Obama’s Policies Have UNIONS Seeing RED!!

screw 1Okay…from the lips of liberals…

Conservatives are obstructionists. WE are the racists…the jobs killers and the reason the economy sucks out loud. Liberals love to claim that Conservatives comprise the “do nothing congress” and Obama stands there last week in Kansas City chiding US to “come on…come on now, let’s get things done.”

Meanwhile, on the back shelves of Harry Reid’s liberal/socialist controlled senate…

Some 356 bills…PASSED by the House…are collecting dust because Reid himself refuses to bring them to a vote.

OF those 356 bills…

98% were passed with bipartisan support…200 of them were passed unanimously by the ENTIRE house without a single objection from the liberals ensconced there…and more than 100 others were passed with 75% of house DEMOCRATS supporting them.

40 of those bills would directly help lower unemployment and many of them offer assistance to the “more than 3.4 million workers between the ages of 20 and 59″ missing from our labor force.”

There they sit…356 bills, including a border bill passed just last Friday…on Harry Reid’s desk because Reid himself refuses to have them brought up for a vote.

And Lois Lerner thinks that CONSERVATIVES are the ASSHOLES???

Liberals at large, your garden variety, run of the mill liberals on the street take whatever Kool Aid the mainstream media is pouring and believe it lock, stock and barrel but the numbers…the REAL numbers are there and all one needs to do is have a look at the bills passed by the house and see where they came up to a vote in the do nothing liberal Senate.

Now you know why Obama claims he has to use his pen and if you think of that pen as a screwdriver….you’ll understand the rest of this article.

But you see…liberals just won’t believe a thing we tell them…they just don’t recognize the truth until it jumps up and gnaws on the keesters.

Take Obamacare for instance…

We Conservatives TRIED to tell the liberals that Obamacare would raise their premiums, their deductibles and their prescription costs but did they listen?


We Conservatives TRIED to tell liberals that Obamacare would cost JOBS, cause people to LOSE their insurance and would cost a TRILLION DOLLARS over the next ten years but…did they listen???

No they did not.

Hell…Ted CRUZ stood for 21 hours on the floor of Harry Reid’s obstructionist senate and TOLD them that Obama should be delayed for a year to work out the bugs and all but DID they LISTEN???

No way, no how, not even a little.

screw 3What happened?

Premiums went way up…deductibles went way up…the cost of prescriptions went up…in some cases by 700%…Americans, regardless of political affiliation have lost and continue to lose their jobs…Americans lost their insurance and the doctors they liked and wanted to keep…the website STILL doesn’t work and has no security built into it…

We Conservatives TOLD the liberals that having the government FORCE businesses to buy Sandra Fluke’s morning after pills was UNCONSTITUTIONAL but they didn’t believe us on that one either.

All the while, Obama was using his pen to change the law without the advice or consent of the congress and guess what? Now he’s being SUED over THAT and guess what else…if successful, BUSINESS who got a two year reprieve on THAT score will be forced to abide BY the law AS WRITTEN and even the LIBERAL business owners aren’t going to like THAT one little bit.

Maybe they should have listened huh?

Well, listen to THIS liberals…You aren’t seeing or hearing any liberals looking to get elected to the senate or the house this November running on Obamacare do ya? Know why? Because they know they screwed ALL of America ON Obamacare but just you wait…if you REELECT them…all of a sudden…they’ll be right back on the Obamacare bandwagon…screwing you all over again.

And now, the law of unintended consequences strikes again…

Let me take you all back, especially the liberals, to 2008 as the campaign for the White House really ramped up. The UMWA (that would be the United Mine Workers of America union) had been supporting John Edwards until HE dropped out of the race. THEN they went all in for Hillary Clinton right up to that fateful moment when Obama got the nomination. That’s when UMAW president, Cecil Roberts made the slobbering statement…“Senator Obama shares the values of UMWA members and our families. He understands and will fight for the needs our members have today and the hopes our members have for a secure future for themselves and their families.”

Anything to elect a liberal…if not Edwards than Clinton. If not Clinton then…OBAMA but we Conservatives didn’t have to try and tell the liberals that they were making a BIG mistake…


But did they listen?

