Baltimore is Getting What They Asked For

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

balt 1Baltimore is being taught an ugly lesson in reality and they had it coming.

Last weekend…Memorial Day weekend…Charm City recorded some 29 shootings with 9 of them fatal bringing the total number of homicides in Baltimore to 35…in the month of May alone. That is THE highest total monthly death toll since 1999.

So far this year, Baltimore has recorded 108 murders and scores more violent crimes.

According to Pete Welch, a Baltimore city councilman, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The shootings and killings are all over the city. I don’t think any part of the city is immune to this.”

Since the funeral of thug low-life Freddie Gray, who expired in police custody, Baltimore has recorded more than five dozen shootings and nearly half of the 108 homicides up to this date this year have taken place after the Freddie Gray funeral.

Again, according to councilman Pete Welch…

“I don’t know what the cause of this increase in violence is. I know that drug dealers balt 2set up in communities where they think no one is going to pay attention. This is killing the city. I can’t attract a developer to come in with the amount of violence that’s going on.”

Oh really?

Welch claims he doesn’t know the cause of the violent crime uptick?

Dumb-ass liberal probably thinks global warming has something to do with it but here is the clear fact that he just can’t bring himself to come to grips with…

Baltimore has a terminal case of liberalitis.

After Freddie Gray ceased being a criminal blight on the city of Baltimore and after the ensuing riots, arson, looting and the targeting of cops there, including the rabid pronouncement of State Attorney Mosby that the officers involved with Gray’s arrest were guilty of murder and the kangaroo grand jury action that indicted them…police arrests of criminals in Baltimore, citywide, have dropped nearly 50% over the same period one year ago.

balt 3There’s your reason for the spike in violent crime councilman Welch…your cops…having been made the villains by your liberal punk Mayor ad your liberal race-baiting State Attorney…are pulling back…orchestrating a slow-down in their policing…because that is exactly what the liberal element of your city demanded of them.

They rioted, burned and looted…decreeing that the POLICE were the problem…that the POLICE were out of control and demanded that the POLICE stop doing their jobs.


They have, and look at what is happening in your city councilman Welch.

Without the police on the street to do their job and take the bad guys OFF the street…the bad guys are running rampant shooting and killing any who get in their way.

Congratulations idiots…you got exactly what you wanted.

Of course now…Baltimore residents are whining that the police aren’t doing their jobs. balt 4When it comes to the lack of adequate policing of the streets of his city, Baltimore Rev. Jamal Bryant says, “It’s almost akin to having a substitute teach in the middle of the semester who turns a blind eye, doesn’t know the students, and is not, in fact, giving a grade. And so it’s a very dangerous time in our city when crime is going up, but arrests are going down.”

Let me get this straight…Baltimore is sick and tired of the police arresting black thugs and criminals but…Baltimore wants the police to arrest black thugs and criminals. The next thing they’re going to tell us is that black lives matter.

It’s the black thugs in Baltimore who are turning the streets red with blood…it’s the black Mayor who provided rioters who wanted to destroy a place to do that…it’s the black State Attorney who has a personal vendetta against the cops and it’s liberals who made the bed but now…nobody wants to lay in it?

Here’s the unvarnished truth…

The residents of Baltimore didn’t seem to give a good god damn when the police were the targets but now that the residents themselves are the targets…they want to police to rescue them.

Are you getting all of this Chicago?

balt 5In the windy city, over Memorial Day weekend…36 people were shot…12 of them died and 1 of those deaths was a 4 year old who was hit in a drive-by shooting and that is in the city that sports the nation’s toughest gun laws but what does Mayor Rahm Emanuel say needs to be done about it?

He’s calling for…wait for it…MORE gun laws.

“It is not just about how many police you have, it is about the quantity of guns that are on the street. it will take more than police officers to quell the violence, it will take community action and it will take stronger gun laws.”

Class…come to order…this is Common Sense for Liberal Idiots 101 and here is your first lesson…You can make all the damn gun laws you want and more than you will ever know what to do with but one glaring fact remains…only the LAW ABIDING will FOLLOW those laws and ONLY the LAW ABIDING will ( if they too are as big of idiots as are the liberals in charge) get rid of their guns and all you will have left is CRIMINALS with guns roaming the balt 6streets looking for people to shoot and kill.

In fact…that is the very bed Chicago has made for ITSELF and now doesn’t want to lay in.

So…what does the White house think is the answer to BALTIMORE’S surge in violent crime since the funeral of the thug that set off the riots, arson and looting?

Here is the response from Josh Earnest in a White House press briefing…“Obviously there’s some common sense things we could do – certainly passage of some gun safety laws in Congress that could keep guns out of the hands of criminals would be one thing that we could do to try to limit the violence.”

Hmmmm…Outside the city of Chicago…the state of Maryland already HAS some of THE strictest gun laws in the NATION and just 2 years ago, they passed MORE anti-gun laws there claiming their NEW laws in combination with their OLD laws would…“help keep guns away from criminals, because it will make people reluctant to buy firearms for those who are not allowed to hBALT 7ave them.”

Yep…the way to stop thugs from being thugs is obviously to crack down on law abiding citizens.

And don’t be trying to sell me some other load of crap like…’if only they had jobs they wouldn’t resort to violence’ because…if any of these thugs WANTED a job, especially in Baltimore or Ferguson…they wouldn’t have been burning businesses to the ground.

What it is, according to Adam Jackson, the CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, is “structural racism and white supremacy,” at the root of all the violent crime.


White supremacy and white racism is the reason black thugs are running wild in the streets of our inner cities killing and shooting other blacks? 93% of ALL black murders in America are perpetrated by other blacks and that’s WHITEY’S fault?


Whitey ain’t the problem unless it’s white LIBERALS who have striven for DECADES to instill a cultural of VICTIMIZATION in the hood as a way to ensure the minority voting bloc BALT 8keeps voting for the very party OF racism as they have been indoctrinated to believe that ONLY the LIBERALS can SAVE their sorry asses.

The top 10 poorest cities in America are all under the control of LIBERALS…the top 10 most VIOLENT cities in America are all under the control of liberals AND those same top 10 violent cities in America all sport a highly if not majority black population and here’s a little something else for you Jackson…you and the rest of your race-baiting ilk…we have a black president and we’re on our 2nd black Attorney General…Sharpton has been a 70 times plus visitor to the White House…we’ve got black mayors and black State Attorneys who are throwing gas on the arson fires…saints have been made of career criminals like Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray as well as fledgling thug Trayvon Martin and the cops are being portrayed as demons from hell while it is the THUGS of YOUR skin color who are pulling the trigger at 3 TIMES the rate of WHITE Americans.

Thursday morning, May 28th…a 3BALT 91 year old woman and an 8 year old boy were found shot in the head…in Baltimore…making them the 109th and 110th murder victims in Char City this year and I’m willing to bet they weren’t shot by white cops, black cops and any color of cops.

Boston and Chicago are descending into a state of anarchy…why?

The problem is this…you can lead a liberal to a lesson but…you can’t make them think.


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  1. Great article as usual Craig. Very few journalists have the intestinal fortitude to write the truth about the fundamental problems plaguing black America. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one and they are not willing to admit the source of their problems, just pass the blame. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Keep up the good work!

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