Weekend Edition: Benghazi, the Truth and Men of Honor

par 1Among the many REAL issues that we, as Conservatives, Tea Publicans and Republicans must put front and center for the 2014 midterm elections, right along with Obamacare, the IRS targeting, the NSA spying, our economy and the most disastrous foreign policy imaginable..is Benghazi.

The interview Bret Baier of Fox News did with three of the CIA ops who were ON THE GROUND…IN BENGHAZI that night, September 11th, 2012, was THE most telling of any interview done so far.

Critics will gnash their teeth…claiming that all they’re trying to do is sell a book. Yes, there is a book, “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” written by Mitchell Zuckoff along with the security team from Benghazi but these three…Kris (“Tanto”) Paronto,  Mark (“Oz”) Geist, and John (“Tig”) Tiegen have a lot more to lose than to gain by speaking up.

Under this Obama regime, they’re through. They’re done in the intel community because the truth of what happened there doesn’t match the Obama fabrication of those events.

Not even close.

According to Baier’s interview, those three men, on the CIA security detail in Bengahzi were ready, geared up, armed, ready and calling for close air support to go to the compound, just a mile away, within five minutes of the start of the attack.

Not only did that close air support never come but…Tiegen, Paronto and Geist were told to wait.

That’s right…

According to Paronto, who was a security contractor to the CIA and a former U.S. Army Ranger…the team was told…TOLD…to…”WAIT” to, in effect…‘STAND par 2DOWN!!’

They said that a TOP CIA man IN BENGHAZI told them to ”STAND DOWN.’

Paronto was told to ‘STAND DOWN’ once and Tiegen, according to their account, was told to ‘STAND DOWN’ twice and the team was delayed for 30 minutes. When they finally DID go, go to the diplomatic mission where Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith were murdered, they went there against orders.

Initially, apparently, Obama regime officials denied the account of the stand down orders recounted by these three men but, when further confronted, admitted, “that the security team was delayed from responding while the CIA’s top officer in Benghazi tried to rally local support.”

I am telling you that was nothing but a delay. The Buying of time to allow those attacking that compound to do what it is they were there to do and the result was the death of Chris Stevens. Smith, I believe, was collateral damage as were Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods later, at the very CIA annex where Paronto, Geist and Tiegen were delayed.

This is where Baier’s interview ends and the connecting of dots must begin and just as my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Diane Sori and I PAR 3did in the series of articles that earned us the designation of “potential threats to national security” from the Obama regime, I will connect the dots here.

“The security team was delayed from responding while the CIA’s top officer in Benghazi tried to rally local support.”

Oh really???

Are we to believe, for even the blink of an eye, that this “top CIA man” in Benghazi that night, referred to as “Bob” by those interviewed by Brett Baier, didn’t know exactly who was attacking that mission?

One would HAVE to buy into that line of crap for the latest regime fabrication to hold water but…we’re talking about the CIA here…our nation’s FOREMOST intelligence agency whose annex was but ONE MILE from the scene of the attack and it wasn’t the first time that mission had been attacked.

We would have to believe that the CIA didn’t know that the February 17th Brigade was, in fact, al Qaeda. Do you believe that? I don’t. We would have to believe that the CIA, posted one scant mile away, had no idea that it was the February 17th Brigade who had been HIRED by the regime and by HILLARY CLINTON’S DEPARTMENT OF STATE to provide…”security” AT that mission compound after the REGIME and PAR 4HILLARY CLINTON’S DEPARTMENT OF STATE REMOVED OUR OWN SECURITY TEAM FROM BENGHAZI. Do you believe THAT???

I do NOT.

To accept the newest version of what happened that night…September 11th, 2012…in Benghazi…we would have to believe that, in a city controlled BY al-Qeada, with the black, vile flag of jihad flying over the courthouse…in a city where the British and the Red Cross had already pulled out because of attacks against THEM by al-Qaeda…we would have to believe that the CIA’s TOP MAN in Benghazi was…”TRYING TO RALLY LOCAL SUPPORT” for those of our diplomatic team who were under attack.

Do YOU believe THAT???

I most certainly do not and here’s why. The ONLY…”local support” available in Benghazi that night would have been from the very al-Qaeda barbarians who were attacking that compound…the February 17th Brigade and if “Bob” or whoever he really is had even one functioning brain cell…he would have known that too.

