Weekend Edition: Can We PLEASE Focus???

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots oncprworldwidemedia.net

tnp eagleI have to tell you that there are just some things I don’t give a rat’s ass about. Not in the least…not at all…because in the grand scheme of things and with the world in the shape it’s in right now…certain things just don’t really matter.

For instance…

I don’t give a crap who wore what to the Oscars. For that matter, I don’t give a crap who DIDN’T wear what to the Oscars and if you think there is some overwhelming reason to continue to post and share photos of Neil Patrick Harris in his tighty-whiteys…you are sadly mistaken.

I don’t care who sang what during halftime and I don’t care how Madonna’s dancers were dressed at a Brit Awards show. When people launch into that line of ‘THE WORLD IS ENDING…ILLUMINATI…SIGNS OF THE APOCOLYPSE AND THE DEVIL’S MUSIC’ crap…it makes reasonable people think you’re on the verge of organizing a book burning party on an overpass to prove that you are somehow more virtuous than the rest of humanity.

I don’t care who’s sleeping with whom or who is getting married to whom. If you don’t think that people of the same sex should sleep with each other or get married to one another than by all means…don’t sleep with or marry someone with the same parts as your own.

Problem solved.

Colorado and Washington made it legal to smoke pot for fun. Okay…since I don’t smoke pot or live in Washington or Colorado…why should I care. They both voted on it at the state level…it passed in both states…big deal.


Not anywhere near the top of my list. I don’t think it’s right…other people do. I’ll live with my pri 1belief on the subject and those who advocate it will have to live with theirs. Seems fair to me. Besides…nobody who has EVER stood FOR abortion has ever BEEN aborted so they just come across as blithering fools.

In fact, I have yet to discover even a single social issue that affects me personally and they should all be state or local matters anyway…not federal matters and I don’t want the federal government being the morality police. I mean…most of them are morally bankrupt as it is and yet far too many people want to base the rest the nation’s morality on their decisions.

Does that REALLY seem like a good idea?


Oh boy…here we go…

I have my faith and I’m happy with it. You have your faith and I assume you’re happy with it. Some people have no fapri 2ith at all and apparently they’re giddy about it but if you have no faith whatsoever…don’t try to use the government or some leftist bunch of goons to force your lack of beliefs on those of us who DO have faith. If we put up a cross or a manger scene somewhere and you don’t want to see it…DON’T LOOK AT IT.

In this country, we have freedom OF religion not freedom FROM it and while we’re on the topic…if my brand of religion doesn’t match with yours…get over it. I’m not going to change for you any more than you’re going to change for someone else and if you happen to be one of those folks who want government to butt OUT of religion when it suits you but want government to get involved IN religion when it suits you…to push YOUR brand of religion on everybody else…you have a double standard.

Our founders and framers went to great lengths to declare our independence from a theocracy and they took solid steps to make sure we wouldn’t become one so if you want government out of making decisions that don’t fit with YOUR religion…quit trying to makepri 3 your religion and your religious beliefs the basis OF our government.

And I don’t care one little bit what our founders and framers said about their beliefs or their individual faiths in speeches to the women’s auxiliary or at the Masonic order of Moose and Elks Club…those speeches or quotations from their personal letters are NOT the documents upon which this country was founded and in the actual founding documents…NOT ONE WORD OF ANY SPECIFIC BRAND OF ANY RELIGION EXISTS so get over it and quit making crap up to support YOUR brand of something being the foundation of our nation.

Pray all you want but if you’re praying for a new car battery…I think you’re crazy and whoever you’re praying TO probably does as well and don’t go to social media to ask everybody whether or not they would sit in a theater next to Jesus and watch 50 Shades of Grey.  For me it all depends on whether or not the guy is mooching my popcorn.

This is just a partial list of things that don’t matter to me and they don’t matter because we’ve got REAL problems to deal with.

We have an Islamist socialist/communist in the White House who is trying to destroy America and build a caliphate. THAT is a REAL problem.

The IRS is targeting certain Americans based on the whims OF that Islamist socialist/communist and it’s the IRS that’s in charge of enforcing Obamacare.

