5 thoughts on “Friday Fume

  1. Thank you for fuming so I don’t have to!
    Of course I fume anyway but now I can fume armed with some humor stolen from your fumes and therefore I can fume more effectively. Please keep it up while fuming is still legal.

  2. Great Fume! Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    Any fifth grader can tell Ms Lerner that, “you can delete from your computer. You can erase your hard drive . . . but your server provider has a copy of every email. A subpoena to the server provider would produce everything”. Long before personal technology, I can still remember what it was like to live in this great nation. Long before the Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves infiltrated our Government. A time, way back in the day, of American Hero’s. Your Senators and Police officers were respected. Our Presidents, though none of them were all things to all people, they were admired across the nation and around the world. Now, instead of a Respected Leader of a powerful nation, what do we have . . . A new cabinet office: The first National Secretary of Entertainment. Duties of the Secretary include: Expensive, Endless Uninterrupted Lessons and Games of Golf; Touring the World in the most Extravagant manner possible with Endless Uninterrupted Vacations; Experiencing Elegant, Expensive, Endless, Uninterrupted Dining; and this new position as Secretary of Entertainment allows and encourages the companionship of as many aides or family members as the New Secretary deems necessary. In an Elaborate Effort to maintain Control and Full Authority over this new cabinet position, A Presidential Directive will be written and signed by the New Secretary of Entertainment and the Presidential signature will be forged to the Directive by the Presidential Impostor. If any Citizen of the United States of America disagrees . . . they will be arrested under the Patriot Act and incarcerated for eternity in one of the Internment Camps under a Separate Phony Presidential Directive.
    Respectfully yours, B. Veriafrad

  3. I can not stop laughing! Brilliantly put together and funny as hell!

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