Weekend Edition: Hey Obama…Who’s Your al-Baghdadi Now?

tnp eagleIraq is all but lost today. The green zone is all but awash in a sea of blood. Baghdad is falling, the people are fleeing…running for their very lives but to where? We don’t know. THEY don’t even know but they know they can’t stay there.

What started as maybe 1500 Sunni insurgents has turned into tens of thousands of them and as they continue to stream into Iraq from the northwest, from Syria, they gain strength, momentum and rage.

Having taken the Iraqi central bank in Mosul, ISIS is now the most well-funded terrorist operation on the planet. They, unlike so many other terrorist hoards, don’t have to rely on third party financial support because, from that bank in Mosul, they plundered more than $425 million dollars and as they extend their terror from one Iraqi city or town to the next, they gain more riches.

Into each town or city they enter, they carry the heads of those they have murdered on their bayonets and on poles. In their wake, they leave the mangled bodies of those they crucify and headless corpses litter the streets behind them.

The purple ink that once was a proud display of having voted has faded from the fingers of the dead though it never faded from their hearts and it is very much on the minds of those who flee.

I am sickened by those who, in their desperation to excuse Obama for this, attempt to blame Bush.

“Bush started an illegal war” they say. No…no he didn’t. Bush had the consent of congress to go to war in Iraq and that included a damn good number of liberals. “Bush LIED” they scream but, no…no he did not as he provided TO congress all intel gathered on Saddam and it wasn’t just our intel either. The world’s intel operations showed Saddam’s Iraq to be in possession of chemical weapons and trying to build nukes.

Then liberals try to claim that Bush falsely blamed Iraq for 9-11 but I have yet to have so much as a single one of them provide me with proof that Bush blamed Iraq for that. They can’t because, he never did and they know it.


What’s happening in Iraq today can and should be set at the feet of Obama. This is Obama’s Iraq. This is Obama’s doing. Obama’s Vietnam.

And while those Americans and others from our allied nations who fought in Iraq wonder what it was all for, we lost some 4500 American men and women there and had countless others return home not at all whole, we are left with questions. Many questions.isis 1

Why? Why is this happening?

Because nature abhors a vacuum and Obama saw to it there would be a sucking vacuum in Iraq by first, announcing to our enemies exactly when we would withdraw all our troops FROM Iraq and then, by not even seeking to leave any forces there to repel uprisings.

Obama set the stage for what we see in Iraq today and make no mistake, he’s doing the exact same thing Afghanistan with the only difference being about 10.000 residual troops in that country but, our enemies there, in Afghanistan know full well that under Obama, those troops are there not to fight but to win the hearts and minds of the enemy.

Where in the hell is John Kerry in this mess in Iraq??

John Kerry, while Iraq has been falling to ISIS and descending into hell has been in London, attending a symposium regarding violence against women and reading aloud, passages from the works of the late Maya Angelou.

Isn’t that a hell of a thing for the head of our diplomatic branch to be doing while Americans are being evacuated and in some cases, surrounded by THE most vile, violent and murderous of Islamic terrorists in a country where the smell of blood and rotting corpses fills the air?

isis 2Why is Iran moving to fight against ISIS to save Iraq??

Because ISIS is Sunni and Saddam, against whom Iran fought for nearly a decade was Sunni too. ISIS is as much an enemy to Iran as was Saddam himself and Iran wants nothing to interfere with their plans to complete a nuclear weapons program.

Iran knows that once the Sunnis hold Iraq, they gain strength in Syria where they can defeat Assad and Iran also knows the defeat of Assad means Iran will be the next Islamic state to be targeted. The outcome will be the same regarding Israel whether it’s the Iranians or the Sunnis trying to wipe Israel from the map but Iran seeks the bragging rights and would be insulted were their decade’s old enemy steal their thunder…not to mention their country…such as it is.

Why didn’t our intel community see this coming???