THAT’S a real problem.

OBAMACARE is a real pri 4problem in and of itself.

Our Attorney General was running weapons to Mexican drug cartels and hundreds of people have been killed because of it and we still don’t have answers. That’s a real problem.

Speaking of not having answers…BENGHAZI…the Islamist socialist/communist was running weapons from our enemies in Libya to our enemies in Syria and four Americans were murdered. Our then Secretary of State was in on it and SHE wants to be the NEXT president.

If you don’t think TREASON is a real problem…think again.

We’re $18 TRILLION dollars in debt and THAT number is GROWING. Problem.

Obama, the Islamist whatever wants to take over the internet. That’s a real problem.

We have no discernable southern border…illegal aliens are pouring across…Obama is REWARDING them for breaking our laws and he is IGNORING CONGRESS in the process.

pri 5That’s a real problem.

HELLO??? THERE ARE ISIS MEMBERS IN ALL 50 STATES and three of them were just arrested a couple days ago PLOTTING TO BOMB CONEY ISLAND!!!

Yep…that is a genuine problem.

We have a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY in the senate AND the house and THEY lack the BALLS to do anything about ANY of this.

Do you see the real problem THERE???

Our military is being decimated…we can’t fight two wars at the same time and our veterans are getting screwed. THOSE are real problems.

Iran is trying like hell to build nuclear weapons for the expressed purpose of wiping Israel from the map and that bastard in the White House is doing everything he can to make sure Islam gets exactly what they want.


Our economy is stagnant…there are more people dropping out of the workforce than ever before…more people on government assistance than ever before and Obama wants to hike taxes to pay for all the handouts.


Honestly, I don’t care one little bit about the size of Kim Kardashians ass or the size of her stepmother’s…Bruce Jenner’s boobs…we’ve got people that champion the NAACP…the Congressional Black Caucus…the New Black Panthers…Black Entertainment Television and Blaclpeoplemeet.com telling those of us with less melanin that WE exhibit WHITE privilege and that because we don’t like Obama’s POLICIES…WE’RE THE RACISTS.

What they’re trying to do is divide our country along racial lines and using fake racism to do it.

That’s a problem.

93% of all black murder victims in this country are killed by other black people and THAT is a PROBLEM.

The REAL problem is NOT that there are too many black people in our prisons…the REAL pri 7problem is the sky-high black perpetrated crime statistics.


Do you see the real problem with that?

If not, let me put it this way…ISLAM WANTS TO KILL US ALL and after they executed a bunch of people in France…JOHN KERRY TROTTED AN OLD HIPPY OUT TO SING “YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND!!!”

Good grief…he’s been leaking our plans of attack AGAINST  ISIS…TO ISIS!!!

2016 is going to be here before we know it and we, the Conservatives, the Tea Partiers, the TEApublicans and the REpublicans had better get our priorities straight.

If your one and only candidate, the one you jump up and down for, campaign for, give money to and invest your heart and soul in doesn’t get the nomination and you write in that candidate’s name or vote for some 3rd party slug just because you want to seem above the fray…YOU are helping a LIBERAL…a HILLARY or someone else JUST AS BAD AS pri 8OBAMA OR WORSE…get elected and that makes you…a liberal and…by default…an idiot.

Now then, on the off chance I’ve offended anyone with this article…I don’t give a good Goddamn….we’ve got REAL problems to deal with.


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Can We PLEASE Focus???

  1. Let’s see now….was I offended by this article? Nope not one scintilla of it. Great article Craig, I only wish I could vote in your upcoming election but even though I carry dual citizenship for U.S. and Canada I do not feel it is proper to vote in any election where I have no real skin in the game.

  2. You’re right on–and I’m sharing it forward—and the fact that We, The People need to do something if imperative–we’ve tried voting-and so far a majority in Congress isn’t doing much–I’m getting panicky

  3. You nailed It right down the line.

    Now What are WE going to do about it. We are six years late, but better late than never. And, it gets later every moment.

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