In our series, “Benghazi…The Truth Exposed” we gave you the timeline, compiled from various sources that showed a disturbing element…when OUR people first made it into the mission compound, they DID find the body of Sean Smith but they did NOT find the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Later, upon a second foray into the mission, they DID discover the body of the Ambassador.

According to the Fox News interview yesterday…our people, after being delayed by three ‘STAND DOWN’ ORDERS FROM THE TOP CIA MAN ON THE GROUND…went TO THAT COMPOUND AGAINST ORDERS, and in our previous series, “Benghazi…The Truth par 5Exposed” Diane and I concluded that Stevens had been REMOVED from the mission and then, taken BACK to the mission.

By connecting these NEW dots, it seems apparent that the removal of Stevens from that building took place DURING the “STAND DOWN” delay.

Had Paronto, Geist and Tiegen been given the green light, when they were armed and geared…just five short minutes into the initial attack, it is quite possible that they could have brought Stevens AND Smith out alive and Paronto told Bret Baier last night that…in HIS gut…he believes that too.

Here’s another dot to be connected…if you’re this “Bob…” the high ranking CIA man on the ground in Benghazi that night, and YOU have a team geared up and armed, ready to engage the enemy just one mile from the scene of the attack and those inside the mission compound are calling, begging you to come and help  them as Stevens and Smith were according to Paronto, Geist and Tiegen…why would YOU issue a ‘STAND DOWN’ order not once, not twice but THREE TIMES???

I do not, for one minute, believe he did that of his own accord. I believe THAT came from up HIS chain of command. I believe THAT order came from HIS boss…Former CIA Director David Petraeus…who has testified that the attack WAS INDEED a TERRORIST ATTACK and not the byproduct of some obscure You Tube video.par 6

Remember, Petraeus LOST his job after an affair was revealed but do you really think that’s what cost him his job or was it that HE went against the Obama regime’s fabricated version of the events in Benghazi? Was Petraeus about to reveal that HE was ordered to pass along a “STAND DOWN” order to HIS man on the ground?

The chain of command regarding Benghazi is very, VERY short and I believe that ultimate responsibility FOR the events of that night, two years ago, came directly from the White House.

Supporters of this disgusting regime will call these three men liars but make no mistake…Paronto, Tiegen and Geist are WHISTLE-BLOWERS and we have seen what happens to whistle-blowers  related to the Obama regime. Ask Greg Hicks, who also blew the whistle regarding Benghazi and testified as to stand down orders how HIS career is going.

Paronto, Geist and Tiegen could have provided information to the author of “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi,” Mitchell Zuckoff, that corroborated the Obama regime fabrication and most likely been rewarded for doing so as well as making themselves cozy with possible 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton but they didn’t. Instead, they blew the whistle, putting their careers in the toilet and theircraig 1 very well being in jeopardy.

Are these men making all this up? Are they lying? I don’t think so as they have everything to lose by speaking out but why would they risk it all just to tell the truth?

Because…unlike the treasonous regime, the truth means something to men of honor.

Craig Andresen,

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 9/6/2014


7 thoughts on “Weekend Edition: Benghazi, the Truth and Men of Honor

  1. I’m starting to think that something sinister has happened to Greg. I hope that’s not the case.

  2. I gotta tell ya, I have a very high threshold for pain… but right now…my gut is wrenching and Im nauseous reading this. Sick to my stomach.


    Because what you say, is true.

  3. Be sure to catch Bret Baer’s special tonight at 9:00PM on FOX and possibly again on Sunday.

  4. We lost Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods – very important, but not the main issue. What was going on in Benghazi? What was being covered up? What was our role in the transport of guns to Syria? Were we basically transporting those guns to the Syrian Brotherhood at Obama’s request? Indeed, had we gotten rid of Gaddafi for the single purpose of allowing the Libyan Brotherhood to take control in Libya? And the “innocence of Muslims” thing, was that something designed to promote anger against our 1st amendment, but conveniently released to hide the significance of an announced attack on our Cairo Embassy and then carried over to Benghazi in a desperate attempt to befuddle the on-goings there as well? We the people need to understand what has been happening in our name.

  5. It is time for the conservative, Christian American citizens to “force” their representatives in the Senate and Congress to impeach this lying, no character man who is currently our President. Oh, and we need to get rid of all of his appointed croonees who only do what he tells them.

    Get ‘er Done!!!

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