“Torture Report” is ALL About Liberalism – Part 2

Part 2 of 2 By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.com

In yesterday’s article, “Torture Report” is ALL About Liberalism”…I outlined the fundamentals of REAL torture, who commits REAL torture and who the REAL victims of torture ARE…all theCHEN 1 while excoriating those whining liberal bottom-feeders who are now advocating everything from empathizing with terrorists to apologizing to the bastard vermin.

I fully agree with the assessment of former Vice President Dick Cheney: “The only thing I would have done differently than the Bush Administration was to kill them once we had gotten all the information we could get out of them.”

THAT end result seems to me to be FAR more civilized than this current Muslim regime’s insipid and inhumane practice of releasing the world’s pig vomit back into society where they can take up where they left off…committing authentic acts of torture against the innocent peoples of the world as they rush down the path toward genocide.

If any apology is owed by America to anyone regarding the terrorists detained and questioned at GITMO…it is for this regime’s insistence that they be set free to prey upon others and it is this regime and it’s minions to issue that apology.

Yesterday, I concluded my article by promising to reveal why, in my opinion, liberals are now pouring gas on the fires of jihad and so, here it is…

Liberalism is not only warped in its approach to domestic policy, advocating socialism as a way to achieve communism to “fundamentally transform America” but it is also sick and twisted with regard to foreign policy.CHEN 2

This regime emboldens our enemies while turning its back on our allies. Any foreseeable future liberal head of this nation will do nothing less than enforce and advance that agenda. But there’s more to it than that.

This regime and its puppets are vindictive.

This so-called “torture report” that was released by Diane Feinstein and applauded by liberals like Jackie Speier all the way to the Islamist in Chief was 5 years in the making at a cost to U.S. taxpayers of some $40 million dollars as liberal payback for the myriad of Republican led investigations into the malfeasance and treason committed by the Obama regime…from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to the IRS scandal.

Not only that but, if you think the timing of the release of this report was anything but politically motivated…you are sadly mistaken as the only thing transparent about “the most transparent administration in history” is their corruption.

The release of the 500 odd page summary of the full 6300 page report was specifically chen 3and politically timed.

Liberals and socialists who thought they could escape the red tsunami and lost now see the handwriting on the proverbial wall…they will lose again in 2016 and as we said before last month’s election and directly after, this regime nor its minion puppets will go away quietly.

Retribution plain and simple as that IS the liberal way.

They lost. They lost BIG. They know they will lose again and they are pissed. What better way to show their disdain for Conservatives that have been right all along on everything from the Obama scandals to Obamacare and amnesty as well as to show disdain to their core socialist collective voting bloc who have had enough and have even walked out on the dictator’s speeches than to provide a 500 page summary of a 6300 page recruiting tool directly to America’s enemies?

While the liberal/socialist regime is being grilled for their own corruption and treason, they are, in desperation, attempting to refocus the populous on enhanced intel gathering tactics employed by the previous administration.

There is no moral high ground to be taken in taking the side of terrorist bastards but that is exactly how they and their liberal/socialist supporters are trying to couch this.

Still believe this report and its release isn’t an act of liberal retribution?

Do you still believe this isn’t a put up and a fabrication?

Watch THIS!!!


And not a single mention of HER involvement contained in the report. Imagine that.

For more on the nature of the techniques employed by the CIA, please read my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Diane Sori’s op-ed by clicking here!

ALL of this is, I believe, much, MUCH more nefarious than a simple act of politically-timed revenge for ongoing investigations into the regime and their landslide loss on November 4th, 2014.

This report, its release and the effect it will have on the Islamist swinechen 4 of the world, including but not at all limited to ISIS, is all part of a scorched earth agenda being employed by Obama and his faithful.

Obama is Islam’s American agent. A Muslim who has, throughout his dictatorship, stood firmly with the forces OF Islam. He has systematically created vacuums of power in key regions that have been or are in the process of being filled by Islamists. He has and continues to arm our Islamist enemy during a time of war. He has turned his back on our allies and is currently doing everything he can to ensure that before he is gone from power, Iran WILL have a nuclear weapon.

Islam is patient and Obama is pulling their strings from the oval office.

chen 5It is my belief that there will not be, on Obama’s orders and on Obama’s watch, another 9/11 style attack against the United States.

I believe he has told them to wait.

Obama and his ilk know that in 2016, liberals will not regain a majority in either house of congress nor will they win the White House…leaving all three in the hands of Republicans.

Throughout his dictatorship, Obama has systematically relieved of command or forced into retirement any top military brass that has an ounce of wherewithal to fight and defeat our Islamist enemies. He has also levied such drastic cuts TO our military that even if they wanted to, they could not wage a volatile war against THE most volatile enemy we or our allies around the world face today.

Our open and unsecured border simply adds to Islam’s ability to access and attack America from within.chen 6

THAT is the scorched earth that he will leave to a red senate, a red house and a red presidential administration after 2016. An America…ripe for the picking, vulnerable to attack and nearly unable to fight back in any substantive way.

An America with its economy barely limping along, its citizens either unemployed or under employed and taxed to the hilt ever more reliant on taxpayer assistance and an America unable to rebuild it’s decimated military without borrowing, at higher interest, trillions of dollars and adding that to our national debt…an anathema to Conservatives.

It is the perfect catch 22 scenario with the hope being a 2018 electorate in that year’s midterms, will be so desperate as to reelect liberals and socialists to congress and to take it one step further…as liberals will no doubt be blaming our national stagnation on Republicans, regain the White House in 2020.

In a nutshell, the only hope liberals, socialists and communists have in regaining power and advancing their insipid agenchen 7da is not by doing what is BEST for the nation but…trying to destroy it and therefor force the people to clamor for big government to save them.

Knowing the only lasting legacy of its own regime will be a trail of lies, deceit, treason, socialism and support for the barbarians of Islam, liberals and socialists like Pelosi, Reid, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Jackie Speier and their ilk, including the insipid likes of Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the whole “hands up I can’t breathe” purveyors of a thug culture…Obama and his goon squad are hell bent on not only destroying the legacy of George W. Bush but America’s legacy of a government of, by and for the people.

Empathize with our enemies Ms. Clinton?