Benghazi: The Truth Exposed – Part 1

TRUTH 1For the next two days, My Right Side Patriot’s radio partner, Diane Sori and I have combined our efforts to bring you the latest and most stunning coverage of the Benghazi cover up you will read anywhere.

Today, we have written separate articles with mine outlining what transpired before the attacks and Diane’s, regarding what transpired DURING those attacks.

If you think you already know the whole story…You don’t and, what you DON’T know is likely to light your hair on fire.

On January 15th, 2014, the Senate Select Committee on intelligence review of the Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi was released to the public.

Naturally, you read that report.

You didn’t?

Well, surely you heard all the details of it on the news.

You heard that the Benghazi attacks could have been prevented. That’s what you heard on the news. In fact, that’s about ALL you heard on the news because, mainstream media and, in this case, even Fox news didn’t give the report the coverage they should have.

There’s a lot more, a WHOLE lot more in that report than, “It could have been prevented.”

For instance…

Were you aware that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence spoke with General Petraeus not once, not twice but, 3 times and one of those times was when the General was still the head of the CIA?

That is a fact that will become more important when you see how it ties in with the rest of this series later on.

 The committee also spoke with the CIA Chief of Base Benghazi who was there on the night of the attacks, a fact made even more important given last week’s testimony from Michael Morrell, the then Deputy Director of the CIA who admitted that the unnamed Chief of Base Benghazi emailed him, just 4 days after the attacks to tell Morrell, in no uncertain terms that the attacks were NOT part of some protest over a You Tube video but were, in fact, a TERRORIST attack.

Were you aware…

From all the in depth coverage in the mainstream media when this Senate Select Committee report was made public just 4 months ago that there were 3 attacks in Benghazi that night? Not 2 but…3. The one on the consulate or, Mission. The next being the attack on the CIA annex but, were you aware of a SECOND attack on the CIA annex?

Did you know, from the mainstream media that, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty SURVIVED that first attack only to be killed in the SECOND annex attack some 5 hours later?truth 2

It’s all in the report.

There’s more in that report too and some of it, mentioned in passing, is stunning.

Absolutely stunning.

We all know, from previous open testimony that Ambassador Stevens, Gregory Hicks and others made numerous requests for added and upgraded security in Benghazi, all of which were denied and that, during the months leading up to the attacks of September 11th, 2012, Hillary Clinton and the State Department actually drew DOWN security there and REPLACED our security teams in Benghazi with “security” provided by the February 17th Brigade…Ansar al-Sharia which is, in fact, al Qaeda by another name but, I believe there’s a damn good chance you were NOT aware that the situation in Benghazi was fully known not just by the State Department but, by those MUCH higher up in the chain of command…as outlined in this report.

Read these paragraphs from pages 10 – 12 of the report:

report 1

That is but a redacted snippet of that part of the Senate Select Committee Report regarding what was going on in Benghazi before the attacks but…

Let’s be clear…The CIA was producing reports and presentations…The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) was producing reports and presentations…The Pentagon’s Joint Staff was producing reports and presentations…and AFRICOM was producing reports and presentations all truth 3regarding the growing and dire actions of al Qaeda and the forming of Ansar al-Sharia in eastern Libya, Benghazi to be exact and, the only way Obama would NOT have been aware of this would be if he gave a direct order TO the Joint Chiefs of Staff that NO such information was to be brought to his attention.

Obama was, after all, in the final months of his reelection campaign and not only needed plausible deniability but, cover as you will soon see.

That too, will fit the narrative as we proceed to connect the dots.

Let’s continue.

We all know there were prior incidents of attacks by al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi and that there was a hole blown in the “security” wall of the Mission, that the Red Cross had pulled out and that the Brits, after attempts on the life of their Ambassador had also pulled out of Benghazi. Right? But were you aware of how many attacks led up to THE attacks of September 11th, 2012?

Here is a list from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report from pages 12-13:

report 2

There were, in fact, 20 prior attacks in Benghazi, perpetrated by al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, NONE of which were tied to any protests and, guess who knew about all of them.

Other than Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the CIA…With whom Ambassador Stevens was in frequent if not daily contact, we’re not entirely sure because, in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report, one entity was deemed to risky to name publicly and that entity was redacted.

report 3

At this point, in part 1 of our Benghazi Special Report series, allow me to remind you that both Diane Sori, my Right Side Patriots radio partner and the owner and publisher of the Patriot Factor and I, independently, within hours or days of the September 11th, 2012 Benghazi attacks, came to the conclusion that said attacks were NOT due to some protest regarding that inane You Tube video rather, they were a coordinated terrorist operation to HIT Ambassador Stevens as he was about to blow the whistle on a GUN RUNNING operation that was moving the weapons supplied by the Obama administration to Libyan “rebels” (al Qaeda, our enemy in a time of war) via the CIA (who had an annex in Benghazi) to the Turks (acting as truth 4strawmen) and into the hands of Syrian “rebels” (also our enemy, al Qaeda, in a time of war) to be used to defeat Assad.