Simple. Because under the Obama regime, our intel community has been ordered to collect as much data on American citizens Obama sees as a threat to his ideology as is humanly possible rather than providing intelligence on our enemies around the world.

Why didn’t our MILITARY have a plan for this obvious eventuality?

I suspect many in our military DID see the need to strategize for exactly this outcome in Iraq but, those who did are no longer IN our military. From the Pentagon to the fields of battle, those in a position to preplan counter-insurgency operations and strikes against the ilk of ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and others have been relieved of duty or forced into retirement by the Obama regime and replaced by those who  are far more willing to further Obama’s ideology than protect our interests including freedoms and the price already paid by our men and women in uniform.

And what of the Iraqi army? Why have THEY run away???isis 3

They know their limitations. For the past 5 ½ years, they have not been trained to fight. They haven’t been trained to win a war. They’ve been trained to wear a uniform, march in a straight line and make nice in the desert by winning over the hearts and minds of THEIR enemies.

The Iraqi army knows they are not a fighting force but a façade…Obama’s smoke and mirrors…dressed up to put on a show and make American liberal voters believe Obama had taken care of business in Iraq but, just like hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, they are running for their lives today leaving behind them, strewn in the streets and along the roads, their uniforms…uniforms that would identify them to ISIS Sunnis as their enemies.

Most of today’s Iraqi army were nothing but civilians in fear of Saddam’s army before 2003 and now, the remnants OF Saddam’s army have joined with ISIS. They thought America would save them from the bloodbath they see in their country today but, after five years of Obama…they know America WON’T and so they run…not out of cowardice but in a last ditch attempt at self-preservation.

isis 4And finally…

What in THE HELL is Obama going to DO about this?????


Not a damn thing.

How can I say that with such certainty?


Just two days ago, a group of at least 300 American citizens were gathered at Balad Air Base in Iraq where they were surrounded by ISIS forces and unable to be flown out because it is believed that ISIS is in possession of U.S. made surface to air missiles. These are a combination of contractors and diplomats and while THEY were THERE…John Kerry was in London, reading passages from Maya Angelo and Obama…well…he was getting ready to fly to California…to tell graduating college seniors all about climate change…for a fund raiser and a couple of rounds of golf.

Those Americans were flown out in the early morning hours on Saturday without any aid from Obama. They were airlifted to Baghdad by the IRAQI air force and then flown to Dubai.

And according TO Obama, The U.S. “is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the Iraqis that gives us some assurance that they’re prepared to work together.”

And by “political plan” Obama simply means that unless Iraq’s government surrenders and ISIS is allowed to take over all of Iraq, he doesn’t intend to lift a finger unless of course, it’s the middle finger he gave to those trapped Americans at Balad.isis 5

Obama is ‘relying’ on Kurdish forces and the Iranians to beat back ISIS in Iraq knowing full well one doesn’t have the capability while the other is only interested in keeping ISIS outside their border.

Obama has moved the aircraft carrier, George HW Bush to a position in the Arabian Gulf along with a guided missile cruiser and a guided missile destroyer but for what? A couple of shots across the ISIS bow? A show of fraudulent force? It’s more smoke and mirrors intended to quell his critics at home between rounds of golf.

And finally, back in 2009 when Obama had Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader released from prison…al-Baghdadi had parting words for his American captors telling Col. Kenneth King, Camp Bucca’s commanding officer…”I’ll see you guys in New York.”

Given what we’ve seen over the past few days in Iraq…THAT should chill you to your very core.

But that’s what you get when you give a vile barbarian with a7th century ideology your 21st century weapons…isn’t it?

We HAD al-Baghdacraig 1di in custody…

Obama turned al Baghdadi over to the Iraqi government in 2009 despite a more than compelling case to have him transferred to GITMO and now…al-Baghdadi has opened the gates of hell and vows to bring his brand of hell to New York.

Hey Obama…Who’s your al-Baghdadi now?

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 6/15/2014


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