Obama keeps telling us how the economy is improving. He continues to brag about how HIS POLICIES are working.

Why then, is he demanding an EMERGENCY measure to EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT benefits?

I’ll tell you why…

Because there are nearly 4 million available jobs out there between the shining seas and this obtuse Dictator, bent on the destruction of America, doesn’t want those who are unemployed to become self-sustaining contributors to the economy.

He wants them to collect UNEMPLOYMENT benefits from the GOVERNMENT in order to survive so that they will continue to VOTE for those most willing to keep the taxpayer’s tap open.

That’s why.

Notice how Obama placed sole blame on REPUBLICANS while enjoying his 20 million dollar private retreat Hawaiian vacation?

“Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire. And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all.”

Oh, yes…The LIBERALS were right there, in Washington…WAITING on the Republicans to scurry back and vote for more unemployment benefits.

The LIBERALS had THEIR collective nostrils to the GRINDSTONE during the Christmas/New Year’s break…Right???


The liberals went home too but, THAT fact escaped Obama’s blame game tactics as it would not fit an agenda based on the false notion that ONLY the left care about the “victims” while the right are nothing but a heartless bunch of bastards.

The African-American community has been voting Democrat since they were happy to be called NEGROS and what have all the liberal promises done for them over the past 50 years?

Unemployment is higher in the black demographic than any other. Poverty is higher in the black demographic than any other. Crime is higher in black neighborhoods than any other. Single parent families are more prevalent in the black demographic than any other.

WELFARE is HIGHER in the black demographic that ANY OTHER.

Those who have come to rely on the socialist agenda for a living, need look no further than the black “community” to see just how quickly and completely the liberals can make their lives better and, just like those who wallow about in the malaise of the being black…The unemployed are fast becoming their own worst enemies.

THAT is exactly what Lyndon B. Johnson had in mind regarding his intentions for the “Great Society” and the signing of the Civil Right’s Act when he said, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years.”

Obama is no different than LBJ in that he is making promises of change that he knows, full well, cannot be kept in order to fool the unemployed into voting for Democrats.

Let me explain why nothing was done on these unemployment bribes BEFORE the congressional break.

The cost of extending the bribes for another 3 months, as Obama is stumping for, is $6.4 billion dollars but, neither he nor Harry Reid did ANYTHING leading up TO the break to cut spending in OTHER areas to PAY for it.

It would have taken but $1 single dollar in cuts for every $2500 dollars in government spending to have balanced it out and Republicans would have done it but neither Obama nor Reid wanted to cut ANYTHING.

THEY want THIS $6.4 billion ADDED to the budget.

Cash for clunkers didn’t work.

Stimulus didn’t work.

There were no shovel ready jobs.

Green energy investments failed to prop up the economy.

And, while Obama and his liberal ilk continue to brag about unemployment falling to 7%…They conveniently omit the FACT that, were all those who have simply dropped OUT of the workforce…Those who have QUIT LOOKING for work…Added into the figures…Unemployment today would sit between 11% and 12%.

Yet, somehow, extending unemployment bribes is going to solve the problem in the next 3 months?

Let’s be clear here…Obama doesn’t want to extend unemployment benefits…He couldn’t give a crap LESS about the unemployed…

All HE wants to do is point his middle finger at CONSERVATIVES and extend the BLAME until the 2014 midterm elections!!!

Think about it.

He and the liberals are demanding, trying to shame conservatives into, a 3 MONTH EXTENSION…Right?

And 3 months from now…What happens?

More of the same.

 Another extension.

Another “emergency” measure.

Maybe ANOTHER 3 months…Just enough to string it out until the 2014 midterm elections when liberals can demonize the Conservatives for balking at it and leave THAT impression fresh in the minds of bribed voters.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest are painfully aware that Obamacare and it’s highly negative effects on Americans from BOTH sides of the aisle, is NOT going away and, will be an even BIGGER player in the midterm elections THIS year than it was in 2010.

Liberals are in grave danger of losing control of the senate because of Obamacare and, they are desperate to find a millstone to hang around the necks of Conservatives for the next 11 months and something THEY can yip and yelp about until then.

It’s a 2 pronged assault on common sense.

Income inequality and unemployment benefits.

If the liberal/socialists can get Republicans and Conservatives to take the bait, they can then try to paint the right as being wrong and, against the middle class.

On “income inequality,” Obama will be pushing for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage and, for a very good reason.

Should that happen, employers will be forced to lay off workers to compensate which will put MORE people on unemployment and THAT is good for liberals.

More unemployed, to liberals, equates to more VICTIMS and, after all, they NEED more victims to represent or, they become irrelevant.

Regarding UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS…Yesterday, with his dozen or so propaganda props standing behind his as is the normal case when he’s telling lies…Obama actually told us that…“VOTING TO EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS CREATES JOBS!!!”

If you substitute the word “VOTES” for the word “JOBS” in that absurd statement you arrive at the truth of the matter and, trust me on this…AMERICANS NEED JOBS A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN THEY NEED POLITICIANS!!!

What Conservatives need to do is counter the liberal agenda by running to the nearest microphone at every opportunity and excoriate the liberals, Obama and Reid, for SHELVING more than 3 dozen REAL jobs related bills that have been sent from the house over the last 4 years.

Conservatives need to FORCE the issue of repealing regulations that prevent businesses from expanding.

Conservatives MUST…MUST keep the heat turned up past the RED LINE on Obamacare as Obamacare is running individuals into the GROUND and FORCING employers to CUT their workforces…HALT expansion and RELEGATE once FULL-TIME employees into PART-TIME status.

Now is the right time for Conservatives to go on the ATTACK regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline too because, should that pipeline be green-lighted…It would bring about more than 40,000 NEW jobs immediately AND…The side effect OF building it would cause the price of a barrel of crude and thus, the price of a gallon of gas DROP like a STONE and, as a hard and fast result, save people, especially the middle class, A TON OF MONEY.

Conservatives also need to introduce or reintroduce bills targeting the very regulations that are restricting and or killing the coal industry and, every time liberals get their panties in a wad over them, BLAME the liberals for INTENTIONALLY DRIVING THE COST OF LIVING UP AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS IN AMERICA!!!

The answer to a stagnant economy is getting government the hell out of the way so that those who CREATE jobs CAN and, those who SEEK jobs can GET them while putting an END to the bribes enacted by the left that have removed the motivation to EARN and made it more attractive to TAKE from the system.

Government, regardless of whom might be in charge, cannot create any but GOVERNMENT jobs and, to borrow an age-old adage…

While Obama and the liberals are desperate to force people to rely on THEM for a fish a day upon which to feed their families…

Conservatives must CHAMPION the idea of STOCKING the pond by REMOVING government control over the number of fish a family can have and…TEACH the people that by learning to fish for themselves…THEY WON’T NEED TO RELY ON GOVERNMENT’S FISH RATION EVER AGAIN!!!

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  1. There was a democrat that worked on the budget deal. So they knew the bribes weren’t in it.

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