HELL NO they didn’t and that brings us to what transpired last Thursday in Pittsburgh.SCREW 4

That’s when and where Cecil Roberts marched 5000 Obama voting coal miners…Obama voting boilermakers, Obama voting electric workers and other Obama voting union workers through the streets in a mass protest of…OBAMA’S new EPA jobs killing restrictions and regulations.

You see, until their blind faith in liberals comes back to bite them, they just do what they’ve always done and vote for the liberal. In their mind, the ONLY candidate that’s on THEIR side is the LIBERAL candidate. The ONLY candidate who will make sure THEY’RE protected is the LIBERAL candidate.

Reality check…the LIBERAL candidate who became the LIBERAL president screwed you, your family and your ability to earn a living while he was busy screwing the REST of America by making ALL of us pay through the NOSE for electricity.

And the most amazing part of it all was that HE warned them he was going to do it.

Here’s a little advice for the liberals like those UMWA folks out there and those who lost their health insurance and their jobs to Obamacare…three months from now…vote for the Republicans who are on the ballot for your Senate and House seats.

Those liberal Senators screwed you too…they told you THEY would protect you, your jobs and your healthcare while THEY backed Obama. How did that work out for you?

SCREW 5They lied to you then and they’re lying to you now if they’re telling you they’re gonna fix things. They won’t. They have no intention of fixing anything. They just want your vote and then they’ll go right back to screwing you all over again.

Insanity, they say, is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Take a chance.

This November…vote REPUBLICAN and let people with AMERICA’S best interest have a shot and repairing Obama’s damage. Think of it as sending those who just screwed you a message that you didn’t like it. Send them packing and then do what we Conservatives intend to do…hold the newly elected members of congress accountable.

And this isn’t just about the coal industry or Obamacare either. This is about the whole economy. Coal workers are some of THE hardest working people in America and they’re not just a bunch of dumb shovel jockeys. They are smart people who INVEST their hard earned money and last week, their investments, like ALL American’s investments tanked.

LIBERALS under Obama have been artificially propping up the economy by printing more money which has driven up inflSCREW 6ation along with the stock market where people have their 401k’s invested. As soon as a little glimmer of hope for economic recovery came about, BOOM…stocks reacted to the prospect of the Fed turning off their money printing presses and the market CRASHED…wiping out ALL of this year’s gains.

Now, the very same coal workers who voted for Obama not only have a bleak employment future BECAUSE of Obama but their retirement accounts just took a major hit because of Obama.

Now then, go back to the beginning of this article and look at those numbers again.

356 bills…MANY of them dealing with EFFECTIVE and LONG term repairs to our economy rather than artificial fixes that were doomed to fail…MANY of those bills dealing with assistance to American WORKERS and where are they now? Siting on the desk of a LIBERAL…Harry Reid who has LIED to the American people…SCREWED the American people and NOT brought them to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

Harry Reid is just making SURE that Obama gets to use his screwdriver.

This November can make all the difference. As long as liberals control the Senate…America and our economy along with your jobs will be OUT of control in a downward spiral.

The choice is yours America…WAKE UP America…vote Republican and put an END to the liberal screw-a-palooza.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Policies Have UNIONS Seeing RED!!

  1. As long as Harry Reid sits on the bills, Obama can continue to say “Congress isn’t doing anything” and can sign more EOs. Using the ‘obstructionist’ label helps him. Why would Reid want to do anything to harm the agenda of the President? They appear to be in lockstep. No one person in either the House or the Senate should have that much power. He is only one Senator from Nevada; he wasn’t elected by the nation. There should be some way to remove a leader of a party in the Senate when this happens.

  2. The GOP is terrible at getting the message out

    They really don’t know how to do anything

    Boehner should retire soon

    Conservatives are not aholes – the GOP ARE the aholes

    They let this problem get out of control

  3. The only reason Whorehouse Harry Reid got reelected this last time was because of the unions in Las Vegas. Then they started getting the screw from Obamacare they threatened to strike if the casinos didn’t pick up the tab for the increase in their healthcare.

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