Amnesty and the DHS…DEFUND THEM BOTH!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

dhs 1They will, of course, lay the blame on Republicans but…so far…the bill that would fund DHS has been blocked. Not once…not twice…not three times but FOUR times and all four of those blockades have been put in place by…LIBERALS.

Even CNN has admitted it.

The house-passed bill would fund DHS and eliminate all funding for Obama’s amnesty dictate and THAT is why liberals are blocking it.

Mitch McConnell, the nutless wonder that he is has caved to support Obama’s call for a CLEAN DHS funding bill but since such appropriations bills must originate in the HOUSE…the question becomes…will Boehnar cave this time as he has done so many times before?

Here’s the most absurd part of this whole thing…

LIBERALS are INSISTING that Obama’s amnesty executive order be FULLY FUNDED…even though he has been BLOCKED by a FEDERAL JUDGE from enacting it at all.

One term being used to describe the liberal’s motives in this situation is blackmail.

Other terms for it are wheeling and dealing or…standard operating procedure for congress as for as long as there has been a United States congress, this is how things get done . You want this…then give us that or…if you don’t give us that, we won’t give you this.

To understand the “dire” nature of allowing DHS funding to lapse…we must look at exactly what the DHS is and how they spend our taxpayer dollars.

First of all…DHS is the third largest of all federal agencies…it employs 240,000 people and in comprises under one umbrella some 22 individual federal agencies with a multi-billion dollar budget.

The purpose OF the DHS is to prevent terrorism, enhance security, manage our US borders, oversee immigration law, provide the safeguarding cyberspace from cyber-attack and to stand ready to respond to natural disasters.


But according to a 2012 report put out by Senator Tom Coburn… ‘Safety At Any Price: dhs 2Assessing the Impact of Homeland Security Spending in US Cities’…the DHS is in fact WASTING BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars and simply isn’t fit for the purposes stated above.

It’s the Urban Area Security Initiative part of DHS that is supplying and wasting money over a broad 64 plus cities that have all put in for their piece of the taxpayer funded pie and here are but a few examples OF that waste.

According to the report…Columbus, Ohio spent a UASI $98,000 grant to buy a ”underwater robot”. Apparently it was to be used for underwater rescues. Keene, New Hampshire used UASI funds to buy a BearCat armored vehicle that local officials said it would be used to patrol its annual pumpkin festival. Tulsa, Oklahoma used a UASI grant to strengthen a county jail and buy a color printer. Jacksonville spent UASI money to sponsor a video which was supposed to alert local people to potential threats when, in fact, it alerted residents to red flags such as people with “average or above average intelligence” or who displayed “increased frequency of prayer or religious behavior.” 

dhs 3The list of fraud, waste and abuse went on and on and on.

The conclusion of that report was startling…that DHS was spending billions upon billions of dollars…up to $35 billion dollars by the end of 2012 and nothing DHS was doing was making our nation any safer post 9/11 than it was PRE 9/11 and in the years since, one can be sure that only the total amount of taxpayer money spent has changed.

DHS hasn’t and isn’t doing its job. It hasn’t and isn’t keeping us any safer. It’s only spending…wasting…money so I ask…what’s the big deal if it gets shut down? Frankly, it’s NOT a big deal and to put it into even more context…much to the chagrin of liberals…there is THIS to consider.

Remember…DHS via all its federal under-the-one-umbrella agencies…employs 240,000 people and…since it is, for whatever reason, considered an “essential government agency” and therefore can’t be shut down lock, stock and money wasting barrel…only about 30,000 of those 240,000 federal employees would be furloughed and the other 210,000 would continue doing whatever it is they do that is not keeping us any safer now than before its inception.

So…the doom and gloom notion that unless Obama’s amnesty dictates are funded DHS will be shut down and clearly false. Those are lies. But what is NOW happening at DHS is enough to piss off just about anyone with at least one working brain cell which of course excludes most liberals.

With a federal court judge blocking the implementation of Obama’s amnesty dhs 5programs…the Obama regime is CONTINUING to award MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR TAXPAYER FUNDED CONTRACTS to companies for the purpose of…quickly processing MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS into the system and provide them with the pen and phone federal judged blocked work visas, tax refunds, drivers licenses, voter registrations, welfare, food stamps and all the other perks illegal aliens have been promised by the dictator.

Not only that but…National Review Online has obtained leaked Obama regime emails that show the regime has also “ORDERED border patrol agents, under the DHS umbrella…to “curtail the initiation of deportation proceedings and to screen the illegal border crossers they detail for eligibility under the president’s deferred-action ( and now federal judge halted)programs instead.”

Are you beginning to see the big picture here?

DHS, an outfit that is supposed to be PROTECTING our borders is, in fact, under the Obama regime, a BIG part of the LACK of security and NO PART WHATSOEVER of dhs 4PROVIDING security and as only a scant 30,000 of their 240,000 employees would be furloughed in a shutdown OF that agency…our borders will remain as unsafe after the shutdown as they are now…before the shut down and the Obama amnesty dictates will continue, regardless of the federal court decision, to run at full steam ahead.


Amnesty is defunded.

This is why, I believe, Republicans in congress should stick to their guns and keep the defunding of amnesty tied to the funding of DHS as it is the only viable way to enforce the federal judge’s order that amnesty be halted and stopping THAT would do, if even in a small way, what DHS hasn’t done at all and that is to provide some element of security along our border.

If we quit rewarding those who break the law to get into our country and, at the same time, dhs 6make it less enticing for MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS to do likewise…we will have increased border security to some extent.

That is why liberals are insisting on a ‘clean’ DHS funding bill…so that DHS will remain at full snort and so that Obama’s amnesty can continue to defy a federal court order to cease operations but liberals can’t tell you the truth and have again started lying to further their law-breaking agenda.

According to liberal congressworm Loretta Sanchez, the reason Republicans want to defund amnesty is because they’re against immigration when nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans have always been and still are PRO immigration. What we’re AGAINST…is ILLEGAL immigration…Republicans…Conservatives…believe in the rule of law and there are clearly lawful procedures which must be followed for IMMIGRATION. FOLLOW the law and welcome to the United States…BREAK the law and get yourself DEPORTED.

What is 100% clear is this…the ONLY reason liberals in congress are pretending to have their collective panties in a wad over a possible ‘shut down’ of DHS is to protect Obama’s ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty agedhs 7nda and keep THAT fully funded.

If liberals gave a rat’s ass about homeland security…they would insist on closing and securing our borders so that every Juan, Jose and Mohammad that wanted to waltz into our country to get a reward for breaking our laws or kill us would be stopped cold from doing so.

Funding the DHS would be a waste of taxpayer dollars…funding amnesty would be breaking the law. Defund them both.

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  1. As usual, it’s all about power on the hill. I understand now why our slimy black potus wants all that amnesty for illegals. It will allow his muslim brotherhood bed partners to be part of that all-encompassing umbrella of amnesty. With their dark coloring, it wouldn’t take them much to pass for Mexicans. Red Rover, Red Rover, let killers come over…

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