From Craig Andresen and Diane Sori

RSP urg recastAs many of the readers of this blog know, Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor and I are partners on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, our radio show on CPR Worldwide Media  and a few months ago, between our two blogs and our show, we exposed the truth regarding Benghazi.

Since then, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS and CPR have been targeted by the Obama regime. Repeated attempts have been made to knock of off the air with cyber attacks coming from the east coast to the west coast…the middle of a farm field in Kansas and even from a point 420 miles due west of the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean.

The CEO of CPR has had his tires slashed and his vehicle further vandalized and a note left on it warning our CEO, Michael Collins-Windsor to “stop the investigative reports or next time it won’t just be your tires getting slashed.”

The surveillance tapes from that event were taken from local law enforcement by two FBI agents days later.

The owner of the company that licenses CPR for the ability to legally play music had two FBI agents show up at his HOME at 8:30pm on a Saturday ordering HIM to PULL THE STREAMING LICENSE in an attempt to close CPR down. He was reportedly threatened, told to shut the ‘F’ up and do what he was told or he would lose his business.

That, by the way, was NOT the only time he was told by the FBI to shut CPR down.

It was at that point that both Diane and I were labeled by that particular duo of being “potential threats to national security.”

Two FBI agents then showed up at Collins-Windsor’s bank demanding his records but were turned away as they did NOT have any court order to take those records.

Two men showed up one day at Collins-Windsor’s office where they took photos of the building.

Are you starting to get the picture here?

As the cyber attacks continued against RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS and CPR, we, Diane and myself, continued to expose the Obama regime…on government land grabs and on the IRS targeting scandal both in our blogs and on our radio show.

Thursday July 10th, things came to a head and what follows is a MOST disturbing portrait of a ‘presidential’ regime gone rogue.

I was beginning to write my usual Friday Fume, seen here every Friday in The National Patriot when I was contacted by Michael Collins-Windsor. He informed me he was “fixin’ to be arrested” and his response to my question of “why” was jaw dropping.

Michael informed me that he had just received a phone call from a HIGHLY placed Obama regime ‘official’ WARNING him to stop what we have been doing, spreading the truth and exposing the regime and her boss (MY words, certainly not hers) or bad things were going to happen.

It was at this point that Collins-Windsor had had enough and admittedly, he went OFF on this woman…calling URG 1her every name in the book…informing her in NO uncertain terms that THIS was AMERICA and NOT the damn USSR and OUR Constitution gives ALL of us the RIGHT to SPEAK OUR DAMNED MINDS!!!

If you had any idea how I cleaned that up…the conversation was decidedly NOT pretty and while I have heard a recording, I could only hear Michael’s end of the conversation, not ot hers, but trust me when I tell you that Michael Collins-Windsor spared NOTHING from his end of it.

So…from whom was that call placed???


And then came the next shocker of the day as we traced the number from Michael’s caller ID…



While Michael, Diane, myself and another (nameless here to do what I can to protect his safety) were discussing the situation, Michael’s phone rang again and we were ALL privy to Michael’s end of the conversation as it happened live.

Believe me, if you could have heard what WE heard for the next 5 minutes…you would have a VERY clear understanding of what an AMERICAN, and one who has fought for and been wounded in the defense of our nation really sounds like.

Michael was AGAIN warned and THREATENED…told to stop the investigative pieces…TOLD TO STOP DIANE AND I…and told that he, Michael Collins-Windsor WOULD be ARRESTED to which Michael told THEM”COME AND GET ME…YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHERE I AM…ARREST ME…COME ON…GODDAMNIT…COME AND GET ME I AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!!”

Michael was ordered to stay right where he was and they were on their way.

And who exactly were THESE goons???


Some 90 minutes later…

Two of the palace guards…SECRET SERVICE and two of the goon squad…FBI…were at the home of Collins-Windsor and after a 90 minute ‘conversation’ Michael informed us of what went down.

They accused Michael of things he did not do…they accused Diane and myself of having certain access to information we did not have…they threatened him with the IRS…with arrest for, of all things…BEING DISRESPECTFUL of the regime…the list of government abuses goes on and on and they threatened to RETURN WITH A COURT ORDER TO SEARCH THE COMPUTERS OF MICHAEL COLLINS-WINDSOR FOR INFORMATION THEY ARE JUST SO SURE HE HAS…but in reality, simply doesn’t exist.

Friends and Patriots…this is happening in the United States of America. A nation of laws being broken daily by the Obama regime. If it’s happening to Michael Collins-Windsor, a military veteran and Conservative Patriot and to myself and my partner and friend Diane Sori…because we have exercised our rights to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION under the 1st Amendment…


SATURDAY… July 12th at 11am EST…CPR Worldwide Media will rebroadcast our SPECIAL RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS show and we WILL provide even MORE details regarding this ABHORRENT situation.

On Thursday night, we wewre joined, live on the air, by the CEO of CPR Radio, Michael Collins-Windsor as we exposed a 1st Amendment trampling that affects ALL Americans.

We will continue to expose these tactics and provide details and trust me when I tell you…I have ONLY scratched the surface of today’s events in this article. There IS more…MUCH more and you will be SHOCKED at what you will hear.

Join Diane Sori and myself…SATURDAY…JULY 12th at 11AM EST for an URGENT RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS SPECIAL REPORT…”A REGIME GONE ROGUE…AMERICA IN THE BALANCE,” which will be immediately followed by our ORIGINAL BENGHAZI SPECIAL at 1pm EST!!!



