Inside the Obama (Who’s Your Daddy?) Conspicuous Theory

Yesterday’s article in The National Patriot, The REAL Obama: An INDONESIAN, Muslim, Socialist Puppet, seems to have lit a fire.

The overwhelming resemblance between Obama and Mohammad Subud, the Indonesian, former Muslim and founder of the Subud cult is undeniable but that, predictably, didn’t deter liberals from collectively gnashing their teeth.

Conservatives, on the other hand, respectfully questioned the subtle differences between the 2 men with the difference in hair texture and skin tone being their primary points of discussion.

I would like to address those differences here.

First, the hair.

There is no doubt that Obama has hair most often associated with black or African ancestry while Subud’s hair was that of the Asian or Indonesian persuasion.

To explain the difference, one must look into both men’s backgrounds.

Simply put, we have very few points of reference regarding Subud’s ancestry. No information regarding his parents, grandparents and no photos to use as comparisons.

His genetic makeup is something of a mystery but, I’ll get back to this shortly.

Obama, on the other hand, is a different story.

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, did have African genetic material in HER family tree. found that her family tree had connection to a slave by the name of John Punch, a runaway slave.

One branch of the Punch lineage was classified as mulatto and another, which eventually headed west and settled in the plains, was classified as Caucasian while Punch himself, was decidedly negroid.

As they eventually formed the Dunham line, it is safe to say that lineage was on Stanley Ann’s father’s side of things and, we don’t know of her mother’s ancestors.

Anyone who researches family trees, lineage and ancestry knows that regressive genes can take generations to reemerge and become evident. In fact, I attended high school with a guy whose parents both were white…His grandparents were also white and John…Well…He wasn’t. He had the same hair texture and skin color as Obama has and, it was determined that recessive genes in his family tree suddenly came to the surface.

To be clear, facially, John looked like his dad and there was no doubt about it.

Given Stanley Ann Dunham’s family tree and whatever may have been in Subud’s ancestry, it clearly is not out of the question that Obama could have an African texture to his hair while Subud did not IF Subud IS his real father.

Next, the skin tone and again, recessive genes could be the factor here. As Subud grew older, his skin tone lightened as is the case with many people of Asian OR African/mixed races. As a younger man, the photos of Subud seem to indicate a somewhat darker tone to his skin in black and white images.

Early color images of the man are not a fair indicator as colors fade or darken due to the age and instability of the era’s film and paper not to mention differences in reproduction values OF the images.

And when it comes to Obama’s skin tone, let’s remember, often times, when we see him, he is wearing makeup for the television cameras and it is highly doubtful that a man who enjoys playing the race card would LIGHTEN his complexion with makeup although, clearly, he does seem a shade darker than images of the younger Subud.

Now then, let me get back to the possible recessive ancestry of Mohammad Subud.

To understand the possibility better, one must know where Indonesia is geographically.

Malaysia, Java and Indonesia share an eons old cultural and geneticcally diverse background and Subud was of Javanese ancestry.

The Javanese, Malaysian and Indonesian lineages all share the gene pool with, and are closely related to, the Andamanese Negrito race in ancestry.

Obviously, those traits are still readily identifiable in the people who live in Indonesia today.

In fact, look at the hair on the sculpture from circa 1400 Java and tell me that isn’t the same hair texture we see on Obama’s head.

That said, and with the direct lineage of Javanese in Subud’s background, look at these images of modern Indonesians and convince me that a child of Subud couldn’t possibly have shared some of those genetic traits.

One can easily see how someone WITH certain traits in someone’s ancestry could pass them along, even recessively, to their offspring.

Now then, let me address the bulk of yesterday’s outrage from liberals.

There is a reason why our founders and framers took steps, though not as well defined by our standards as we would like, to prevent someone of Obama’s ilk from serving as the president.

So sorry liberals…It has nothing whatsoever to do with the race card you always enjoy playing.

If, as speculated yesterday, this Mohammad Subud IS Obama’s real father…AND given the INDISPUTABLE FACT that Obama, as Barry Soetoro, did indeed attend an Indonesian school AS a CITIZEN of Indonesia without ever applying for United States citizenship later in his life…He IS an INDONESIAN CITIZEN TO THIS VERY DAY!!!

It has nothing to do with his skin tone, whether lighter or darker…It has to do with his NATIONALITY.

The founders were keenly aware that someone of another nationality, owing their allegiance TO another nation, should never serve as the president of the United States.

REGARDLESS of Stanley Ann Dunham’s nationality…SHE was NOT OF AGE to TRANSFER HER CITIZENSHIP to her offspring when Obama was born.

