SCREW the (Environ)Mental Cases – BUILD the PIPELINE

The only real obstruction to the Keystone XL pipeline now, much to the dismay of those on work release from (environ)mental asylums, is the Dictator, Obama.

Last Friday, not the 1st or the 2nd, not the 3rd or the 4th environmental impact study regarding that pipeline but, the 5th, and the one that came directly from Obama’s State (of Insanity) Department was released and, just like the previous 4, this one states that there is no environmental reason for NOT  building the 1,179 mile pipeline from Canada to Texas.

A couple of years ago, the greeny weenies complained that the pipeline would cross Nebraska’s Sandhills region and the aquifer but, the Cornhusker state’s Governor, Dave Heineman, ordered a study, found an alternative route avoiding both sensitive areas and, that route was accepted by Canada.

Obama  had pandered to the unions who stand to make bank off the building of the Keystone XL pipeline by delaying parts of Obamacare, just for them.

The problem is, he’s also been pandering to the (environ)mental patients by not signing off on the pipeline.

With Friday’s report, coming from his own administration, Obama now finds himself faced with yet another conundrum.

Does he benefit the United States or China?

Here are the choices…

By NOT signing off on Keystone, Obama would directly be aiding China because, Canada will simply build their pipeline to their own west coast where the crude, 800,000 barrels per day of it, will be shipped TO china.

For that matter, Obama would also be aiding countries that like our money but, don’t like US…OPEC and the Arab nations because we would still be as reliant on THEIR oil as we are today.


The Dictator could green-light the pipeline project thus providing US with energy stability if not energy independence, lowering the prices of energy and a gallon of gas considerably while making us stronger on the world stage since we would no longer be so beholding TO those Arab nations and the always fickle OPEC.

For their part, environmental ninnies are vowing to raise all sorts of hell should Obama give Keystone XL the nod. In fact, they’re not waiting.

(Environ)mental cases have already filed suits to prevent even a drop, much less 800,000 barrels a day from flowing out of Canada and into Texas. Beyond THAT, they are threatening “acts of civil disobedience” and protests as well as running their greenies for congressional and other seats to outlaw the pipeline and, for that matter, the use of fossil fuels.

Obama now finds himself stuck between thugs and environmental terrorists.

The Unions have paid through their socialist nostrils into the campaigns of Obama and the rest of the liberal/socialists running to fundamentally transform America.

So too have the environmental nuts.

One has to wonder whether Hollyweird will be hot to trot and join the tree-huggers as they have already had Obamacare blow up in the well-tanned and heavily made up faces.

The gist of the Friday report is that there would be no appreciable impact on the environment from the Keystone, as drilling and fracking in Canada would continue unabated with or without the oil flowing to Texas.

However, WITH  the Keystone XL pipeline coming to Texas, there would be a predicted 42 thousand new jobs created to go along with lower gas prices, prices that would drop immediately upon the green light as OPEC would follow their protocol dropping the price of a barrel almost at once.

As for those jobs, those are the jobs directly associated with the building of the pipeline and does NOT take into account the jobs that would come in SUPPORT of it in communities and states along the route. Jobs like restaurants, hotels, housing, schools, teachers, manufacturing, transportation and so many others others….Possibly totaling more than 100,000 in all.

The lower prices of a gallon at the pumps would ALSO help to stimulate a stagnant economy, as people across the nation would find more money in their pockets.

The problem for Obama IS Obama at this point.

Green-lighting the Keystone XL pipeline goes against his green, Solyndra agenda, an agenda he gave voice to AGAIN in last week’s State of Confusion speech.

Obama is hell bent on pouring even more taxpayer dollars into unproven and unaffordable energy prospects.

Oh, yes, he did pat himself on the back last week over the increases in oil production here at home but, what he just can’t bring himself to admit publicly, is that those increases had nothing whatsoever to do with his policies. THOSE increases came about IN SPITE of his policies as Obama has denied, over and over again, any and all drilling applications on PUBLIC lands while those operations on PRIVATE lands…BECAUSE of fracking…Have THRIVED!!!

That is also the reason that Obama, during his State of Confusion speech, vowed to put even MORE private land under control of the federal government. The more land the government can control under his regime, the less land there will be available for energy production.

So, what’s a Dictator to do?

Okay the pipeline and watch the flow of money from environmentalists dry up while the flow of oil begins or…

NIX the pipeline and watch the UNIONS shut off the money tap?

Obviously, those in his own party, facing the Obamacare music, WANT the Keystone XL Pipeline NOW, as it would give them SOMETHING to talk about for the next 9 months OTHER than the flailing socialism for which ONLY they voted.

It is, however, not that simple for the campaigning socialists.

Take Alaska’s elected socialist Mark Begich and Louisiana’s Obamacare hugger, Mary Landrieu who are now on record as saying, “Today’s Environmental Impact Statement confirms what Alaskans already know — there are ways to safely and responsibly diversify our domestic energy supply. Move this project forward,” and…“This new study underscores what has been said all along about Keystone XL Pipeline: It’s time to build,” respectively.

These statements and others that are sure to come, while on their surface, seem to promote building a proven energy source and jobs creating pipeline however, UNDER the surface and nowhere deep enough under it for their opponents not to bring it easily to the surface, is the FACT that CONSERVATIVES and the TEA PARTY have been right regarding the pipeline ALL ALONG!!!

Just as they were right regarding Obamacare and so many OTHER things…ALL ALONG!!!

Either way…Whether socialists and liberals run ON Keystone XL or AWAY from Obamacare…


Meanwhile, back in Nebraska, opponents claim that 115 land owners have not yet signed off on permission for TransCanada to build on their property and, those groups vow to run candidates for Nebraska Public Power District Board positions to squash the deal in that state.

They have already filed a lawsuit to challenge a Nebraska state law allowing the building of the pipeline and, regardless of who wins or loses that challenge, the case will eventually proceed to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

The Dictator, as late as last year, is on record stating that there is “NO evidence that the pipeline would be a big jobs creator” and HE has predicted that it would ONLY create, maybe, 2000 permanent jobs.

And just how many jobs has Obama and his team of socialists created in the last 5 years…OTHER THAN GOVERNMENT JOBS???

Exactly 2000 fewer than he claims will be created by the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The bottom line on the Keystone XL pipeline is this:

It won’t be the only oil pipeline in the United States. There are HUNDREDS of them covering THOUSANDS of miles and, the only reasons to object to this one are POLITICAL rather than ENVIRONMENTAL!!!

If Obama gives it the nod, AND HE DAMN WELL SHOULD, FOR THE ECONOMIC STRENGTH AND OVERALL STANDING OF THIS NATION ON THE WORLD STAGE, one or another major supplier of money to socialist campaigns is gonna be pissed.

Pad the walls of the empty Solyndra headquarters and let the (environ)mental patients occupy that, while the rest of the nation occupies lower energy prices, new jobs and a bolstered economy.