Weekend Edition: Let Liberals OWN Their Demise

Late last Thursday, Obama, once again, altered a law passed by congress, Obamacare,without congressional action.

Once again, he has violated the Constitutional separation of powers.

Once again, congress, notably, Republicans in the house, where all tax laws and the changes to them must originate, have done nothing regarding this unconstitutional action.

In most cases, I would be calling for heads to roll but, not in this case.

The Tea Party, Conservatives. Republicans and the RINOS are absolutely correct in keeping their mouths shut.

The reason is as plain as the noses above their muffled mouths.

Obamacare is a law that was passed ONLY by the democrats.

Not one single Republican voted FOR it and some Democrats had to LITERALLY be BRIBED to pass it.

By the dictatorial rule of then house Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, a DEMOCRAT, nobody was allowed to READ the Obamacare bill before they PASSED it and when it arrived in the senate…Obamacare passed by only 1…DEMOCRAT…vote.

Republicans have made the Democrats OWN Obamacare from the start because Republicans KNEW this to be a bad, unsustainable law and…

ANY interference by Republicans would make THEM, complicit in some aspects OF Obamacare. Republicans, so far, have known better than to dally in a DEMOCRAT created, passed and implemented disaster.

From the more than 1200 Obamacare waivers, handed out like candy to one’s favorite child to the delays of portions of the law and to the “fixes” for the website that haven’t “fixed” a thing…Every alteration to Obamacare has been done BY Obama and in doing so, he continues to make the situation worse.

Last Thursday was no exception.

With but 3 days to go before the enrollment deadline, Obama, once again exercising his Dictatorial authority, decreed that those thrown from the policies they liked and wanted to keep by the edicts of the law nobody was allowed to read before it was passed and, despite his more than 2 dozen “promises” that this would not be the case, be allowed to purchase some sort of…Catastrophic…Insurance policies that were, before this latest decree, off limits.


Because…Obamacare is a catastrophic disaster…That’s why.

As many as 25% of those who THINK they have “enrolled” in Obamacare…Haven’t…Because the website has been such a catastrophic disaster, the insurance companies haven’t been getting the right or, in some cases, ANY information FROM the Obamacare website and therefore, have NO record of those people.

No record…No policy.

No policy…No insurance.

Others have never been able to even get ON the website to TRY and enroll.

NOBODY whatsoever has been able to PAY for the insurance they think they’ve signed up for because, nearly 3 months after the roll out of Obamacare…NO PAYMENT mechanism has been BUILT for the Obamacare website.

Still other folks out there are afraid to try the website and, for good reason. There has never been any SECURITY built into that site to protect ANYONE’S personal information such as their Social Security numbers, their banking information, their names, addresses, phone numbers, incomes or…THEIR IRS and TAX information.

It’s wide open hackers and identity thieves.

Then, you have the situation with the Obamacare “NAVIGATORS” who are supposed to be assisting people in choosing the best of the bad plans for THEM and helping them to enroll either by paper form or, through a non-functioning website.

Those “NAVIGATORS” have, in some cases, been teaching people how to DEFRAUD the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, lie to the IRS, claim benefits for which they are not eligible and, we have learned that there are NO background checks made ON those “NAVIGATORS” which means, some of them may well be FELONS.

All of that just barely scratches the surface of the catastrophe.

2 weeks ago, the Constipated (full of sh–)Dictator decreed that the deadline would,  to the consternation of the insurance industry, be extended to December 31st and that people could make partial payments (by what means we have no idea) or NO payments and the insurance carriers could GUESSTIMATE the cost, send a bill to big government and the folks would be COVERED by January 1st.

NOW, the clogged manure spreader has issued the decree that CATASTROPHIC policies are available for ANY who want them.