  1. This is insane! “Disrespect” is now a CRIME?? A “President” who lies almost every time he opens his mouth, presents forged documents to “prove” his identity, who indisputably LIED, knowingly, openly on camera and video in order to sell his destructive “Medical Program” to a still too-trusting public, whose “enemies” and “inconvenient people” often seem to disappear, or “get suicided” or otherwise silenced – including in-the-open frame-ups and prison sentences for exercising their “RIGHTS”..! And THIS is the “leader of the Free World”??

    One thing that really breaks my heart about this is that there was a time when I would have said the FBI and the Secret Service couldn’t have been bought, blackmailed or otherwise forced to betray this country… and here they are playing Enforcers for a clear Manchurian Candidate whose obvious assignment is to finish the destruction of America and all things American! ANYONE can see that the USA is being milked for everything possible by the super-rich “elites” (aka Luciferian perverts, torturers and murderers) before flushing what’s left down where it will belong by then – the toilet and sewer that will have been the formerly beautiful Gulf of Mexico. And as far as I can tell, this “man” has never spoken a true sentence in his life – certainly not in his public life!

    It seems as though absolutely every single government protective agency there is – the CDC, USDA, FDA, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, FEMA, absolutely EVERYTHING has been perverted so as to be doing exactly the opposite of what they were supposedly created for. There was a time when I would have trusted any one of them at their given word, along with the Law Enforcement agencies from Federal Marshals down to the least podunk Sheriff, to protect the ones I love with their own lives, as I would have risked my own life to protect one of them (which I HAVE DONE – once). And by the way, yes, I’m a vet. Like my father AND mother (she was a WWII vet with time in a designated War Zone), my brother and myself, uncles, etc – my family has never waited to be drafted – we JOINED when we heard we might be needed!

    The only war zone I ever saw was East Oakland, but that was Uncle Sam’s choice, not mine; I would have gone wherever they sent me, no questions asked. Yeah, I was somewhat naive, as we all have been at one time or another; I knew, though, that there were skunks and thugs in even the BEST of outfits. My error lay in believing they were very much in the minority. I never even suspected, never dreamed in my worst nightmares that they were not only the MAJORITY in ALL of these agencies, they were also IN CHARGE! I feel like I’ve turned over a flowerbed only to find a nest of rattlesnakes the size of anacondas under it! Worse, I have no idea what to do. I’m old now, in pain and disabled; I can’t even walk more than half a block after that last of seven back operations. I wouldn’t even live very long minus my regular meds, so even a relatively short jail sentence would be a long, torturous death sentence for me. And now it seems I could get exactly that for speaking out about no more than what I see happening in my country, the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” Except now I HAVE to write that, “The Land of the Fee, Home of the Slaves,” because that’s exactly what we’ve been tricked into, what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

    The only real questions I have left now are: “WHY is Washington D.C. still there? Why is Obama STILL in the Oval Office? Why does the Fed still exist now that we know what it is and who owns it, and WHY are those owners not in prison or dead when they’ve caused more suffering, death and destruction than all of our wars combined for no better reason than GREED?? WHY does our brave military still follow the orders of a man not fit to hold that office, a man not even qualified to shine the boots of the lowest-ranked serviceman or woman? Where are the Generals, the Admirals, the well-educated commanders of what was the finest military on Earth?? In short, where IS America, MY America? Thinking of those questions, I can almost feel the ground dropping from under my feet, and the very foundations of my heart, the place where I was taught to build and rest my Pride, crumbling, and I do not know what to do.


  2. Craig; you and Dianekeep getting it out there. More and more are seeing the actual truth and not the media truth

  3. So sorry to hear that you are being targeted by the pResident and his evil minions ! Thank you for standing up for freedom! I shared this with other freedom groups on facebook and other social media!

    Make sure that people know your whereabouts at all times. You might want to hire body guards and a security company for home and business. Jut a thought!

  4. Unreal. This is like something out of the twilight zone.

    Stand strong, Patriots. We the People need your voice. We need to know.

  5. Craig and Diane….Thanks for continuing to be on the frontline of freedom in America. This has been shared and it is seen in the light of day. So it will not be buried but brought out for all to see.

    Joe Hakos

  6. Thank you, Michael for standing strong against the trifliling heifer! Be safe.

  7. I know your pain. Starting in 1977, I too was told by “Alphabet Soups” to SHUT UP OR ELSE! I went “on vacation” in 1981 because I wouldn’t Shut Up. When I “Returned”, I was back telling people what I had seen in the Middle east. What I had been told by Veterans (while comparing notes) from Korea and fellow Vietnam era Veterans, what I witnessed while working in the Projects of the City I worked in and the threats that were made. In 1999 I was sent to FEMA Camp again, but I was given a 10 year sentence. The gubmenk will manufacture evidence, purchase testimony and even make sure there is an all gubmenk dependent jury, if you exercise your rights!

    Just how much are you willing to sacrifice, to get the Truth out there? The People have a right to know! Now that everything that I had been warning of, CIA’s Opium, Heroin, Cocaine, muslim Terrorist smuggling is all over the Internet, gee. the past 34 years seem to be a waste of their time.Huh? But! Between the two “Vacations”, they “gave” me(6 years-01/1981-01/1987 then 18 years 11 months-07/97-06/2016) I STILL feel, I did my duty, even with the masses not wanting to hear it. Good luck. You are going to need it. The Federal Reserve Panels(U.S. District Courts) are for the Gubment and WILL see to it they get what they want.

  8. Holy Shite! This is what comes from having communists in American government.

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