FBI Can’t See the Forest for the Tree Huggers



Yes, it’s that time of the year, just before the anniversary of 9/11, when the FBI’s list of domestic terror organizations comes out and lets us ALL know who the REAL trouble makers are.

Naturally, you all remember Ft. Hood and Nidal Hassan who was screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR” as he killed 13 and wounded 30 more. Yes, the same Nidal Hassan who now says he wants to join…ISIS.

Surely YOU all remember what happened at the Boston Marathon in 2013…where the brothers Tsarnaev detonated two bombs, killing three and wounding more than 200 more…all in the name of Allah’s “religion” of peace.

How about the Little Rock Recruiting Station shooting or the NYC subway plot or the Washingtron Metro bomb plot or any number of OTHER plots and attacks carried out by American Jihadis with their Islamic panties in a wadi that stretches all the way back to 1977???


9/11…where 19 hijackers with visas killed 3000 Americans???fbi 2

What about THAT???

Islamic Jihad…Islamic terrorism…HOME GROWN ISLAMIC JIHADI TERRORISM…is not on the FBI Terror Assessment.

IT’S NOT…I repeat…NOT on the list.

Oh, there’s a footnote…to a graph image…mentioning it as one of “other” forms of malfeasance that the FBI is aware of but ISLAMIC TERROR is NOT a priority.

So, what IS???

Anti-Government Militia Groups – Those to whom the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment actually MEAN something.

Black Separatists A hate group so stupid as to need assistance tying their shoe in the morning…loosely defined as “a movement to fbi 3create separate institutions for people of African descent in societies historically dominated by whites, particularly in the United States.”

Groups like the New Black Panther Party and one supposes…the NAACP…the whatever groups Al and Jesse are a part of…the Congressional Black Caucus and perhaps…

Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

White Supremacists A group so butt stupid that THEY need the assistance of BLACK SEPARATISTS to tie THEIR shoes in the morning.

“Sovereign Citizen” Nationalists – Not so much a group but lone idiots whose racist and anti-Semitic views make them so obtuse and irrational as to be ostracized by white supremacists. They are usually shoeless.fbi 4

Anarchists – Otherwise known as social media’s Paulbots. Get over it…that nut never won a primary in his life so there is no reason whatsoever to claim the nomination was stolen from him and you know it.

Animal Rights Groups – PETA whose primary target seems to be celebrities who wear fur. Weapon of choice? Paint…because PETA people apparently believe if an animal is killed and it’s fur used to make a coat…the coat should be destroyed so that the animal died for absolutely nothing.

Environmentalists –  People whose homes are full of furniture made from wood who believe trees, an easily renewable resource, should not be cut down and are currently protecting the Delta Smelt in California by not allowing water to be diverted to farm land because, the four buckets of minnow sized fish that might die every year are vastly more important that EATING.

Anti- and Pro-Abortion ActivistsBecause, apparently…the PRO abortion activists want to kill the unborn children and the ANTI abortion activists want to kill the ABORTIONISTS. Of the two groups, the PRO abortion activists are by far the more insane for the simple fbi 5reason that had their own MOTHERS been as adamant about abortion as THEY are…THEY WOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE!!!

And finally… Puerto Rican Nationalists A group of obvious terrorists whose goal it is to make Puerto Rico an independent nation and who’s last well documented act of terror occurred in 1954 when three of them opened fire on the House of Representatives wounding five unless you consider Geraldo Rivera an act of terror as his father was a Puerto Rican.

I’m telling you…if Herbert Hoover could see this list, he would roll over in his grave so fast his dress would be on backwards.

Right now, we know of at least 100 Americans who are fighting WITH ISIS and at least a DOZEN of them came directly from MINNEAPOLIS. Three of them have been killed…and two of those graduated from the same high school in Minneapolis.

Obama DRONED an American, al-Awlaki and his son into a puddle of goo on a Yemani highway and the regime has explored the use of drone attacks against American terrorists on our own soil but Islamic homegrown terror is not in the top ten of the FBI watch list.fbi 6

Look at our prison system. Right now, our prisons are both detention centers AND recruiting stations for MUSLIMS where Americans who already show no respect for the rule of law are being converted to the ideology of Islam at a staggering pace.

Many of those will eventually be released back into society…how many will either be radicalized while IN prison or highly susceptible TO it once they’re out?

Islamic terror…is NOT in the FBI list.

Because of the actions of the Obama regime, our southern border is wide open. Illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands are pouring into our country, lured here by the liberal promise of amnesty and free everything from education to cell phones, food to housing, welfare to the Executive Order promises that their extended families will be brought here to live and vote democrat as well and along with all of them, Islamic terrorists are also waltzing into our country.

So, given the list of “extremists” cited by the FBI in their 2013 National Domestic Threat Assessment, how dire IS the threat? Just how violent ARE the named groups?

FBI 7Well…according to a chart contained within the report, over the past ten years, from 2003 to 2013…the groups cited in the report have been responsible for…43 deaths.

Forty three…over ten years or, approximately…4 deaths per year.

That number, 43, also contains an asterisk in that of the deaths attributed to either the pro or anti abortion groups, even the FBI concedes most have been the product of lone individuals, not the groups themselves.

Well then, all of this said, who SHOULD be on the FBI list of domestic terrorists upon which a sharp eye ought to be kept?

Obviously…ISLAMIC terrorists as they, domestic or otherwise, pose THE greatest threat to the lives of Americans.

Other than THAT…I would say…LIBERALS should be on that list.

I can hear the gnashing of teeth from the left side of the aisle right now but, allow me to explain. Putting liberals on the list isn’t MY idea…just because I’m a Conservative…no…it’s the FBI’s idea and MY inclusion OF liberals stems directly FROM the Assessmfbi 8ent Report itself.

Of the groups mentioned in the FBI Domestic Terror Assessment…if you take out the “Anti Government Militias” and remove the “Anti Abortion” (also known as PRO LIFE) groups, both of which are primarily populated by CONSERVATIVES…the rest are ALL supported by LIBERALS.

Who’s propping up the black separatists? Liberals.

Who’s responsible for WHITE supremacists? LIBERALS…check your history and find out who started the Ku Klux Klan and who came up with and supported Jim Crow laws.

“Sovereign Citizen” Nationalists? Well, nearly all of the lone murdering idiots out there from Aurora to Sandy Hook to Tucson and beyond, including that dirt bag who shot up the Jewish Centers in Kansas City have all been DEMOCRATS so…

Anarchists endorse 3rd party voting and writing in names not on the ballots thus aiding liberals to win elections. Do the math.

FBI 9Animal Rights Groups…liberals through and through.

Environ-mental cases…Have you ever met a CONSERVATIVE with a crotch full of splinters from dry-humping a Dutch Elm? Me either.

PRO Abortion Activists??? Seriously? You have to even THINK about it?

And Puerto Rican Nationalists? Well, their cornerstone beliefs are rooted in the Marxist-Leninist ideologies…and so are Obama’s so yeah…liberals to the core.

Indeed, 80% of the groups listed in the 2013 FBI Domestic Terror Assessment ARE supported and nearly completely populated by…LIBERALS so if those very groups pose the most dire threats to the lives of Americans…LIBERALS should be front and center ON that list.


As far as who should head up that list…Islamic terrorists or Liberals…toss a coin…heads it’s 7th century barbarians with 21st century weapons or tails…it’s liberals who support them too.

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  1. That “woman”/free abortion poster child would be hard pressed to find a blind heterosexual mate to impregnate “her” before the free abortion would be necessary. Staring at that picture might serve as an antidote if you accidentally took a Viagra though.

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