The Scandals are Real – Obama’s the Phony

scan 1Remember the good ol’ days of the Obama regime?

Me either but there WERE days when things were not as they are today. Mainly because they were the earliest days of the regime and the Dictator hadn’t the time yet to extend his special brand of Muslim and socialist corruption far and wide.

Before he was even elected back in 2008, there were those of us who were wondering exactly who this guy was?

Barack Hussein Obama…there were plenty of indications back THEN that he wasn’t who he said he was…an American citizen. Old book jackets said he was born in Kenya. The Kenyan GOVERNMENT said he was born in Kenya.

There were no college records we were allowed to see…no thesis we were allowed to read…nobody knew who financed his upper class education, and where-oh-where was his BIRTH CERTIFICATE???

Well…he cleared it all up by RELEASING his birth certificate didn’t he? You know…the one that was proven to be a fake by people who understood exactly how to fake that sort of thing and then by a law enforcement investigation that also proved his social security number is fraudulent and so is his selective service registration but…those were the good ol’ days of the regime.

What followed has been nothing short of a cascade of corruption flowing down from what was purported to be the “most transparent administration in history.”

Fast and Furious…

The deliberate, sealed with a kiss delivery of high powered weapons, thousands of them, to the Mexican drug cartels. Nobody was fired…a few scan 2deck chairs were rearranged and when the investigation got too hot for the regime…what did “the most transparent administration in history” do?

Obama, the Dictator put all the evidence under lock and key by signing an Executive Privilege order…something he could ONLY do if it involved him directly…which he claimed it didn’t…and he was off to the corruption races.

Obama, in order to get a good start on “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” had to pass Obamacare and to do so, he had to bribe members of his own party…couldn’t allow anyone to actually READ the 2700 page socialist manifesto and rammed it down the throats of ALL Americans in the dark of night with not a single affirmative vote from any Republican in the house or the senate.

How quaint for the “most transparent administration in history.”

One must be reminded of just how hard it is to BE a Dictator if the Dictator isn’t fully aware of what everybody in his banana Constitutional republic is  saying, writing, doing and/or thinking so…under Obama’s command and control, the NSA launched into domestic spying scan 3mode collecting meta data on the collective…including members of the freedom of the press club who didn’t necessarily agree with him.

This, of course, led to a freedom of speech problem which the Dictator took care of by making it a crime to express oneself within earshot OF the Dictator and that, naturally, led to ‘free speech zones’ which would have our founders and framers who were apparently under the misconception that our national BORDERS defined our free speech zone SPINNING IN THEIR GRAVES.

Speaking of our borders…Obama’s ‘dreamers’ need not recognize our borders and after he told them AND us that he couldn’t go that route alone because OF the founders and framers who “constrained” him with our Constitution…he signed the “dream act” all by his little Dictator self.

Along about this time, Obama decided that he and ONLY he would decide which laws, on the books and passed by congress, would be defended by his regime…“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” notwithstanding.

Obama, being Obama has never been content with being A Dictator…he wants to be the ONLY Dictator and therefore, has been unable to contain his corruption within the borders he erased and has spread his doctrine to other Dictatorships.SCAN 4

Qaddafi must go…and he armed al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ to oust HIM and create a vacuum of power in Libya.

Mubarak must go…and Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood into power there once THAT vacuum of power took hold.

Assad must go and to that affect, Obama has been arming al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ in Syria which led to…

BENGHAZI…where Obama, the American Agent of Islam was running weapons…ala Fast and Furious on steroids BETWEEN the al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ of Libya to al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ in Syria until Ambassador Chris Stevens got in the way. What’s a Dictator and American Agent of Islam to DO???

Ask Chris Stevens or Glen Doherty or Sean Smith or Tyrone Woods…oh wait…you can’t because…they’re dead and while those attacks were ongoing…Obama. Dictator of ‘the most transparent regime in history’…blamed it on a You Tube video that nobody had seen.

Move along…nothing to see there…especially if you happened to be with the FBI cooling your heels in Tripoli while Benghazi was being scrubbed clean for three weeks after the attacks.

Liberals…whether elected or crawling from under various assorted rocks claim there is NO scandal connected to Benghazi…NO scandal in removing OUR security people from Benghazi…NO SCANDAL in replacing our security personnel with al-Qaeda’s 17th February Brigade in Benghazi…NO scandal in not even ATTEMPTING some sort of rescue of our people there…NO SCANDAL in blaming it on that silly You Tube video…NO scandal in Obama not even making an APPEARANCE in the situation room DURING the attacks…I could go on and on but suffice it scan 5to say the list on this one is nearly endless.

Let’s not forget Bin Laden.

