Government Land Grabs: The Truth Exposed – Part 2

lg 1So, this regime is planning to transfer 140 million acres of our western lands from “mixed use” to “treasured lands” status soon which means that NO individual or private company will have any access to them whatsoever. 140 million acres…the combined size of Wyoming and Colorado and for what?

Well, THEY claim it is to “protect the environment” which is a long over used and false claim.

It’s the land grab equivalent of the standard clarion lie from the left when it comes to attempts to pass legislation or, in the case of this insipid regime, use the dictator’s pen to sign away more and more of the rights that keep us free…”Oh, we MUST do it for the CHILDREN!!!”

Well, I’m calling BULLCRAP on this “protect the environment” land grab nonsense and I can prove it.

Let’s go back to the Clinton administration.

1996…That’s when Clinton went after 1.7 million acres in Utah. His administration claimed it was “to protect the environment” because those lands, he claimed, were endangered.

What a coincidence that those “endangered” lands, so in need of government management were the very lands where the largest untapped coal reserves in the nation were located and, the house committee called him out on it.

Naturally, Clinton responded with: “Mining jobs are good jobs, and mining is important to our national security — but we can’t have mines everywhere, and we shouldn’t have mines that threaten national treasures,” but the real story…the PROOF…came from a document sent from his Chair of the Council for Environmental Quality, one Kathleen Alana “Katie” McGinty who wrote in an email that: “these lands are not really endangered.”

 “Oh, we MUST do it for the children!!!”

A liberal lie meant to take away our rights.

“We MUST protect the ENVIRONMENT!!!”

A liberal lie meant to take away our land…


The INCONVENIENT and long buried truth of the matter.

On April, 22nd…I wrote an article, “Staring Down the Barrel of the Liberal’s Total Control Agenda and exposed the plan of the EPA to grab WATER…ALL of it in an effort for this regime to take complete control over the American people but, these land grabs go even deeper as Diane Sori, my Right Side Patriots radio partner and I are about to reveal and this is so disturbing I suggest you get a firm grip on something solid as I believe you will be as outraged as we are.

Control. These land grabs and the shifting of such enormous tracts of land from mixed use to “treasured lands” status are about control not only of our nation’s people but of our resources and our economy in what may well be THE most evil plan ever conceived.

To begin…we all know of Solyndra and other various boondoggles where this regime has poured our taxpayer dollars into bogus green energy firms but, are you aware of the true scope of the burning of our money on this crap?

lg 2

Staggering, isn’t it. Now then…ask yourselves why?

Simply put, the U.S. dollar is only being propped up right now by foreign oil and our military industrial complex and Iran has been a long-time proponent of OPEC dumping the dollar as their exchange currency.

THAT is why this regime MUST, at any cost to them and to us, keep us dependent ON foreign oil and most of it comes from countries that don’t like us at all. If we were to become energy independent, THEY would dump the dollar in the blink of an eye and our economy would crash.LG 4

Our economy would crash but, that’s what this Obama regime WANTS, isn’t it? That’s why the ‘recovery” has now diminished to a mind-meltingly low 0.1% GDP…because that’s Obama’s plan. Drive the economy into the toilet and FORCE people to become ever more dependent on government subsidies and entitlements just to get from day to day.

As things stand now, OPEC and other foreign oil producers are in control of our economy as the Fed continues to devalue every dollar by running their printing presses 24 hours a day. OPEC keeps inching up the price of a barrel of crude to compensate for the downward trend of the dollar.

Our western oh-so-treasured lands, those Obama is now in the process of stealing with his pen, moving from mixed to NO use status, just happen to sit on reserves…lots and lots of reserves. Coal, as I mentioned earlier…natural gas…oil shale and of course, as I outlined in my article from April 22nd…water.

There’s enough there, under those lands that, with today’s extraction technology, we could become energy independent and were the sovereign states of the west allowed to make their own decisions regarding those lands…THEY too would flourish. THEIR economies would burst at the seams and because of it…our NATIONAL economy would grow at record paces to heights we can only imagine.

The downside for this regime and their agenda, their very ideology would be that with the wealth of those states comes the direct lack of need for federal government “entitlements” via the extortion the federal government now holds over the states. States would have the financial resources to maintain their OWN infrastructures and the power to kick the federal government OUT of the day to day business of the people…just as the founders and framers always intended.

This regime, because of their agenda and their perverse ideology of controlling the people by any and all means necessary, cannot allow that to happen therefore…seize the land…control what flows ON it as well as what’s stored UNDER it…do NOT allow private individuals to access it where the bulk of those resources wait to be tapped and GOVERNMENT is in total control.

But, it gets even worse.

Take that phrase, “treasured lands” and reLG 5move the word “treasured…”replace it with the word…”strategic,” and you’ll see where this is going.

Once this regime, via their agenda of flushing our economy down the crapper thus elevating the need of the people to rely on government doled out subsidies and entitlements and the federal government’s abject control of virtually all water that flows, sits atop or under the ground including the rain that runs off your rooftops and couple that with the federal control of “STRATEGIC” lands and the government, regardless of which side of the aisle is running the show at any given time will be the deciding choice as when to allow OPEC and other not so friendly oil producers to pull the plug.

Once that happens…the federal government will TAP those strategic lands and the GOVERNMENT who will decide on how much energy gets produced thus controlling the PRICE of energy 100% across the board. We will finally be ENERGY independent but We the People will be completely GOVERNMENT…DE-pendent and if you don’t like the way the government doles out the energy to keep your lights on, your homes heated and cooled or your car running between point A and point B…or the price you have to pay for it as set BY the government…you would be at THEIR mercy.

Let’s just hope you don’t get thirsty too.

I want you to look at the map below and realize that everything in red is land the government controls. That’s what they have already taken from We the People and, they want more.

lg 6

And look how nicely oil shale deposits and basins in our western United States match up with the map above. It’s an eye opening comparison and one for which there can be no other reasonable explanation.

It’s stunning when these maps are brought to light and more so when one realizes that this regime is moving to totally eliminate private citizens from lands that when combined total the surface area of Colorado and Wyoming combined.lg 7

And you thought this was all about turtles and cows and scenic overviews?

Clearly, this has little if anything to do with “protecting the environment.” THIS is about controlling the land in order to control the energy UNDER it and thus, taking control of the people…WE the People.

As I wrap up this part of our four part series on the truth regarding these federal land grabs, allow me to point out the unmitigated hypocrisy of this regime.

On April 21st, Joe Biden, this regime’s 2nd in command was in Poland and stated, “No nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation. We will never recognize Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea,” and while he spoke those words, this regime was well into the depths of grabbing land away from We the People to be OCCUPIED solely by the federal government.

And remember how this article started…with the Clinton administration lying about protecting the environment while grabbing up 1.7 million acres of a coal field in Utah?

Well…Look at one more map and compare the coal fields of the western united states to the oil shale and to the government hijacked lands.

lg 8

If you aren’t furious enough by now, having read parts 1 and 2 of this 4 part expose regarding the Obama regime’s land grabs, my partner, Diane Sori’s part 3, published today in in her blog, The Patriot Factor and also here in The National Patriot will make you absolutely livid as we have, so far, only scratched the surface of the nefarious nature of this agenda by connecting the dots to equally if not more dire consequences awaiting us all in ways you have never imagined before.



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  1. It is time to throw them all out, try them for treason and fix our country!!!!!

  2. I remember the Clinton “clean coal” deal. This was, from what I remember, the largest deposit of clean coal in the world. When Clinton designated it as protected that meant that the next largest clean coal deposit was in CHINA. His payoff to the Lippo Group.

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