The War Against Cops – Part 2 of 3

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

UA 1What we have now is a war on police officers being waged by nothing-to-lose street thugs, supported by liberals and being led by thug generals Obama, Holder and Sharpton.

It is nothing less than that.

Street thugs, who have no respect for life, not even their own, stand to gain street creds if they can kill a cop. To them, it’s a game. A disgusting and fatal game. Remember the knock out game? Black punk bastards sucker-punching unsuspecting white people who were minding their own business and rendering them unconscious?

That’s so last year. That was then, this is now and the targets are the cops. No fists…just bullets. Ambush the cops, kill one and you’re the king of the block.

Supported by liberals?


Young liberals, the same pond scum that believes it to be criminal to deprive a terrorist of beauty sleep or pour water over their faces are now marching through our streets hollering “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!!! WHEN DO WE WANT EM? NOW!!!

Murdering cops…fine and dandy to the street liberals. Making a terrorist uncomfortable? CRIMINAL they say.

Led by thug generals…Obama…Holder and Sharpton?

You bet.

Sharpton, Obama’s personal race baiter, is leading the parades, whipping up hUA 2atred and spreading the regime’s propaganda lies…’HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!!!” and “I CAN’T BREATH!!!”along with the standard…“NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!

Holder…supposedly the nation’s top law enforcement official…has taken the death penalty OFF the table for four cop killing pieces of human garbage. THAT sends a clear message doesn’t it?

And Obama?

“Stay the course” is what he told the Ferguson rioters in waiting on November 5th at the White House with Sharpton in attendance.

And let’s add de Blasio as a Lt. General to this vomitous stench. Mayor of New York City…socialist and anti-police scum that he is has joined with the top generals to make UA 3NYC the country’s most populous shooting gallery and to insist that it’s the police across the nation who need to be retrained…who need to change the way THEY think, act and react.


It’s not a jungle out there…it’s urban warfare.

Think I’m making this all up? Think again.

Since Sharpton’s NYC parade of hate when his young, liberal stooges chanted “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!! WHEN DO WE WANT EM? NOW!!!” two good cops…Ramos and Liu, were assassinated…Antonio Martin pointed a gun at a cop in Berkley Missouri and lost…some bag of crap was shooting at people outside H.T.’s Lounge in Texas City, Texas when a cop, called by the owner of the establishment rolled up only to have 20 year old thug trash Carlton Smith point the weapon at HIM. Smith lost just like Martin did but that didn’t stop a mob of goons from forming immediately and start throwing bottles and rocks at the police.

In response, even though the event was fully captured on video surveillance, King Yashua, the co-founder of something called the ‘Nation of Liberation’ opened HIS pie hole and stated, “This brother was assassinated. It’s just like Ferguson.”

No…Carlton Smith wasn’t assassinated and neither was Mike Brown. In the former, there ua 4is video evidence and in the latter, forensic evidence. They picked fights with the cops and lost…getting exactly what they deserved.

The mob mentality also became evident minutes after Antonio Brown pointed a gun at a cop after having robbed a gas station in Berkley Missouri a scant two miles from where Mike Brown made the last bad decision of HIS life and just like in Texas City…regardless of the video evidence…the mob went ballistic…blaming the cop.

I believe the event to have been a set-up to lure in a police officer and then shoot that officer and I would refer you to yesterday’s article for more on that scenario.

It doesn’t stop there either…

Last Sunday night, December 28th, two cops on patrol had their patrol car lit up by a sniper with a rifle. The officers returned fire…caught one of the pieces of filth and are, at this point, still looking for his accomplice.

And here’s yet MORE shootings of police officers SINCE the Sharpton “WHAT DO WE ua 5WANT? DEAD COPS” parade in NYC…

Last Saturday, in Flagstaff, rookie cop Tyler Stewart was shot and killed by 28 year old Robert William Smith who then, like the piece of garbage that assassinated the officers in NYC…killed himself and…considering the evidence we know at this time, I would not be a bit surprised if the murder of officer Stewart was also a set up.

Officer Stewart was called BY the murderer Robert William Smith to talk about an earlier domestic violence complaint. He and the officer were having a conversation which, by witness accounts, was NON confrontational. At some point, the officer asked to ‘pat down’ Smith to be sure he had no weapons.

That’s when Smith pulled a gun from his jacket and shot officer Stewart…point ua 6blank…from less than two feet away…in the face and continued to fire rounds into the officer even after the officer was laying on the street in a pool of his own blood.

That vermin had a gun…loaded and ready to fire and HE called the police to come to HIM.

Sure sounds like a set-up to me.

Then we have a 28 year old off duty police officer who was driving his own car in St. Louis on December 20th when he encountered occupants of another vehicle. What transpired we do not yet know but, the occupants OF that other vehicle opened fire on the off duty cop and he remains hospitalized with serious injuries from several gunshot wounds to his legs.

And…we have Tarpon Springs, Florida Officer Charles “Charlie K” Kondek, a father of 5 who was 45 years old when HE was shot and killed on December 21st…just hours after the assassinations of Liu and Ramos in NYC….while responding to a complaint of loud ua 7music coming from a car.

Kondak’s murderer…Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. shot and killed the officer and then…ran over Kondak’s body as he drove away. He fled the scene because he didn’t want to go BACK to prison…killing a cop however…didn’t seem to bother him at all.

But wait…there’s more you need to know…

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, the hit man in the assassinations of Ramos and Liu was a member of the gang called the Black Guerilla Family and a lot of those signs we all see, the professionally printed ‘protest’ signs being paraded by the “HANDS UP” and “I CAN’T BREATH” mobs are being manufactured and distributed by… or…Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and what, pray tell do those two groups have in common?

Both revcom and the Black Guerilla Family have ties to…

The Weather Underground.

Yep…the domestic terrorist group of none other than Bill Ayers… the same exact Bill Ayers whose Weather Underground BOMBED the NYC POLICE DEPARTMENT HEADQUARTERS back in 8

The same Bill Ayers who kick started BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S political career in Chicago back in the day.

The exact same Bill Ayers who, when asked if he would ever return to an active role in domestic terrorism stated, “I can’t completely say, ‘No, I would never, ever rise up in opposition in a very militant and serious way’ […] I’m not committed to nonviolence as an ideology.”

According to NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, “They really do feel under attack, rank-and-file officers and much of American police leadership, that they feel they’re under attack from the federal government at the highest levels,” and why shouldn’t they?


Sharpton, Obama’s master race baiter is leading the parades, bring gasoline to the arsonists as it were…Eric Holder, Obama’s personal shield against high crimes and misdemeanors and the nation’s supposed top law enforcement officer is protecting the cop killers rather than the cops and Obama himself is telling the rioters to “stay the course” while his domestiua 9c terrorist pal Bill Ayers backs and supports the mob mentality liberal and socialist thugs via a communist organization.

And Obama’s lapdog leg-humpers in the mainstream media just keep hauling Kool Aid to the liberal masses.

Given all of this…and the fact that this, the targeting of police officers for murder will continue because, as Obama, Sharpton, Holder and de Blasio know full well…the thug culture is not something that can be turned off like a light switch…what options do police officers and police departments have?

THAT is the subject of tomorrow’s article…right here in The National Patriot.

The War Against Cops – Part 1 can be read by CLICKING HERE!!


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