Obama made a BIG deal of getting bin Laden and we all KNOW he KILLED bin Laden…don’t we? I mean…we ALL saw the photos of the dead bin Laden before the American Agent of Islam had him, as respectfully as possible, buried at sea…didn’t we???

Perhaps we should just ask the Members of SEAL Team 6 about it and we COULD…were it not for EXTORTION 17 but alas…

The ‘most transparent Islamic regime in history’ has struck again.

If you’re a liberal, there’s nothing odd at all regarding how those in a position to tell the truth just keep being forced into retirement, having their military command taken away, getting shuffled to some dusty back office…pleading the 5th,  seeking asylum in communist countries or…ending up dead well before their time.

The Obamacare roll out was the exact disaster we predicted it would be…the website crashed exactly as we predicted…the numbers were SCAN 6cooked…no surprise there…premium and deductible rates are sky higher than promised…we CAN’T keep the doctors or the insurance we had…period…and there ARE death panels and critical portions OF the socialist medical manifesto have been repeatedly delayed…not by congress but by the Dictator unilaterally…No scandals there either huh liberals?

We have the IRS…Obamacare’s enforcement goon squad targeting groups who dwell on the opposite side of the political aisle from the Dictator while his regime fast-tracks tax exempt status for organizations that provide funding for terrorist groups around the world…the American Agent of Islam’s foul minion pleads the 5th and retires…two years worth of her emails mysteriously vanish in an even more mysterious hard drive crash that takes with it 6 other IRS hard drives belonging to 6 OTHER IRS execs being asked for THEIR emails and…just days after being asked FOR the emails…all those mysterious hard drives get ‘recycled’ or destroyed while the IRS only keeps THEIR back records for 6 months and they CANCELLED the contract with the outfit contracted TO back up all their IRS emails???

According to liberals…no scandal there and according to Obama:

Gee whiz. Even the emails that tie the ranking liberal on the house committee and chair of the liberal senate committee investigating the non existent (according to liberals) targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS…is all the fault of Fox News???

And how about the flood of illegal aliens pouring over our southern border after the Dictator cut border security…closed several border security stations, ordered the border patrol to run and hide at the first sign of trouble, subverted congress with the dream act, and the Dictator’s ordering  of ICE and Border Patrol to engage in human trafficking by having them ship those illegal aliens hither and yon while using our taxpayer dollars NOT to DEPORT them as the law demands but…to BUY them ATTORNEYS to DEFEND them AGAINST deportation?

Now…just because for every single illegal shin-kicking alien child that somehow makes its way from some God forsaken third world Central American country…all the way up through Mexico and across our unprotected border BY ITSELF and without ANY adult in tow has 18 INDIVIDUAL illegal alien parents already sucking our country dry and TEN TIMES that many FUTURE illegal democrat parent voters down THERE just WAITING to be reunited with their spawn up HERE…SCAN 8A

Don’t even get me started on common core math…

Nope…no scandal there EITHER according to liberals.

Trading five terrorist vermin for one deserter?

Scandal? No…not to liberals.

The VA and secret off the cooked books waiting lists?

Ongoing mandates regarding gun control by subverting congress?

Land grabs complete with government snipers protecting turtles from a rancher?

The Russian ‘reset button’ that effectively reset Russia all the way back to the Russian EMPIRE???

Iran…an Islamist terrorist country with whom we have no diplomatic relations being given the diplomatic time and space to complete their nuclear ambitions???

The MAINSTREAM media not covering ANY of this while their legs collectively tingle at the mere MENTION of Obama?

Nothing? Not even the slightest HINT of a scandal???

What about creating yet ANOTHER vacuum of power in Iraq so that the Syrian ‘rebels’ our American Agent of Islam has been arming to the TEETH can run uninhibited into power in order to build a caliphate complete with barbaric mass murder, genocide and the capture of Saddam’s WMD that we’ve all be told by liberals never existed in the first place??? Now there has GOT to be a scandal THERE don’t you think?

scan 9Nope…not according to liberals and guess what the AAI-A (American Agent of Islam – ASSHAT) is testing the waters for in Iraq now? He’s having his replacement for “What difference, at this point…does it MAKE?” Clinton tell al Maliki that it’s time for HIM to go.

Regardless of what seems to be an obvious and ongoing pattern…you just know that liberals don’t see a scandal there either.

But at LEAST employment is up…energy prices are down…home ownership is up…poverty is down…gross GDP is UP…our national debt is dropping…and the number of Americans on food stamps is…down. Right?


Kind of makes one long for the good ol’ days of the Obama regime doesn’t it? You know…when THE scandal was nothing but a fraudulent birth certificate?

Scandals? What scandals??? Liberals wouldn’t recognize a scandal if one walked right up and pissed in their ears.

