Rick Perry Indicted for Having Integrity

fart 1Everything is bigger in Texas…even the brain farts.

Honestly, I don’t quite know how else to explain what is happening in Texas with the indictment of Governor Rick Perry.

It’s nothing short of a MASSIVE liberal brain fart.

They have indicted Perry for what? A VETO? He vetoed a bill which would have funded the Texas ethics watchdog, the Public Integrity Unit under the “leadership” of one Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

According to the Travis County Texas grand jury, Perry ABUSED his power as the Governor by first THREATENING to use his veto to defund the unit and then…by actually DOING what he SAID he would do.

Here’s the crux of it all…

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a liberal elected official was in charge of the INTEGRITY unit when she got pulled over for…DRIVING DRUNK last year. That’s right…the very person who was in charge of making sure that the INTEGRITY of Texas politics was up to par was driving drunk. She got arrested and tossed into the drunk tank to dry out where she, Rosemary Lehmberg, got belligerent with the local law enforcement folks.

She pitched quite the fit because, it seems, Lehmberg didn’t seem to think SHE should be treated just like every OTHER drunk on the road.

SHE, in what little was left of her mind, figured SHE was SPECIAL. Well, here…see for yourself…

So…was Rosemary Lehmberg, the DA who headed the Texas Public Integrity Unit DRUNK on the night in question? Did the cops act in an ethical manner?

Once again…YOU be the judge…

The woman was staggering all over the place, couldn’t or WOULDN’T follow the instructions given to her by the officer and…she had been driving erratically, in the BIKE lane not to MENTION…going SOUTH in the NORTHBOUND lane.

It’s a wonder that the head of the Texas Public Integrity Unit didn’t kill somebody that night and, after putting on a show at the county lockup, Rosemary Lehmberg eventually…PLEADED GUILTY to the charge of driving drunk.

In light of that, Governor Perry asked Lehmberg to resign her position and she…refused.PERRY 1

The Governor than made it very public that unless Lehmberg resigned, he would veto the bill which funded the Public Integrity Unit and when the admittedly drunk Lehmberg STILL refused to do so, because apparently she felt that even though she pled guilty to FELONY DRUNK DRIVING…SHE was the only person capable of making sure that Texas politics continued to conduct itself WITH integrity…Perry followed through, broke out his veto pen and did away with the $7.5 million dollar funding for the unit.

According to Mary Anne Wiley, general counsel for Governor Rick Perry, “The veto in question was made in accordance with the veto authority afforded to every governor under the Texas Constitution.”

So…Travis County Texas convened a grand jury, spent MONTHS and an untold amount of money to investigate the Governor’s veto and, last week, INDICTED him for ABUSE of power.


Somebody correct me if I’m wrong here but…if the Texas Legislature didn’t see it the same way Governor Perry saw it…if THEY wanted that Public Integrity Unit FUNDED…couldn’t they have voted to OVERRIDE the Governor’s veto?

Of course they could but, they didn’t. Which means the FINAL word on the issue came from the state LEGISLATURE and not the GOVERNOR PERRY 2but…liberals being liberals and this brain fart being big enough to be seen from space, they indicted Governor Perry essentially for nothing more than keeping a self-admitted drunk from heading up the very unit charged with keeping the government’s integrity intact.

Yesterday, acting WITH integrity, Governor Rick Perry turned himself in,was finger printed and got his mugshot taken as he prepares to stand trial and defend HIS integrity against what can ONLY be described as a DESPERATE attempt to discredit him by liberals.

It’s going to backfire…big time.


Liberals in Texas and around the country are all bent because Perry is doing, along his state’s border with Mexico, what the Obama regime REFUSES to do. He’s activated his state’s National Guard to assist in patrolling that border.

Last month, when Obama went to Texas, he REFUSED to even VISIT the border and only begrudgingly agreed to MEET with Governor Perry PERRY 3and AT that meeting, reportedly…OBAMA laughed all the way THROUGH it.

Governor Perry was not amused.

While the Dictator was raising funds for the furtherance of national socialism, Governor Perry was raising awareness of the national security issue on the border, Obama’s unlawful actions regarding border security and his own standing on the national stage with but two years to go before the next presidential election.

Perry made an ASS of Obama…not that Obama needs assistance in that department and liberals became terrified of the prospect…so much so that they decided they needed to take Perry down a few notches.

Because Governor Perry refused to allow his state’s equivalent of Ted Kennedy in drag continue to oversee the integrity of his state’s political system, they assembled a grand jury and indicted him for it.

That last statement will no doubt bunch up liberal panties everywhere but, it is accurate.

Ted Kennedy got drunk, drove off a bridge and DID kill somebody… Mary Jo Kopechne…fled the scene and didn’t turn himself in until he had sobered up and then went on to be seen as the defacto leader of the senate and was, in the mid 90’s,  CLEARED of sexual harassment and drugPERRY 4 related allegations by none other than the SENATE ETHICS COMMITTEE who then, labeled the man who wrote the book and had taped interviews with the women who swore to those allegations, Richard E. Burke, a liar.

The only difference between the drunk driving of Kennedy and Lehmberg is that Lehmberg didn’t kill anyone so, I’ll stand by the comparison.

So, how devastating is the Travis County grand jury’s indictment of Governor Rick Perry?

Grand juries are run by a prosecutor,(maybe one with an ax to grind?) have no judge and do not require a unanimous decision to indict nor do they decide anyone’s guilt or innocence. THAT is left to a REAL court with a judge and jury so…not very and…

Back in 1985, Sol Wachtler, a liberal and former chief judge of New York’s court of appeals and a man who was arrested and convicted on  charges including extortion, racketeering, and blackmail., and now holds the position of Adjunct Professor at Touro Law School and Chair of the Law and Psychiatry Institute of North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital told the Daily News that prosecutors have so much sway over grand juries they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”

Governor Rick Perry, based on the Texas State Constitution and the authority it provides was well within his right to proceed with the veto in question and should have no trouble beating this bogus rap.

When he does, and I believe he will, Perry’s position on the national political stage will increase to an even higher standing than before this absurd and desperate move by the liberal character assassination machine.

Everything is bigger in Texas…

Even the abject stupidity of brain farting liberals.

4 thoughts on “Rick Perry Indicted for Having Integrity

  1. Being a native Texan (I am now living in Georgia to be grandpa) and seeing this and doing my own homework investigating, it is obviously clear that Rick Perry is a LEADER of good morals, character and integrity. He has kept Texas as a state where businesses want to come, where justice is a priority and where anyone who is in the USA (Texas) illegally should be kept out, even if it means using the Texas National Guard!!

    RICK PERRY for PRESIDENT 2016!!!

    You’ve got my vote and all those of my acquaintance.


  2. Is it just me or did Lehmberg play the part of Beulah Ballbreaker in the movie “Porky’s”?

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