It’s Time for Comprehensive Regime Reform

If you are planning to board a plane anytime soon, for vacation or business, to fly to any U.S. destination, there is something very important youtsa 5 should be aware of and I mean…VERY important.

There is a good chance that there will be passengers on your flight who boarded without any identification whatsoever.

These are people granted immunity from the TSA goon squads at any U.S. airport and their free pass has been authorized by none other than the Obama regime.

While YOU, as an American citizen are NOT allowed to board WITHOUT proper identification…OTHERS are and they are NOT U.S. citizens.

According to NBPC (National Border Protection Council) Local 2455 Spokesman Hector Garza, “The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, ILLEGAL ALIENS who have set foot in OUR country having NO documentation OR ID are being allowed to board ANY commercial flight to ANYWHERE in the country by simply showing their ‘Notice to Appear’ form at the gate.

We all know that along with Mexican and Central American ILLEGAL INVADERS we have members of Mexican drug cartels pouring across our now non existent borders. We also know that gang members from Mexico and Central American countries are escorting many of the illegal invader unaccompanied children across the border as well.

Folks…we are well aware as well that terrorists, sent from Islamic organizations are in the border crossing mix.

NONE of them are illegally INVADING our nation with ID’s or documentation.

NONE of them and yet, all they must show to board our planes at our airports is show their ‘Notice to Appear’ form. All that means is they have been ordered to appear at a deportation hearing. That’s all. And most of them will simply disperse across our nation, from sea to shining sea and take up a below the radar existence in our cities and towns.

It gets worse…

tsa 2Those ‘Notice to Appear’ forms have no photo of the person who carries them on them.  There are absolutely no official marks on them, no raised seal, no watermark…nothing.

They can easily be run off on a copy machine by the hundreds of thousands and handed out like candy on Halloween to anyone.

And it gets worse yet…

In what, at the time was thought to be a precursor to amnesty, some 68,000 ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, some convicted of brutal crimes, were RELEASED from prisons and jails in our country by ICE to roam our streets again.

I now believe this NOT to have been a precursor to AMNESTY…rather a preemptive release of criminals knowing exactly what was coming…the invasion of our borderless nation by children and adults alike from Mexico and Central America.

Think about it.

We have been told by liberals for years that there simply is no way to track illegal aliens for the purpose of deportation. It just couldn’t be done but now, we are being told that tens of thousands of illegal alien children are being reunited with their families who are already here in our country? Are we to believe that every ILLEGAL INVADER child coming into our nation over the past month has LEGAL family here?tsa 3


And the Obama regime is supposedly turning these children, whom they have no idea exactly who THEY are over to family members in THIS country of whom they ALSO have no proof of relation to the child and this all seems appropriate?

Perhaps a better question would be…how is it that my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio partner Diane Sori and I have been labeled as ‘potential threats to national security’ for simply speaking out against this absurd and treasonous regime while…who KNOWS who from who knows WHERE are being dispersed throughout our country, literally trafficked BY this regime, while 68,000 ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS have been turned loose and none of THAT is a potential threat to national security???

Could it get WORSE???

Indeed it could and IS.

Ask yourselves, who’s footing the bills? Specifically for these invading children…who exactly IS footing the bills?

tsa 8We are seeing stunning ads like the one seen here beginning to appear offering potential ‘foster parents’ up to $6000.00 per child PER MONTH to essentially…HARBOR ILLEGAL ALIENS in their homes and it’s tax free money.

Really? It takes up to $72,000 per year to pay for what a child needs…food, clothes and shelter? Up to $72,000 PER YEAR??? PER CHILD???


And from where does THAT money come??? From the UNITED STATES TAXPAYER after being laundered by the Obama regime’s HHS Department. Yes…the exact same HHS that couldn’t build a damn website and folks, that money, up to $72 grand per kid per year…is on TOP of their taxpayer supplied, government indoctrination education and taxpayer supplied Obamacare.

Want more?

Have a look at this video showing BUSLOADS of ILLEGAL INVADERS going on a Walmart shopping spree with YOUR money…thoughtfully provided via Obama regime supplied EBT cards.

This is NOT the fault of Walmart folks as they cannot refuse EBT cardholders. THIS is the DIRECT fault of the OBAMA REGIME and those aren’t unaccompanied ILLEGAL ALIEN invader children…THOSE are ADULTS and it’s not happening in Texas or Arizona or California…THAT is taking place in NORTH CAROLINA which, as far as I know, is not a border state.

Now then, ask yourselves how these illegal invaders got from Texas or Arizona or California TO North Carolina?? Obviously, since they are riding about town in a school bus, paid for by taxpayers, they don’t have their own modes of transportation do they? Since they are in North Carolina, they had to get THERE before they could ride that bus and because they are using U.S. taxpayer funded EBT cards to do their shopping…they tsa 1don’t have any money.

Now let me ask again…how do ILLEGAL INVADERS from Mexico and Central America, with no transportation OR MONEY get from Arizona, California or Texas TO…NORTH CAROLINA???

Obviously…We the People, subject to the laws of our nation are buying their plane tickets…aren’t we?

Plane tickets for which they need not show any identification.

Arizona law 1070, allowed the state to maintain border security in a nutshell but, Obama had Holder sue the state of Arizona over that ability. In the United States Supreme Court, the regime prevailed but only to a point.

Arizona was forced to cede their border enforcement power TO the federal government, that much is true however, in return, the federal government was ORDERED to UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE the protection OF the federal government where border security is concerned.

Here’s what that means…It means that as a state, Arizona can, by law and precedent upheld by the United States Supreme Court…FORCE the tsa 6federal government, in this case, the Obama regime to take action to secure the Arizona/Mexico.

The border states should immediately demand, order the Obama regime to seal the border by any means necessary and if they don’t, Governors Perry and Brewer should call on their respective Guard units as well as militias to lock down and secure the borders.

That of course will make the regime quite unhappy but both Arizona and Texas would be well within their SCOTUS decision rights to not only seal our borders but to run the regime goons off as well.

It is high time that We the People take a stand and insist that our representatives in the House, the holders of our nation’s purse strings, immediately move to cut any and all funding to the regime for their un-American stance toward ILLEGAL ALIENS and provide funding ONLY where it pertains to the rule of law in SEALING our borders and DEPORTING those who have criminally entered our country adult and child alike.

If Obama chooses to employ his pen to mandate our federal agencies to continue to IGNORE the laws of our nTSA 7ation in this regard, let half the militia turn and face north to protect the other half engaged in providing the border security the regime refuses to provide.

What we are, is on the verge of  the exact sort of Constitutional crisis Obama has been wanting and what a coincidence, just three and a half months before a midterm election that is shaping up to be another shellacking of the liberals but we, as Conservatives, MUST make examples of those whose agenda and ideology call for the erasing of our borders, the scrapping of our national sovereignty and the burning of our Constitution.

This Obama regime is purposefully elevating those who act criminally, simply upon their entry into our country, above the law abiding CITIZENS of these United States and unless the regime is prepared to extend to us ALL, the same ability to disregard our nation’s laws as they are currently doing for ILLEGAL INVADERS than they need to face the consequences this November and again in 2016.

At this point, we don’t need comprehensive immigration reform nearly as much as we need comprehensive regime reform.

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  1. A blind man could see what kind of a rodent Barry is !!!!

    If this continues, we will be just another third world.
    And we know how painful thats going to be.

  2. This is insane lawlessness! Obama must be charged with sedition and reckless endangerment of the citizenry, and arrested. The borders must be blocked & this influx of diseased minors stopped. Then, we begin the takedown of this progressive Evil Empire!!

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