There has been no evidence in the connect the dots pictures based on any testimony or reports made public to support wild theories concerning some presumably botched “kidnapping” of Ambassador Stevens to trade him for al Qaeda detainees however, based on our further investigations and this Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report, Diane’s and my gun running conclusion have done nothing BUT gain credibility.

That said, allow me to continue with analysis OF this Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report.

We know for a fact that security WAS drawn DOWN in Benghazi regarding our consulate or, Mission there and that it WAS replaced by “security” provided by our enemies, Ansar al-Sharia (al Qaeda) leading up to the attacks of September 11th, 2012 but, what we discovered next in the SSC report is something to which, again, NO coverage has been given by the mainstream media.

While our Mission in Benghazi, as well as OTHER western entities were being attacked some 20 times leading up to the September 11th attacks and, while MISSION security was being drawn DOWN and REPLACED…What, exactly, was happening at the CIA annex just 1 mile away from the Mission?

Read the following, the most startling part of which you have not heard from the media that has been highlighted for you from page 18 of the report:

report 4

And what exactly WERE those upgrades?

Read page 19 of the report:

report 5

Fully and completely redacted but, that is not to say we can’t glean some very useful information from this.

If the CIA was beefing up THEIR security and, according to the report, they WERE, the reason was because al Qaeda, once they  get their hands on U.S. weaponry in ONE region doesn’t work or share well with al Qaeda in ANOTHER region and the CIA, taking away al Qaeda’s cache of weapons in Libya and running them to Syria put that CIA annex in the cross hairs.

The CIA, while supplying the Joint Staff with intell regarding the building threat of al Qaeda in the region would NOT have truth 5been able to divulge the black op gun running for fear of leaks and, the CIA would not have been able to provide added security for the State Department Mission without drawing undue attention to what it was THEY were up to.

The Obama administration, Obama and Hillary Clinton specifically, turned THEIR backs on the Benghazi mission early on because, all THEY needed was until December of 2012 to complete the task of running those weapons to Syria at which time, the Benghazi State Department Mission was to have been abandoned anyway.

But, Then came Ambassador Stevens, arriving on the scene in Libya in April of 2012 and discovering, according to what Diane Sori and I now fully believe and CAN substantiate as a gun running covert operation as described above, must have wanted to remove himself AND the Department of State from any and all aspects involved.

Trust me when I tell you we WILL substantiate that gun running claim and SO much more…In our jointly written article and on Right Side Patriots…Tomorrow.

We believe that, by August of 2012, Stevens had become fully aware of the operation and, that he had made it known he wouldn’t be a part OF it therefore, we believe, the Obama administration decided to shut him up and concocted the cover story which could very well have included the distribution of that You Tube video to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood friends with the idea that THEY could engage in region-wide “protests” on a specified date to provide cover for the Benghazi attacks.

Diane and I both, more so now than ever before, believe the Obama administration viewed Ambassador Stevens as the fly in the Benghazi gunTRUTH 1 running covert operation ointment and one that could well have ended Hillary’s political career and presidential ambitions and further, one that could well have led to a Constitutional crisis with the arrest of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama on charges of treason.

 From here, I will hand things over to my Right Side Patriots radio partner, Diane Sori who, in her post today in the Patriot Factor, will take you through the revelations we discovered regarding the Benghazi attacks themselves.

Trust me, there is a great deal you never heard from media sources before regarding those attacks recounted in the report and, to find out for yourselves what those facts are…You must read Diane’s oped today by Going to The National Patriot’s HOME PAGE and scrolling down just below THIS article or, CLICK HERE to read Diane’s FULL article.

Tomorrow, Diane and I will wrap up our Benghazi Special Report series with our stunning conclusions by connecting the dots that nobody else has bothered connect and don’t miss our show, Right Side Patriots tomorrow, Wednesday April 9th, from 2-4pm EST on the CPR Worldwide Media Network as we put this all together live, on the air.

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  1. Good info. I have a few more questions: Was Stevens former military? Was the CIA destroing the weapons they found in Libia? Why did Stevens keep going to Benghozi?

    • William,

      Ambassador Stevens was never in the military and, the CIA was not destroying the weapons…They were running them from Libya to Syria in a covert op.

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