Liberal Benghazi Deniers About to Face the Music

SWEAT 1AAAs the house is set to hold a vote regarding the need for a special committee to further investigate Benghazi liberals from Capitol Hill to their pundits microphones are pissed. They mask their anger by directing it at the right side of the aisle and in the direction of those of us who have, since day one, called for such an investigation and justice for those killed some 20 months ago but, at whom are they REALLY angry and why?

First, I suspect they don’t care for the collective reflections they see in their own mirrors and staggering mountain of their own lies has become more than they have the capability to keep straight.

For the past week or so, we have been regaled with their sputtering utterances and faint echoes of Hilary’s “WHAT DIFFERENCE, AT THIS POINT…DOES IT MAKE???”

For instance…on the heels of such nonsense as calling those who stood with Cliven Bundy and chased a wad of heavily armed federal goons from Bunkerville without firing a shot nothing but “domestic terrorists,” ol’ crusty Harry Reid made THIS lame attempt at dismissing a further Benghazi investigation: “Republicans are showing yet again that they have nothing to offer the middle class. Republicans care more about defending billionaires like the Koch brothers and trying to rekindle debunked right-wing conspiracy theories than raising the minimum wage or ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work.”

Reid went on to say, “Republicans of trying to gin up yet another political food fight.”

“Another political food fight???” That’s what the murders of four Americans and this regime’s cover up, with Reid’s ample support is to him???

A political FOOD FIGHT??? It wasn’t some FOOD FIGHT that night in September of 2012 that took place in Benghazi. THAT was a TERRORIST ATTACK set up to silence our Ambassador and keep him from blowing the proverbial whistle!!!

In a herd of political asses from the left side of the aisle…

Harry Reid is the hole.HOLE 1

To begin with, Reid is the very one who has relegated more than 4 dozen bills, sent to him by Republicans in the house for the specific purpose of helping ALL Americans to shelves in the back closet of the senate that are dustier than he is, never to see the light of day much less a vote on the senate floor and it was Reid who shut down the 17% of government last year to punish mostly the middle class.

Next…it is Reid himself who has never offered so much as a cocked, eyebrow at the billions of dollars George Soros and other Midasesque socialists have poured into liberal campaigns but, Reid and others who attempt to demonize the Koch brothers HAVE gleefully accepted Koch dollars into THEIR pockets over the last several years and are unapologetic for it.

But to try and label a terrorist attack which took the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, engineered by the very scum of the earth…al Qaeda…our enemy in a time of war that Obama, their grand leader, armed to the teeth as nothing but a “debunked right-wing conspiracy” and a “political food fight” smacks of utter desperation and the ramblings of a delusional mind.

When Reid’s words failed miserably, the next to rush to an open microphone was none other than Nancy Pelosi…a woman so mind-numbingly bereft of reality she makes Alice in Wonderland seem to be somehow plausible.

Here was her take in the wake of Reid’s blathering bit of bombastic bullcrap: “What I will say is, again, diversion, subterfuge: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren’t we talking about something else?  Whatever was in that — what I know of what HOLE 2I’ve read in the press about those emails was very consistent with what was put out there before. I don’t think there’s anything new there.”

There can be little, if any doubt why Pelosi wants to talk about anything other than “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi,” and it’s not because she’s ‘late, she’s late, she’s late for a very important date,’ rather, it’s because the White Rabbit of vapidity knows full well that a special investigative committee stands the best chance of exposing the treasonous truth swirling around those whose asses she’s been kissing for some time now.

Furthermore, Pelosi has a full realization of what the truth would mean to the socialist ideology and her party’s chances in the upcoming 2014 midterms and the 2016 elections but to accuse Republicans of employing diversionary tactics in relation to a Benghazi investigation is paramount to accusing liberals of tolerance.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recent revelations regarding the email now in evidence thanks only to a Freedom of Information Act law suit filedHOLE 3 by Judicial Watch, a group that Harry Reid no doubt views as domestic terrorists that pinpoints the video ass covering lie directly to the oval office via Ben Rhodes, an Obama senior adviser along with testimony delivered to the house committee by retired Brigadier General Lovell exposing that AFRICOM stood ready to “run toward the guns” in Benghazi but never received the green light from Hillary’s Department of State and the Tommy Vietor slip up on Bret Baer’s show that Obama never WAS in the situation room during the attacks have shown beyond a doubt that the cover up of treason started as the attacks were still in progress.