14 thoughts on “The Scandals are Real – Obama’s the Phony

  1. More than a month has passed since this article was published, and Obama is still president and nobody in Congress has taken up the issue of the claimed “forged” birth certificate (because, of course, it isn’t forged. Birthers just keep saying that it is over and over).

  2. Don’t know what to say…massive corruption overload. But one thing that DOES stand out is all those children that have now been absorbed into various parts of the nation DO have families down there and they WILL be “demanding” they be reunited with them HERE. That is most definitely being orchestrated.

  3. No Ellen. Like we said. . . . .No scandal here now move along. . .. .Liberal troll logic

  4. Craig, you are arguing with a PROVEN PAID OBOT TROLL, ellen, who appears daily over at Western Journalism. I suggest you don’t waste your time. All she does is cut and paste PAID OBOT TROLL talking points.

  5. BTW, the same thing for JFK’s thesis. It was not released until after his death, and his grades have never been released. In fact, we still do not know the grades of either Teddy Roosevelt at Harvard or Woodrow Wilson at Princeton, and since they were both members of Phi Beta Kappa, their grades were probably excellent. The situation is simple: Presidents and presidential candidates do not release their grades. (Bush’s were leaked by a source at Yale, but Bush did not release them.)

  6. Re: “Here’s HILLARY CLINTON’S college thesis:”

    Okay admin: Where is her transcript? Where is the college thesis of Mitt Romney or his transcript? Where is the college thesis or transcript of John McCain? Where is the transcript of Bill Clinton? Or Bush41? or Reagan? or Carter? or Ford? or Nixon?

    And, BTW, while Hillary’s thesis is available, SHE did NOT publish it as part of her campaign. And the same thing for her grades. She did not publish them, nor did McCain his grades nor did Mitt Romney publish his grades. So why should Obama?

  7. Re: “For others…those things are accessible via simple searches …”

    Answer: Then do the searches and show us the college records of any president or presidential candidate.

    Re “millions.” That is a birther lie. There isn’t a shred of a fact that shows he spent a single cent on hiding anything. He showed his birth certificates. And guess what, there were NO lawsuits against him for any documents at all—only to keep him off of ballots. So, duh, Obama never spent a cent hiding anything.

    Re “fast and furious.” I grant you that Obama prevented further investigation into that situation after it had been threshed out in the US congress for months and months and months. Republicans in Congress cried a little, but they did not claim that it was either a high crime or even a misdemeanor for him to do that. (AND you will recall how frequently George Bush used executive privilege to prevent facts from coming out.)

    In any case, Obama did not seal college records or any personal records, and he did not spend “millions”—or even one cent—on keeping them secret, and he released his birth certificate twice, and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii confirmed that they sent the short form AND the long form to him and that ALL the facts on the published image of Obama’s birth certificate are exactly the same as on what they sent to him.

  8. Re: “Obama, the Dictator put all the evidence under lock and key by signing an Executive Privilege order…”

    Obama’s first executive order makes it harder, not easier, for presidents to seal their records as compared with a similar executive order from George W. Bush (you have to see the two executive orders and compare them to see this, but it is true). And, guess what, it applies ONLY to presidential executive office papers. It does NOT apply to college papers, passport records, birth certificates, law firm records, parents’ marriage licenses, etc. etc. All of those things are covered under the normal state and federal privacy laws. Obama did not release those records, because Romney and McCain did not release them either. And they are NOT “sealed.”

    • Ellen…Now…read the article again and this time…don’t take the quote out of context. Obama DID seal FAST AND FURIOUS under Executive PRIVILEGE…I never said he sealed it under executive ORDER and the two are vastly different. Apparently it may not fit your agenda to keep quote IN context or to know the difference. Now then, as to Obama’s BC…College records and such…For others…those things are accessible via simple searches while Obama has spent MILLIONS of dollars to keep HIS from being seen…it has nothing whatsoever to do with McCain or Romney making theirs public.

  9. Re: “There were no college records we were allowed to see…no thesis.”

    Answer: Turns out that neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney NOR George Bush nor his father nor Bill Clinton nor any previous president ever showed his college transcripts (a few candidates showed grade-point AVERAGES) or their theses.

    Re: the allegation that Obama’s birth certificate is forged. It isn’t.

  10. Has anyone ever given thought as to how those children got from Central America through Mexico? Have you ever seen pictures of the southern border of Mexico? We have all heard about how fast you get thrown in jail if you try to enter Mexico illegally. So how come thousands of children can waltz into there and travel the length of the country with no scrutiny?

  11. It should forever be debated, and most certainly settled, the question of legitimacy for POTUS. May we never again have a candidate unwilling to provide his required documentation of legitimacy and be chosen as candidate for the office of POTUS.
    If we know what’s good for us then we will never again let this happen.
    Just ask yourself this question: “would a legitimate American President have engineered the Arab Spring”?

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