to do nothing but strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Here was her quote from Saturday…

“Regulations can be passed while still respecting the Second Amendment and “respecting responsible gun owners.”

“The politics on this issue have been poisoned, but we can’t give up. The stakes are too high. The costs are too dear.”

First of all…we already HAVE laws that respect LAW ABIDING gun owners in this country and ONLY the LAW ABIDING gun owners are ABIDING by them…and second…Well, I’ll get to my second point in a minute but first…let’s have another look at OBAMA’S insipid exploitation of this tragedy.

“We don’t know all the facts but…once again…someone who wanted to inflict harm…had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. Let’s be clear…at some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency and it IS in our power to do something about it.”

Okay…before my head explodes…let me now get to that second point.

To do so…let’s take the first part of Obama’s quote and combine it with the last part of Hillary’s quote.

gth 2“We don’t know all the facts but…once again…someone who wanted to inflict harm…had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. The politics on this issue have been poisoned, but we can’t give up. The stakes are too high. The costs are too dear.”


Brian Terry anyone? Fast and Furious anyone???




Obama teamed up with Eric Holder to ILLEGALLY RUN GUNS from Arizona to the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS and now…HUNDREDS of people on BOTH sides of the border are DEAD because of it and one of them is U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry!!!

Do you think that somebody…the Cartel members for instance…wanting to inflict harm had any trouble getting THOSE weapons???

And Benghazi???


Obama and Hillary teamed up to ILLEGALLY RUN GUNS from our enemies, al-Qaeda in Libya to our enemies…al-Qaeda in Syria through our diplomatic mission in Benghazi and FOUR DAMN GOOD AMERICANS…Stevens, Woods, Doherty and Smith were MURDERED because of it.

Anybody out there wondering what I’M wondering???

Did those al-Qaeda TERRORISTS want to inflict harm on anyone? DAMN STRAIGHT they did, and did THEY have any trouble getting THEIR hands on those weapons???

DAMN SKIPPY THEY DID NOT have one LICK of trouble getting their ISLAMIC TERRORIST hands on those weapons.

And that’s not all by a long shot…in BOTH cases…the politics have been poisoned…poisoned by traitors and treasonous acts perpetrated by Obama…Holder and Hillary…poisoned by the COVER UPS…poisoned by the intentional HIDING and DESTRUCTION of evidence and poisoned by LIES told to cover OTHER lies not to mention…THE STAKES AND THE COSTS…the lives of HUNDREDS and in the case of al-Qaeda perhaps THOUSANDS including the lives of AMERICANS were indeed too dear!!!

But there they are…liberal/socialist poster people telling US that WE need to have THEM impose more GUN CONTROL.

What I’m getting at here SHOULD be crystal damn clear, even to liberals but let me spell it out for them gth 5anyway…

The two low-life, treasonous snakes that are screaming the loudest, exploiting the murders of nine people in Charleston for their own agenda’s purpose…have had NO PROBLEM whatsoever in seeing to it that those hell-bent on MURDER…the drug lords of the Mexican drug cartels and the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…got THEIR hands on weapons that WE, as American citizens don’t have access to but…they believe that WE, as LAW ABIDING American citizens are NOT to be trusted with the weapons we DO have access to NOW.

Ask yourselves this…how many background checks did those Mexican drug cartels have to pass to get THEIR hands on high-powered weapons? How many gun licenses did THEY have to have before Obama had those weapons walked across the border and delivered into THEIR hands?

Ask yourselves how safe Brian Terry thinks he is today because of the liberal gun control agenda. Ask his FAMILY how THEY feel about trusting MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS with weapons that WE…as law abiding American citizens can’t get.

gth 6Ask yourselves how many background checks…how many gun licenses did those al-Qaeda TERRORISTS have to have before THEY were handed those weapons.


Did anybody think to ask them if they were mentally disturbed?

And where in THE hell is the EVIDENCE that would put Hillary and Obama away for the rest of their worthless lives?

In the case of Fast and Furious…Obama employed EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE to bury it deeper than they buried Brian Terry and in the case of Benghazi…HILLARY DELETED MORE THAN 30,000 EMAILS and the one we believe to be the primary whistle-blower…Ambassador Stevens…is DEAD…isn’t he?

And what have we all be told by these two bottom-dwellers?

Oh…the tracking systems failed on the guns we gave the cartels and some damn YOU TUBE video was the cause of the street skirmish in Benghazi.


Need me to be MORE clear on the liberal agenda in regard to “gun control?”


If these two, Hillary and Obama… along with the sycophants who vote for them all have GTH 7their way…there won’t be anybody BUT those who “intend harm” with their hands on guns in this country. The thugs, thieves, rioters, looters and arsonists…the murders who walk our streets and a tyrannical government will be the ONLY people with guns and the rest of us, liberals or Conservatives…we will occupy the nation as the targets in a target rich environment.

Let’s take another piece of the liberal agenda that Obama and Hillary are so damn proud of and extrapolate it for the sake of illustrating the insipid nature of it.

Gun Free Zones.

If you turned the entire Middle East and North Africa into a gun free zone…like Chicago for instance…just exactly who do you really think would give up their weapons? The law abiding or the damned ISLAMIC TERRORISTS???

If you held a gun BUY-BACK program in Mexico…how many cartel members do you really think would turn in THEIR Fast and Furious weapons?


How many common street thugs, gang-bangers, thieves and punks turned in their guns in Chicago and who are the targets those common street thugs, gang-bangers, thieves and punks prey upon in Chicago?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet…our 2nd Amendment rights are “endowed by the Creator” to protect us from the very STINKING SLIME that would EXPLOIT the deaths of innocent people at the handsGTH 8 of senselessness  individuals in an endeavor to REMOVE those rights…to protect US ALL from those who would willingly provide weapons to those, from OTHER countries who are hell bent on MURDER while intentionally attempting to DISARM the LAW ABIDING citizens of OUR country.

Hillary, Obama and liberals at large can scream bloody murder all they want in trying to shred our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms but, they should also take their gun control agenda and SHOVE IT DEEPLY WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE…we’ll keep our guns and THEY can GO TO HELL!!!

3 thoughts on “We’ll Keep Our Guns…THEY Can Go to Hell

  1. Excellent article as usual. Killary slipped up and had a pic of one of her bodyguards showing an automatic weapon while she was on a stroll. If only we commoners had the same protection…These “people” are hypocrites and liars. Let them and their spawn live one day like we do.

  2. If you give your guns up to Obama the musslim terrorist it will be like Hitler in Germany. God have mercy!!!!

  3. Hey Craig, how about rewriting this when you are actually angry!
    Anyhow…. up to now the RINO-ized Republicans continue to do….. NOTHING.
    ACTIONS speak louder than RINO-backed words!!

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