Because, the ONLY feature of Obamacare that has seemingly gone off without a hitch is the CANCELLATION OF POLICIES mechanism which has ejected 6 MILLION policies…And when one considers that the vast majority of POLICIES covered FAMILIES and the average FAMILY in America consists of 3 PEOPLE…18 MILLION PEOPLE WHO ONCE WERE INSURED NOW AREN’T…BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE AND…WITHOUT THE CATASTROPHIC OPTION…THEY WON’T HAVE ANY HEALTH INSURANCE AT ALL COME NEW YEAR’S DAY!!!

Of course…THIS means that those who had already “enrolled” IN a higher premium than ever before Obamacare policy NOW have the option to DUMP it for a catastrophic, LOWER premium policy and/or…COMPLETELY DUMP OBAMACARE ALTOGETHER and simply wait until something happens before signing the catastrophic policy dotted line.

All of this…ALL OF THIS…Has insurance carriers LIVID because THEY have NO idea who IS or IS NOT enrolled in WHAT or…at WHAT COST.

In fact…Insurance carriers are now in the unenviable position of not being able to tell their policy holders, whoever they may or may not be, WHAT the price of ANY policy is or is GOING to be because THEY don’t know who is on board, who isn’t or who is going to jump ship.

That means that NOBODY in the country can know with ANY degree of certainty WHAT their policy may cost THEM because NONE of the numbers shown in the catastrophically disastrous Obamacare website are valid any more..

How in THE hell is ANYONE supposed to budget for their monthly bills if their family’s health insurance premium could cost them anywhere from 0 to $5000.00 per month and NOBODY can give them an accurate figure?

And what of the people?

What are the people to do when they go to the doctor they liked, trusted and wanted to keep and are told by the doctors they are no longer allowed to treat them? What of those who go to the hospital and the hospital is no longer available to them? What are those who rely on specific prescriptions for their very lives to do when THEY are told those prescription are no longer covered, all because the entire industry, from top to bottom, is in such a catastrophic mess that no one knows what to do next or what decree may come next?

The reason FOR this catastrophe is because DEMOCRATS told us all that Millions of Americans were without health insurance.

They told us all that the healthcare system in the United States was broken.

Well…Look at it now and ask yourselves, why? Why would ANY Republican want to step in or step up and interfere in ANY way with this mess only to then have those who CREATED this catastrophe, lock, stock and smoking barrel, assess any part of the blame for it, to THEM?

And now, they think that by spending OUR taxpayer dollars on ads like THIS…Americans will sign up for socialism in DROVES???

No…That is NOT a spoof. THAT is Out2Enroll, a gay and lesbian activist group and…YOUR tax dollars at work!!!

It disgusts me that Obama and his administration are pushing a law that is NOT wanted by the majority of Americans and is sinking by the day in the polls by spending OUR money to have a group like this create an ad video that will appeal ONLY to a portion of a demographic that contains all of 9 million members of the entire U.S. population.

And where is HE…Obama…While all of this is going on?

Where is the Dictator while his subjects scramble, worrying whether or not their healthcare insurance will be available, their prescriptions, their doctors and their hospitals. in 10 day’s time?

Why…HE has taken HIS family on another HAWAIIAN VACATION…And YOU get to pay for it.

If Obamacare were a football game and the end zone were the 2014 midterm elections…Republicans are in the open, running like the wind with blockers and nary an opposing jersey between them and the game winning score while Democrats, on the other hand, are dizzy from spinning their tale of Obamacare greatness, blindfolded by their socialist ambitions and running through a field of landmines laid by a spastic Dictator trying to stay one step ahead of the constipation seeking missiles of Capitalism.

Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Republicans and RINO’s alike would be foolish indeed to set one foot into the minefield in any attempt to save the liberals and socialists from their own, catastrophic, explosive demise.

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Weekend Edition 12/22/2013

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  1. And how about those that go to Dr or hospital and get treated only to find out later they owe thousands of dollars instead of what used to be their co-pays?!

  2. The Democrats theme song for the 2014 mid-terms: “You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Blue Shield.”

  3. Excellent! It elucidated what I’ve been thinking, so thank you for putting it all within reach!

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