Pakistani School Massacre – The Obama Connection!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

pak 1We should cozy up to terrorists huh? We should empathize with them or offer to them some apology?


Only barbarians can empathize with such vile scum as terrorists and only liberal garbage could ever advocate getting cozy with the world’s diseased swine.

Cozy up to this liberals…

SPOON with THIS Hillary and the rest of the liberal makers of nice-nice…

The death toll, mostly of CHILDREN now stands at more than 140 after a massacre in a Pakistani school. A massacre carried out by terrorists…carried out by the Obama supported Taliban.

You know I do not believe in coincidences when it comes to the political or foreign policy world and I do not for one brief blink of an eye believe that this horrific mass murder was a coincidence in its timing.

Just barely a week ago, Obama ordered the release of 6 more GITMO terrorist prisoners…captured more than a decade ago in Afghanistan and in…PAKISTAN. He sent them to Uruguay where that country’s president stated that…“We have offered our hospitality for human beings who suffered an atrocious kidnapping in Guantanamo,” and further stated that those terrorists would be considered REFUGEES and that his government had NO INTENTION OF MONITORING THEM!!!

According to Clifford Sloan, a State Department’s special envoy in the Obama regime…

“We are very grateful to Uruguay for this important hupak 2manitarian action, and to President [José ‘Pepe’] Mujica for his strong leadership in providing a home for individuals who cannot return to their own countries. This transfer is a major milestone in our efforts to close the facility.”

While it is too early to tell whether or not any of those specific terrorists transplants from GITMO to Uruguay were directly or indirectly involved in the terrorist mass murder of at least 140 children in a Pakistani school…we can draw a line between some very insidious dots.

According to the latest report released by the Director of National Intelligence, 17.3% of all GITMO detainees released thus far have returned to terrorism and another 12.4% are suspected of rejoining terrorism.

Less than a month ago, Obama ordered the release from GITMO of 4 OTHER terrorist detainees…four al Qaeda fighters from Yemen, one being a senior figure who had, in the past, arranged travel to Afghanistan for Arab and Islamist extremists, and a Tunisian terrorist all transferred to Slovakia and Georgia.

Suppose they all opened a bakery?

Here’s another dot that can be connected and again…it is no coincidence.

Back in 2013…Obama very quietly handed $1.6 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars over to…guess who???

The TALIBAN in PAKISTApak 3N…that’s who. The same exact Taliban who just slaughtered more than 140 children.

Just connect the dots.

Obama called the Taliban our “partners in peace.” The Pakistani government under the corrupt Karzi SUPPORTED the Taliban and did so both financially and by providing them safe harbor.

Who do YOU think the Pakistani government gave that money…OUR money to?

So go right ahead liberals and socialists and call those GITMO terrorists victims…hostages or whatever you call them but know this…in doing so…in standing with THEM…you are equally as vile as they are.

Let Obama strut about patting himself on the back and tell the lie that he is releasing GITMO terrorists in order to empty the prison and shut it down when in FACT, what he is doing is continuing to aid and abet the enemy in a time of war.

Obama has and continues to arm terrorists. He has hired them to provide security at our mission in Benghazi. How’s it all working out?pak 4

ISIS grows stronger…the very terrorists he’s spooning with in Syria are the ones who handed over the journalist James Foley and others TO ISIS for their eventual beheadings. The terrorists he hired in Benghazi murdered our Ambassador and 3 other Americans.

The terrorists he has funded in Pakistan just committed an act of terror and the mass murder of more than 140 children.

Obama’s hands get covered in more blood every day and those who continue to support him and his terrorist allies share each and every drop of it.

Call the terrorists anything you want liberals, socialists and Obama ass kissers…try to place false blame on others for their actions…tell us all how WRONG we were to use PAK 5enhanced interrogation techniques to get information from them…tell us how we shouldn’t be stooping to the level of terrorists to gain information to prevent more terrorism and do it while the blood of innocent children, the blood of innocent Christians and the blood of innocent Jews and innocent Americans drips down the walls of your ivory towers.

Tell me again you, the oh-so-far holier than thou right, how it is our nation’s morals that have led us to this place and how gay Americans, who are much more likely to mind their own damn business than are you, are the greatest threat we face as a nation! Hold your absurd rallies of hatred against them while the real threat is Islam and its 7th century barbarians who feel exactly as you do toward the gay men and women of the world.

Tell me again how being NICE to these barbaric bastards will make them like ANYBODY who isn’t part of their cult of death and destruction. In their warped and sadistic minds…being NICE is a sign or WEAKNESS and an open invitation to commit more and worse acts of barbarism.

What crime did those children in that Pakistani school commit? Getting an education??? They were massacred because they were becoming educated at a school run by a government entity that was trying to root out terrorism in their country???


Tell me again…“That’s not who we are” because you sound exactly like the Islamist Obama when you say it.

It’s not that there is a lack of Jesus in this world…it IS that there is far, FAR too much Allah both in the world and currently in our White House.

Don’t think so?

Obama finally spoke about this attack on the school in Pakistan and said that “the U.S. stands with Pakistan in its efforts to fight extremism and promote peace.” He offered prayers to the victims and their loved ones.

PRAYERS??? I’m reasonably sure he offered “PRAYERS” 5 pak 6times yesterday.

He has, at every turn, SUPPORTED the terrorist barbarians. HE has been FUNDING them and HE has been ARMING them. Any words from his Islamic mouth would ring as hollow as the souls who perpetrate such inhumane acts of terror and those who support their actions while condemning ours.

You want one more nail in the coffins of innocent REAL victims around the world?

In the days leading up to the terrorist massacre of children in Pakistan…the ISLAMIST…Obama…ordered the release of… A SENIOR PAKISTANI TALIBAN COMMANDER…one Latif Mehsud…from Afghanistan and handed the barbaric bastard over to…PAKISTAN!!!

No, I am not making this up…

The US military has CONFIRMED that it “transferred custody” of 3 Pakistanis, but refused to reveal their identities while officials IN Pakistan have stated that Latif Mehsud HAS been “released” and SEVERAL HIGH-LEVEL PAKISTANI OFFICIALS have stated that that the TALIBAN commander had been SECRETLY FLOWN INTO PAKISTAN SEVERAL DAYPAK 7S AGO!!!

And if Obama wasn’t supporting the Taliban in Pakistan and neither was the GOVERNMENT in Pakistan…why would OBAMA have had a Taliban commander flown TO Pakistan and why would the government there tell the world they have no intention of MONITORING that Taliban terrorist???

Only a terrorist with power could order another terrorist released and secretly returned to his homeland and that would mean that…

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the most powerful terrorist on earth.


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