Further to that point, it was Hillary Clinton herself who issued a statement blaming an innocuous You Tube video for the attacks at 10:06pm while the attacks in Benghazi raged on.

That which we are witnessing now is nothing more than the unraveling of lies told by those to whom the truth has never mattered coupled with desperation in trying beyond the realm of pipedreams to keep their socialist ambitions alive. They backed the wrong horse, engaged in the misguided notion that they could get away with anything and then, insanely attempted to provide cover for treason by ramping up their rhetoric and dismissing the facts.

The abject frustration regarding their now flailing attempts to relegate Benghazi to the trash heap of apathy came to full bloom last week when The Five’s Bob Beckel’s bloomers went into a ballistic bunch.

Beckel is a case study in fist pounding frustration as the collective left throws a tantrum over the fact that those they have tried so long and so hard to portray as loons, the Conservatives, are once again being proved to be 100% correct.

What has the ilk of Bob Beckel and his comrades, press pass carrying members all of Obama’s lapdog liberal media so upset is that they sold their collective souls to a community organizer and with a song in their hearts and tingles running up their legs, have been willfully spreading this regimes propaganda and what little credibility they still think they have is swirling around the toilet bowl as the truth comes to light.

With the house seeking justice for those murdered in Benghazi, Trey Gowdy has now been tapped to head the house special investigative committee and there is nobody better to seek and expose the truth than this congressman and in absolute desperation to try and hightail it away from those truths, house liberals are now threatening to boycott the hearings.

According to one liberal mouthpiece, “There is deep concern in the Caucus that participation in this sham cGOWDY 1ommittee, like the 2005 Katrina committee, would serve to legitimize what has and by all signs will continue to be a political operation,” and liberal congressman Adam Schiff backs such a boycott offering that the hearings “will be a colossal waste of time that doesn’t deserve to be treated with any credibility, given how much has already gone into investigating Benghazi.”

Those are but the whimperings of fools who have hitched their wagons to a Trojan horse running at full gallop toward the glue factory as they set the stage for a pathetic retort regarding soon to be exposed truths by making false claims that the investigation was one sided.

Let them boycott the hearings and watch from the sidelines as 20 months of their efforts to hide the truth and provide cover for acts of treason go up in smoke.

Benghazi was a setup, a hit on Ambassador Stevens because he knew too much…an exercise in treason as those in the highest offices…the white house, the State Department and the CIA colluded to arm the enemy in Libya and transfer those arms to the enemy in Syria. Then, in order to maintain their seat of power, this regime set forth on a cover up of their brazen acts and now, just as we Conservatives knew it would, it’s all falling apart.

It’s high time the liberal Benghazi deniers stand and face the music because…The truth shall be known.

4 thoughts on “Liberal Benghazi Deniers About to Face the Music

  1. Bob Beckel owes ALL Americans an apology. There are hundreds of thousands of us who care and he can start with the four mothers and fathers of these Brave American Heroes! Who Cares??? Oh my goodness Bob. You are need of a reality check! How can you be so callus? This IS NOT A Dem/Repub. issue!! Every American should be angry over this. It shows that our leaders in our government, that BTW WORK FOR US, will lie to us for their own personal gain! It is THAT disgustingly simple Bob!!

  2. Craig, dear FB friend, this is superb, and at times hilarious! Loved it and great job!

  3. First, I like Trey Gowdy’s statement that the liberals should wait for the hearings to take place (facts,evidence) before they start to criticize. Obviously the Dems are in deep doo-doo which goes all the way to the two tops (Hil,O).
    Next, re. a vast right wing conspiracy: That was the lie and accusation Hillary put forth, on television, when tales of Monica and Bill surfaced about February of the exposed year. In August, with the blue dress revealed, we knew that the story was true. And,later, our suspicions were confirmed that Hillary knew what had happened but had no problem lying to our faces. Just like now.

  4. Craig, you mde me watch a minute and a half of that red striped sack of cow excrement spew his retoric. I will never get that time back.
    However the article was FANTASTIC. Keep their feet to the fire.

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