Megalomaniac Putin – Return of the Russian Czar

putin 1After yesterday’s article, “MH-17: Searching for the Truth,” co-written by myself and Diane Sori, a small handful of readers, some with connections to Ukraine, got their panties in a wad and accused us of all manner of things.

Naturally, they have a right to do so but while only one, Michael Hutton, did indeed offer thoughtful discussion, the rest of them offered no viable or even veiled facts to refute anything in that article. They did however, resort to personal attacks in their knee-jerk reactions as they blindly follow their Ukrainian government the way liberals here are velcroed to the ass of Obama.

In examining evidence and pouring through sources, none of which are the sources we were accused of pouring through by the way, both Diane and I presented the possibilities and identified what, according to the available information, looks like the most likely scenario for the downing of MH-17.

Sometimes, the intel doesn’t lead in the direction you would like it to but that will never keep us from exposing where it DOES lead.

But let’s get something clear right off the bat here…

Neither Diane nor myself have any interest whatsoever in issuing an apology for yesterday’s article nor in defending a world class megalomanic, hell bent on regional domination via cold and calculated oppression like Vladimir Putin.putin 2

The man is out to reestablish the old Russian Empire and bring back the time of the czars and he doesn’t believe there is anything or anyone out there who can stop him.

Romney was 100% correct when he said that Russia is our number one, geopolitical foe in the world and the rest of the world had better come around to Romney’s way of thinking before it’s too late.

Putin is a dangerous man, devoid of care where it comes to international law or standing treaties and agreements and he has never put his KGB past behind him. Vladimir Putin is an assassin with the power of the Kremlin behind him and the weapons necessary to punish those who would dare take a stand against his dreams to death.

And the absolute idiots of Obama’s lapdog media are soft-selling what’s going on over there as the possible beginning of a new cold war.

COLD war???

Ask the people of Crimea and the people of Ukraine if they are feeling the chill of a COLD war. Cold war my ass…that war is as hot as any war ever has been and if Europe and the Obama regime don’t get off their dead asses…a new Russian EMPIRE is going to form in EUROPE as surly as a new CALIPHATE is forming in the Middle East.

putin 3World wars, not cold wars, have started over less.

We now know that Putin has been violating a treaty signed in 1987 between Reagan and Gorbachev outlawing both Russia and the U.S. from testing ground-based medium rage cruise missiles. Putin has been in violation of the treaty since 2008. He’s been ramping up those violations since 2011 and what has Obama done about it?

NOTHING until he sent a “strongly worded letter” to Putin last weekend. A “STRONGLY WORDED LETTER???” By the way…Obama couldn’t let on in 2012 that he knew of Putin’s misdeeds as that would have been admitting Romney was right.

Now, we also have the satellite images to prove that Putin is moving multi armed rocket launchers toward Eastern Ukraine. Isn’t THAT just what every COLD war needs…sophisticated multiple-launch rocket systems in the hands of rebel thugs who do Putin’s bidding?

Putin has most of Europe under his empirical thumb as he controls the supply of oil to those countries. They feel powerless to stand up to the bastard especially since the Obama regime hasn’t the balls to lead the way. Removing defensive systems from Poland sent the clear and unmistakable message that Obama didn’t give a rat’s ass about the whole of Europe and had no willingness to stand against the Russian mob leader in any way.

Putin got that message loud and clear and what’s happening there today is the glaring result. Trust me when I tell you that Obama’s paper tiger is no match for the new Russian czar.

Neither Diane nor I implied, in any way shape or form, that the PEOPLE of Ukraine were in ANY way responsible forputin 4 in favor OF what we see as the distinct possibility of a Ukrainian GOVERNMENT’S involvement in the downing of MH-17 nor did we take ANY sort of position against the PEOPLE of Ukraine.

In fact, we feel quite the opposite.

The PEOPLE of Ukraine, those who are now fighting not only for their freedom but for their lives, SHOULD be free and most definitely, free from the clutches of Russia but, with liberty comes responsibility and one of those responsibilities is to not blindly accept that their government or agents of it are always making the right decisions and, in times of desperation, bad decisions can be made.

The decision as to return to the Russian fold or remain an independent nation should rest in a vote of the people of Ukraine and NOT in the hands of the new, self-ordained Russian czar.

This is something one particular social media commenter, echoed by others, must learn as their blind faith regarding a Ukrainian government that can do no wrong  must be tempered by facts at hand. Just as we question our government and demand accountability, so too must Ron Monks of the government he defends.

monks 1


monks 2

Neither Diane nor I used RT (Russia Today) as a source. In fact, the only people connected to RT that I hold in any regard are Liz Wahl and Sara Firth, both of whom QUIT Putin’s reconstituted Pravda. As for Ron Paul…Diane and I both believe him to be certifiably on the wrong side of foreign policy and the boy hasn’t fallen far from the nut tree as far as we’re concerned.

According to Monks and the very few who echoed his frothing yesterday, we are fools, bastards and will be “judged by God for siding with the enemy,” as well as being referred to as being no different than “every left-wing nut job out there” but it wasn’t US making personal judgments rather than searching for the truth even if it didn’t match up with our sensibilities.

By the way, both Diane and myself have been called “potential threats to national security” by a regime exhibitingstrafe 1 the same character traits you employed yesterday and for the exact same reason…we used the available intel and connected the dots and neither you nor they liked the emerging picture.

New evidence discovered yesterday, NOT by the RUSSIANS but by AUSTRALIAN investigators at the site of the downed MH-17 suggests “machine gun like strafing” of the Malaysian airliner…yet another indication that a fighter jet could well have been involved in the shoot down…another dot…yet another piece of the puzzle.

While we may not yet know definitively how MH-17 was brought down killing all on board, some things are perfectly clear. NONE of this would have happened were Putin not engaged in rebuilding the Russian Empire by force…and the surest way to spread propaganda is to blindly follow and repeat anything a government, ANY government claims to be the truth rather than by questioning EVERYTHING they tell you claiming to be the truth.


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