Therefore…Whether, as some still seem to believe, Obama Sr. was his father or, as I speculate because, when it comes to Obama’s tightly sealed and buried past we MUST speculate, his REAL father is Mohammad Subud…NEITHER men were United States Citizens so, regardless of Obama’s LOCATION of birth…


And finally, allow me to address the other point liberals had their panties in a wad over from yesterday’s article…My singular mention of the word…”Muslim.”

Just as my speculation has nothing to do with race…It has nothing to do with religion.

Islam is not a religion.

In that section of yesterday’s article, I was speaking of IDEOLOGY and the MUSLIM ideology is but a part of it.

As a boy, Obama was raised and heavily influenced by those in his life who adhered to a socialist/Marxist ideology and who were, decidedly, anti-American. His mother and grandparents were an eyelash away from being communists. Obama Sr., though not much a part of his childhood, was clearly anti-colonialist and a socialist.

Frank Marshall Davis, another big influence to the young Obama, was a card-carrying communist.

Obama was raised, in part, in an Islamic society and in FACT, his Indonesian school records LISTED his “religion” as ISLAM.

Later in life, during the college years that SOMEBODY other than him had to fork over the tuition for, Obama admits to hanging closely with the RADICALS and MARXISTS.

None…NONE of the influences in his life, from his early childhood to his schoolboy years…From his time on someone else’s dime in college to the “church” he attended in Chicago for 20 years were PRO-American or pro-AMERICAN VALUES.

In fact, Obama’s ideology has led him to preside over our nation NOT as a PRESIDENT rather, as a RULER and tonight, in his State of the Union Speech, we will, with little doubt, hear him once again threaten to bypass congress and rule with his pen and his phone.

As stated in yesterday’s article and again, in THIS article, my belief that Subud is the REAL father of Obama is speculative as that is what is left to us in the abject absence of hard evidence.

The only way to be 100% SURE would be through DNA testing.

While the children or grandchildren may or may NOT be open to such measures…

We CAN say WITH CERTAINTY that Obama…

A man who has spent, or for whom OTHERS have spent millions upon MILLIONS of dollars to hermetically seal and BURY his past…A man whose college records and college thesis are sealed…A man who has exhibited a birth certificate PROVEN fraudulent by a law enforcement investigation…A man who has used a Social Security number obtained from a state in which he has never lived and one that belonged to another man…A man who has a fraudulent Selective Service registration card again proven by a law enforcement investigation…A man who admits to fabricating composite characters and events in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY and a man who bears absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE whatsoever to the person he has claimed to BE his real father…


Therefore…WE must let the pictures do the talking as WE connect, not the conspiracy theory dots but, the  CONSPICUOUS THEORY dots.

9 thoughts on “Inside the Obama (Who’s Your Daddy?) Conspicuous Theory

  1. Re: “We have no idea of the exact whereabouts of Stanly Ann Dunham either.”

    Answer: She was in Honolulu, Hawaii attending college.

  2. Re: “could have made a stop in Hawaii as it would have been a natural lay-over point in traveling from Indonesia…”

    He would have needed a US VISA—for which there is no evidence whatever. There were about 3 billion people in the world at that time, I think, of which less than one one-hundredth of one hundredth of a percent of those outside the USA ever visited the USA. So, what you are talking about is considerably less than mere speculation.

    IF you have evidence that Subud was in Hawaii—making it worthwhile to spend time on such a speculation—let us know.

  3. A small point, for the theory to work Mohammad Subud would have had to have been in Honolulu, Hawaii in late 1960 so as to have met and had relations with Obama’s mother. And there isn’t even a hint of that having happened.

    • ehancock,

      What we don’t know are 2 things…The exact whereabouts of Subud, as he was traveling the world spreading his cult and could have made a stop in Hawaii as it would have been a natural lay-over point in traveling from Indonesia to California and…We have no idea of the exact whereabouts of Stanly Ann Dunham either.

  4. Something that a lot of us haven’t really thought of is how he will continue to hide his past once he is out of office. Or, for that matter, what’s he going to do to escape the rope?
    You know and I know that the worm will do everything in his power to avoid being found out. The consequences of the truth being known would be global and massive.
    So he and his handlers must keep the big secret from public knowledge. How?
    Certainly is something to think about because I doubt very much the PTB will abandon their darling,,,too much of an investment, eh?

  5. Could you imagine if this was completely true? If it came out in the media, I could imagine what he’d say: “uhh well, uhh uhh I learned about this from the same news reports that many others of you heard them from.”

  6. On the matter of collecting DNA, I would bet that the CIA or other agency has a collection of DNA on all those who are somebody or might one day be somebody. DNA is easy to collect and I would also bet that Obama’s DNA has been collected but is being held under wraps.

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